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Welcome to Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve

The Guides of the Ravenswood Preserve, Emily Fletcher, Adriane Chardáy, and Kara Davies have created this Web site so people all over the world can learn about wildlife preservation. Wander through the site and discover what makes Ravenswood so special.

Here we are all explorers, and students of nature.

We all have a role in protecting our natural wildlife and all the creatures that live there. If we care for the earth, these special friends and wild places will be preserved and available for our families and future generations to enjoy.

The Ravenswood Wildlife Preservation Society Creed:

  • Respect our planet and all life forms we share it with
  • Preserve endangered and threatened animals and their habitats
  • Protect wild animals and wild places
  • Save all wonders of the living natural world
  • Promote care and positive action for the natural world
  • Value the wilderness and the wild things that live there
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