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The word list: 211.048 translations!Deutscher Text

The wordlist used by dict.cc is based on the wordlist by Frank Richter, used on dict.tu-chemnitz.de.
I want to say thank you to Frank for making it available for download.
It contained 124.413 entries when I downloaded it and has been extended ever since by the users of dict.cc and myself.
The words on dict.cc are kept in a database and will automatically be dumped every day. Feel free to download the current file and use it under the terms of the GPL.
If you use it on a website, please indicate the source and link to dict.cc!

German --> English
» Download ZIP file (2069 kB)
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English --> German
» Download ZIP file (2123 kB)
» Download TXT file (7190 kB)

last update: 2004-12-06 at 05:01

Please note: this is just a list of words - not translation software!
If you're looking for translation software, you may want to try a Google search: Translation Software

Note: the words from Mr Honeys Business Dictionary will not be included in this file (due to copyright reasons). If you need these too, I would like to encourage you to visit mrhoney.de and order the CD-ROMs directly from the author. The CDs are not expensive and include some great tools!

By the way: If you just want to browse the word list like a book try the Browse feature!

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