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The New Guernsey

For the map to Sleazy Gardens for the Fellowship click here

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BARFL Theme Song

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All together now...

We're a happy team in Brunei

We're the mighty fighting Sharks

We love our club and we PLAY TO WIN

Riding the bumps with a grin (in Brunei)

Come what may you'll find us striving

Teamwork is the thing that counts

All for one and one for all

Is the way we play in Brunei


Welcome to the BARFL website.
The home of Australian Rules in Brunei

Next Game TBA...

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Everyone, this Saturday the 25th is the long awaited AFL Grand Final between Port Power and the Brisbane Lions. The BARFL treasurer Craig "Whally" Whalland and his wife Alison (and 3 daughters) have graciously offered their house for this annual function at House No.12 Salziela Gardens from 11am until 4pm. So please come along even if you think you know nothing about aussie rules. For a more detailed summary of this event as well as the new BARFL Membership Package please click here..

SEPTEMBER 2004 - BARFL Footy Tipping Competition - FINALS WEEK 1

I'm home John has extended his lead to 5 from bazz65. Be sure to get your tips in for the two games this week..

For the results at the end of first week of the finals click here..


The first game back from the mid-season break saw the addition of some new players combining with the BARFL stalwarts to produce a cracking one point game..


And some photos from the game;

New boy Jonesy proving he can jump..
New prez Houla
New treasurer Whally


The BARFL are pleased to announce the new committee for the new year. Our thanks go to the outgoing President Pat "Horndog" Horne for an outstanding performance during his tenure leading the BARFL into a new era of international success. So from all the BARFL members a big thankyou Pat.

So who are the new comittee members..?

The BARFL are pleased to announce that Peter Houlihan is now the new face and El Presidente of the BARFL and we are sure that he will continue Pat's oustanding work. Jim Baird will be "The Voice" and Whally graciously steps into the departed but not forgotten Gerschy's shoes as treasurer (and beer money counter). As I understand the three for ten rule will still apply under this new committee's agenda.

Other crucial roles will be ably filled by the following BARFL members

Cyberspace Coordinator: Brooksey
Secretary: Rutih
Social Secretary: Bike
Director of Apples: Benno
Corporate Liaison Officer: Spider Webb
Social Executives: Hodgie, Mets, Karen, Stick

A big thankyou to all who volunteered or accepted nominations when asked.

Please stay tuned for the incoming Presidents welcome note and details of next game.

JUNE 10th 2004 - 5TH BARFL GAME

The final game for Moose and Boof saw a typical bruising encounter

FIFTH GAME SUMMARY.. more (Thanks to Houla)

And here is a video of the BARFL traditional banner run through by Moose and Boof. Its about 4.5MB in size so it might take a little time to download


Following Game 4 (summary to come soon..) there was some extraordinary developments.. Below is an excerpt from President Pat Horne

"I write formally on behalf of the BARFL. It is with a tear in my eye, yet also with a heart full of promise for the future of this great institution.

It has been noted that you have now failed to turn up to footy on the last 3 occasions and at no time did you advise the committee in advance of your pending absence. Whilst we can accept that your reasons may have been valid (except for that time you went drinking at the Orchid), your failure to keep open lines of communication with your BARFL Brothers leaves us extremely disturbed.

Therefore, at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the BARFL Executive last night, the constitution was scrutinised in fine detail and the little-known but highly-important sub-clause 23b)(ii) is now brought to bear.

Following a triple, unexplained absence it has come to pass that you, Mr Jim Baird, are now officially President Of The BARFL.

Our sincere congratulations, Jim, we are sure you will do a great job"

MAY 7th 2004 - 3RD BARFL GAME

Played in wet and cool conditions for the first time in a while and although a poor showing numbers wise (6 aside), the game was decided by a solitary behind..

THIRD GAME SUMMARY.. more (Thanks to Kel)

APRIL 22nd 2004 - 2ND BARFL GAME

SECOND GAME SUMMARY..more (Thanks to Goffy)

But for Bairdy who didn't appear for last weeks game and instead went to the Orchid I have posted his photo..Bairdy

APRIL 9th 2004 - BARFL Opening Night
Thank you to all the people who contributed to make the BARFL season opener the success it was!

Beer + Softies: Houla, Benno, Nicki, Moose & Mets ( top stuff….we even have some left for next time!)

BBQ & food: Goffy, Bruce & Bairdy (special thanks to Craig Whalland, Brett Bilney, Sam Bennett and Sue Bilney for your efforts)

VCD & Website: Brooksey (can the BARFL get any better?)

We now have a few more dollars in the bank to spend on more luxuries………………….if you are not a member……………..can you afford not to be???

OPENING GAME SUMMARY..more (Thanks to Kel)

FEBRUARY 2004 - Memberships due again
The BARFL cannot exist without people becoming members. What does it mean to become a member. Well the cost is $20 for the 2004 season and the benfits of membership are listed below

. .Being part of an elite exclusive sporting club.

. .Free stubby holder

. .Being able to enjoy the great sportsmanship of the BARFL

. .Reciprocal rights with other clubs

. .Opportunity to purchase even more stubby holders @ $10.00 each or 3 for $35.00

..Opportunity to purchase stubby holders

.All financial members will be issued with a laminated numbered member's card (thanks to Wally-Bisho Inc for the design) showing the affiliated clubs we have reciprocal rights with on the reverse side.BARFL members may play unlimited games. Non-members may play at a cost of $5.00 per game but do not get access to the fantastic list of benefits above.

NOVEMBER 2003 - Victory for Sharks in Labuan!!

In an awesome display of experience and general football skills the Brunei Sharks continued there winning ways by defeating the Malaysia Warriors in Labuan by an effortless 10 goals. This fine institution continues to thrive and is now riding on the crest of a wave with its second international victory. We've beaten Singapore in Singapore and now Malaysia in Malaysia, and it doesn't get much better than that.

For a more comprehensive summary of the weekend..





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