Dec. 05, 2004

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20 Halle & Denzel win Oscars
19 The mania of Survivor's first-season finale
18 Beyoncé & Prince duet at 2004 Grammys
17 Saturday Night Live launches
16 Johnny Carson's last The Tonight Show
15 Muhammad Ali carries Olympic torch
14 "There's no place like home."
--The Wizard of Oz
13 Rocky runs up the museum steps
12 Dallas: Who shot J.R.?
11 Michael Jackson moonwalks
10 Risky Business underwear dance
9 The wedding of Prince Charles & Lady Di
8 Seinfeld's "master of my domain" episode
7 Lucy's candy-factory job on I Love Lucy
6 Elliott and E.T. fly across the moon
5 Pretty Woman's shopping spree
4 Titanic fever infects the nation
3 "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." --Godfather
2 "I am your father." --Darth Vader, The Empire Strikes Back
1 The Beatles hit the U.S.
Jerry Seinfeld

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