Would you go to sleep with your front door open?
Would you hand strangers your wallet?

Of course not. But every day, millions of people do the equivalent by accessing the Internet unprotected. With the advent of cable modems and DSL connections, people are even more at risk. Hackers can enter your system easily unless you take precautions. Luckily these precautions are easy and free or inexpensive. Please stroll through our website and educate yourself on how to protect you and your family.

Online Guardians™ is here to help you help yourself. We aren't selling anything, we just want you to be safe online. If you would like to volunteer in our effort, please use the Volunteers link and let us know.

We are here to help you with your online safety needs - if you suspect you are being hacked or if you would like to how to protect your children (or yourself) online.
If you are being stalked or harrassed we can help you.

Click here to report child pornography.
Click here to report an online predator.

Online Guardians Mission Statem

Our mission is to help create a user-friendly and safe online surfing experience...for everyone!

Our mission is divided into three main initiatives:

1. Safety and technology education.
2. Providing help to law enforcement and to Internet users in need.
3. Protecting the innocent online.

Here's what we're doing to meet our mission:
Online Guardians cooperates with law enforcement in locating online crimes and criminal content, such as child pornography, predators and stalkers, and helping train law enforcement about online search and investigation methods.

Online Guardians aids law enforcement in finding child pornography, sexual predators and other online criminal content and activities.

We are dedicated to help users stay safe on & offline and to help make a positive difference in the lives of as many people as we can.