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Conservation Value  

            Sunshine Island located to the southeast of North Lantau is a potential breeding and feeding habitat for White-bellied Sea Eagles. In particular, a pair was found at Pa Tau Kwu and their habitat would likely be affected by the Disney Theme Park Project so they may migrate to this nearby island. It is also the type locality for the endemic legless lizard.

Conservation Status

There is not yet any statutory land use zoning for Sunshine Island.


Since there is no planning control for Sunshine Island, the island may be utilized for other uses, which may not be beneficial to wildlife especially for White-bellied Sea Eagles.

WWF Hong Kong's Involvement  

WWF Hong Kong has proposed that as it is a potential habitat for the White-bellied Sea Eagles that Sunshine Island be designated a 'Conservation Area'. Human access to this island should be prohibited as far as possible so as to minimize any unnecessary disturbance (e.g., open burning) to this potential nesting habitat.