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Branches and Sections

The National Recreation and Park Association comprises 10 individual branches and sections, subgroups that represent the intricacies of parks and recreation--everything from aquatics to natural resources to therapeutic recreation. As a member of NRPA, you'll be permitted to join the one group that best fits your professional calling or personal interest. Like your membership in NRPA, your branch or section affiliation is a privilege and can be as awesome a responsibility as you're willing to make of it. It's the perfect complement to NRPA's national mission.

AFRS::Armed Forces Recreation Society
Members working in military settings worldwide
APRS::American Park and Recreation Society
Representing diversified park and recreation interests in government, private agencies, and commercial organizations
CB::Citizen Branch
Designed for elected or appointed members of public policy bodies
NAB::National Aquatic Branch
Members who work in aquatics
NSPR::National Society for Park Resources
Members working in natural resources, parks, and conservation
NTRS::National Therapeutic Recreation Society
Professionals, organizations, and students interested in therapeutic recreation services
SPRE::Society of Park and Recreation Educators
Members working in educational settings
SB::Student Branch
Members attending post-secondary institutions
CRTS::Commercial Recreation and Tourism Section
Organizations and individuals working in the commercial sector
LAS::Leisure and Aging Section
Professional and citizens interested in the emerging specialty area of leisure and aging

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