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Conservation Value  

            Sha Chau/Lung Kwu Chau Islands are located to the north of Lantau Island, and were designated as a marine park in November 1996 due to its importance as a habitat for the Chinese White Dolphin.

Conservation Status

Sha Chau/Lung Kwu Chau was the third Marine Park designated in Hong Kong in November 1996. It is currently the largest Marine Park comprising of an area of 1,200 ha. It is also known as the 'dolphin sanctuary'. The area is now under the protection of the Marine Parks Ordinance (Cap. 476), where all destructive activities are prohibited, boat speeds are regulated and commercial fishing is allowed only with a valid government permit.


Despite the marine park status, which should ensure a certain degree of protection from development, currently two developments threaten the area - the reconstruction of a jetty and maintenance dredging for the Aviation Fuel Receiving Facilities. Other threats are the increasing marine traffic and the speed of boats that pass through the Park. The illegal diesel trade was once very active in the area.

WWF Hong Kong's Involvement  

Through representation on the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE) and the Country and Marine Parks Board, we advise the Hong Kong SAR Government to ensure any development plans within the area take all the necessary environmental controls so impacts are kept to a minimum, and the Park is effectively managed.