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gh Through the Years
Yearly Summary
Cord's mother never told him that Clint was his biological father
Tina threatened to abort her child if Clint didn't marry her! Dorian discovered that Tina was faking the pregnancy and she promptly informed Clint. Bo and Didi's wedding appeared to end in tragedy when Bo was shot walking up the aisle! It was part of an elaborate scheme, engineered by Clint, to traumatize Niki into turning back to Viki. The plan worked and for a few precious seconds, Viki's personality emerged. However, Niki quickly returned, and blasted Clint for this elaborate charade. Niki refused to have anything to do with Clint, wrote him a goodbye letter, then took off! Several weeks after the wedding, Bo and Didi, her sight now returned, left Llanview on an extended honeymoon. When Clint found Viki, he concocted a plan. Clint lured Tina to the inn under the pretense that he had given up on Viki and now wanted only her. He then arranged for Niki to show up at his room just as he was pretending to make passionate love to Tina. Clint's hope was that the sight of him and Tina might shock Viki into emerging, just as the horror of seeing her father and Tina's mother, Irene together those many years ago had caused Niki to emerge. When Niki walked into the room, Clint pushed Tina onto the bed, tearing her blouse just as Victor had done to Irene. Witnessing this horrible sight, Niki stood frozen and transfixed. Everything went as Clint had hoped it would, and a healthy Viki emerged! Clint hugged Viki tightly. The woman he loved was finally back and they shared a tearful reunion.

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