Folklore Heroes

by Barb Stephens

Match each numbered description to the appropriate "hero":

_____ Annie Oakley
_____ Bigfoot
_____ Calamity Jane
_____ Daniel Boone
_____ Davey Crockett
_____ Hiawatha

_____ Huck Finn
_____ John Henry
_____ Johnny Appleseed
_____ Paul Bunyon
_____ Pecos Bill
_____ Zorro

  1. Called "Little Sure Shot" as a child, she grew up to star in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

  2. He's known for riding cyclones and forming what is now Death Valley, California.

  3. Some claim to have seen this folklore character who may be a man or a beast.

  4. This coonskin-capped Kentucky man helped early settlers cross the Allegheny Mountains.

  5. This non-fictional mighty steel-driving man won a rock-drilling contest against a steam drill!

  6. An expert hunter, horsewoman, sharpshooter and scout, this colorful Wild West character nursed smallpox patients back to health in Deadwood, South Dakota.

  7. Longfellow wrote a poem about this legendary member of the Ojibway tribe.

  8. This boy and two friends floated into endless Mississippi River adventures.

  9. Traveling with his blue ox, Babe, he became the most famous lumberjack of all time.

  10. This true historical figure who killed a bear when he was just three, died in the Alamo.

  11. Hiding his identity behind a mask, this man strove to protect people from the cruel southern California govenor.

  12. This Christian missionary planted orchards in the wilderness.

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