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Welcome to the family of Leonard Nicholas and Rebecca Perkins Nicholas.
Our ancestors who brought us to America.
Welcome to your Nicholas Family webpage.  I started this page and project as a way to get to know my family and my history.  I started primarily because my father had died and my mom and I were cleaning out his stuff and I found the list of names that Leland Nicholas had given him and it's just ballooned from there.  It is in my Dad's honor and memory that I continue to work so hard and ask so much from all of you to get our history recorded and preserved for all time.  I cannot complete this project without your help and your contributions. 
It has been a busy year in 2004 gathering information and meeting relatives.  I have visited our relatives in Stanton Nebraska, in Kansas City and kept in touch with the cousins in Arizona and Montana.  I have found new family throughout the US and hopefully will one day find some relatives in Europe who are related through Leonard and Rebecca.  I also sent out a first printing of the Nicholas family book to 18 of the families that are related.  For those of you who have this book please share it with as many of our family as you can and also with County Historical and Genealogy Societies.  I want as many copies out there as possible for all who seek information on our family.
I look for 2005 to be just as busy and hopefully make some new connections and find some thought provoking information and pictures to share with you all.  I would like to have more questionnaires returned with information about our relatives who have passed away so we can keep their memory and their history alive.
If you have any information you wish to add to this site please do.  It only allows you 3MB's of memory.  If you want you can email the information to me and i will upload it for you.
If you come across any links, documents, pictures, stories, military histories, marriage records, land records, probates, wills, academic records, obituaries etc. please feel free to share them and please spread the word about this webpage to other members  of OUR family.  .
If you want to get ahold of me email me at  or at and i will get back to you as soon as i can.
List of Surnames:  Arganbright, Alderman, Barth, Beck, Bever, Bogard, Boyer, Brooks, Brown, Burnam, Carden, Carter, Chamberlin, Colwell, Corken, Cottrill, Coan (Cohn), Crane, Dixon, Darby, Davis, Durham, Dwight, Edmonds, Entenman, Evans, Ferguson, Graves, Grove, Griffey, Hackett, Hale, Handley, Harvey, Haulein, Heath, Hopkins, Hudson, Humphrey, Johnson, Letts, Lyle, Manning, McNew, Meek, Mewis, Miller, Motes (Moats), Nicholas, Noffsinger, Padburry, Patterson, Pigg, Price, Raines, Ralston, Reed, Roller, Selby, Sexson, Smith, Sutley, Taylor, Tobin, Westfall, Wilkinson, Williams.
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New member saying hello.
Hello everyone, I am a new member to the group. I am from the Bever line, not the Nicholas family branch, but a different branch of the Bever family. I have sent a few pictures of my f...
muskrat   11-30-04
Family Letters
I have added more letters and Christmas cards from Elma Nicholas Boyer, Mae Nicholas McGinnis, William Harold Nicholas and a few others. 
MSN NicknameNicholas1752111   11-27-04
Johnathan Nicholas Family
I added the last of the pictures of the cousins from Stanton Nebraska, the Wolverton's and the Psotta's (Pasotta's).  Thank you so much to Darlene Brooks for providing these wonderful pieces...
MSN NicknameNicholas175312   11-27-04
Nellie Nicholas Meek
I have added pictures to the Nellie Nicholas Meek album including a tintype photo of Nellie apparently as a teenager.  I have also made contact with our Meek cousins in OK.
MSN NicknameNicholas175312   11-27-04
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Thomas A Nicholas receipt
MSN NicknameNicholas17512 12-05-04
The Ledger
MSN NicknameNicholas17512 12-05-04
MSN NicknameNicholas17512 12-05-04
MSN NicknameNicholas17512 12-05-04
Albums with New Photos
George Nicholas Family
Marriage Certificates
Family Letters
Jonathan Nicholas
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