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President, Web Designer/Developer

David Allen was introduced to website design as a Press Secretary on Capitol Hill, where he created and maintained a website for a senior member of the U.S. House of Representatives. In early 1998 he started Online Workshop, which offers Web design services primarily to small businesses and non-profits.

David has had a long-standing interest in both computers and design, going back all the way to junior high school, where he and three friends wrote an educational computer game for the Apple II. Later he won an invitation to study art at the Delaware Governor's School for Excellence.

David's professional background is in political communications. He has worked on Capitol Hill, and is a veteran of three U.S. Senate campaigns, in Delaware, Oregon, and Michigan. David has worked for a government relations and strategic communications firm, where he created a client development computer database.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University.

Web Designer/Developer

A professional musician since 1992, Dave created his first website in 1997 in conjunction with his record company to promote his band. As an avid computer user since the age of 8, he quickly caught the HTML bug and began designing sites for other musicians, both in the US and in the UK.

Through his belief that the best way to learn is by doing, Dave honed his HTML skills over three years by designing and maintaining a large number of websites for free. When he began to pick up contract work from local businesses he decided that the time was right to move into a full-time career in web design.

Dave was educated at King Edward VI College in Stourbridge, England - the city in which he was born and grew up. He moved to the US in 1998.


Brian started programming computers at age 15, teaching himself the C programming language through books, trial and error, and guidance from more experienced programmers. Not long after, he opened an online interactive gaming system written in C, and continued to hone his skills over the years.

Taking a deep interest in computer technology, Brian studied hardware and software issues, networking, and system administration, and succeeded in obtaining the Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) award for Windows NT 4.0.

After working as a contract consultant for various technology firms, Brian accepted a job offer at a Linux consulting company, which unfortunately went bankrupt shortly thereafter.

Brian went on to learn C++, Perl and PHP programming languages, and continues to further his computer education however he can.


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