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Diary Continued
( 20th October 2004 )
Helens entries can now be viewed in the Tour Diary, keep checking back for updates (View)

Tour Diary ( 04th October 2004 )
Ladytron document their eastern travels (View)

China tour
( 22nd September 2004 )
The band prepare for their first leg of the new tour. For all those lucky enough to be in China don't forget that the band kick off this weekend with Shenzhen (tour section) (pop up)


Ladytron take their international-flavoured electronica to a new frontier this Autumn when they
visit China for a three week tour.

The Liverpool fourpiece will play major shows in Shenzen, Chongqing and
Shanghai (Liverpool¹s major twin city of the 21st century, probably the two
of the most exciting, fastest developing post-industrial cities in the

The tour is in association with the British Council, a partnership based on
the relevance of Ladytron¹s 21st century music, style and attitude to such a
radically evolving country and also the cultural links between Liverpool and
Shanghai. The cities twinned in 1999 but historical links go back to the
19th century when sailors established the UK¹s oldest Chinese community. Now
with both cities rapidly creating bold post-industrial futures (with
Liverpool looking ahead to 2008 as European Capital of Culture and Shanghai
to the World Expo of 2010), their links are stronger than ever.

"We've always had an international perspective, probably because of the
city, our different backgrounds and influences. Our first records were
released on a Japanese label and our first gig was in Paris, so getting to
play in China, and especially Shanghai, the Liverpool of the East, will be
great."- Danny Hunt

Ladytron will play a 5000 capacity live show in Fuxing Park and DJ set in
Shanghai,  organised in partnership with Shanghai International Fashion
Centre and part of the Shanghai International Tourism Festival. In Shanghai,
they will be supported by Flower - one of China¹s most popular young bands
and Supermarket, China¹s first electronic band.

The tour starts with two nights at the True Color Club, Shenzhen (closest
city to Hong Kong), and another major outdoor event in Shapingba Park,
Chongqing (a city of over 30 million people).

Shenzen ­ Sept 24th and 25th
Chongqing ­ Sept 28th
Shanghai ­ Oct 6th  (DJ show Oct 7th)

The tour will be filmed for release on a DVD with the band¹s new album in
early 2005 and will be the first opportunity for the band to air their new
material, the follow-up to Rolling Stone magazine top 50 album of the year,
Light and Magic.

The visit to China will be followed next year with shows in all of
Liverpool¹s other twin cities - New York, Dublin, Cologne and Odessa.

Album re-releases
( 26th May 2004 )
Ladytron are set to re-release the albums "604" and "Light & Magic". Both hope to include unreleased, rare and live tracks and will be available through the official online store soon.

Forum back online ( 20th May 2004 )
After numerous problems with the forum server it is now back online and moved to a new server. Apologies for the downtime but hopefully things should run more smoothly for now on.

Studio ( 2nd April 2004 )
Ladytron are currently in the studio working on the new album, with the possible release of a white label shortly.

Forum Update ( 25th March 2004 )
The new forum should be up and running next week if all goes to plan. Keep your eyes open for an announcement here.

Ladytron.com ( 23th March 2004 )
A short makeover, we're undergoing some new changes here at ladytron.com. So please be patient while we get the new and improved site to you shortly.

Message from Ladytron ( 22nd December 2003 )
The band are currently in Liverpool working merrily on their third album.
In the meantime, the mythical, unreleased, Pop Levi (bassist from Ladytron live shows) version of Evil......

Xmas and New Year salutations from Mira, Helen, Daniel and Reuben xxxx

Softcore Jukebox compilation ( 7th October 2003 )
Ladytron host a new wave rock party with Softcore Jukebox, an 18 track compilation of their favorite tracks including My Bloody Valentine, Wire, The Fall, Codec and Flexor, !!!, Shocking Blue, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood and more, more, more. Softcore Jukebox features two Ladytron tracks not previously released in North America - their punked up version of Tweet's "Oops (Oh My)" and a rework of "Blue Jeans." Available on CD Oct 7th 2003.

Softcore Jukebox Track Listing:
1. My Bloody Valentine - Soon
2. The Fall - Hit The North part 1
3. Cristina - What's A Girl To Do
4. Dondolo - Peng
5. Wire - The 15th
6. Ladytron - Blue Jeans 2.0
7. Snap Ant - Saviour Piece
8. New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Big
9. !!! - Feel Good Of The Fall
10. Fat Truckers - Teenage Daughter
11. Fanny Pack - Hey Mami (Sharaz mix)
12. Seelenluft - Manila (Headman remix)
13. The Source featuring Candi Staton - You Got The Love
14. Codec and Flexor - Crazy Girls
15. Ladytron - Oops Oh My
16. Shocking Blue - Send Me A Postcard
17. Pop Levi - Twins
18. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning