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Commentary and LRH References on Last Time Around

From: Virginia

There is data pointing to that this is not the first time, that all of this has been done before. Which includes the whole game of Scientology, the Church, the takeover of the Church, changing of the tech, implanting, major inventions, specific wars, everything.

From what I understand, there is even a book, The Akashic Book of Records, that alludes to this idea. I personally have not read it, but it certainly sounded interesting.

This concept has been called by at least one person, (WBR), Last Time Around, as well as apparently by LRH in a red on white HCOB hard copy, seen by myself some time ago. (I am unable to verify as yet the authenticity of the HCOB.)

This concept is that everything, including the body you have right now, the life you lead, etc, has all happened before. There are also apparently, those who use this information of who did what and when before - to predict and capitalize on future events. From what I have been told, some even use data about a person from that past time, to try and control them into doing their bidding. When I learned of that, that sounded to me like a "caste system of games" use of data. Only a "select few" may speak or know of it. Which would be an important action to make sure that people make the same actions or mistakes they did before.

Continuing from the premise that there are apparently those who use this information to predict and capitalize on future events, it would certainly become quite important just on that premise alone, to ensure the faithful repeating of all events in their proper place and time.

If this has true validity, and as all beings have the right to their own sanity, and the right to leave a game, data as to what game they are playing, especially if unknowingly, becomes a control mechanism rather than a help. Much like LRH said in the PDC tapes.

In doing a little research on this I found the following LRH references that might be of interest:

LRH tape lecture 19 Nov 1959 Minus Randomity, Clue To Case Assessment

"Every once in a while you'll see somebody who is spin-spin, that's had some auditing or something back on the track a little bit. Somebody tried to audit him and couldn't keep him in session and so forth. And they've been in institutions, auditing didn't put them there. They always tell you auditing put them there."

"But they'll be dramatizing Scientology..."

LRH tape lecture 27 Nov 1959 Principal Incidents On The Track

"But, you'll find these things repeating themselves one way or the other. But, actually, you don't find very much space opera as such until about seventy-six trillion years ago. There's actually a double track involved with all this. It kind of goes in some circular time, and the reason the earlier track gets too obscured or something of the sort is because it's been corss-impanted, up-implanted and down-implanted to a point where nobody could make any sense of it

And you don't get back to it until you can get well cleared in that direction. So always be careful to find out where your pc, in time, is..."

"After a while, he even finds out who he is."

LRH lecture 16 April 1952 HCL-21 Anatomy Of The Theta Body

"Now here you have then, a simple problem of finding out where he's stuck in the track and in what kind of an incident he's stuck. First, what entity is stuck, when is he stuck, and run it out. That's you run it out with thought, emotion and effort, routine procedure."

"And one after another you spot and straighten up these entities. Now you're going to find out, because of this little trick which I say might possibly be going on at this time on another planet, you may find out that you pick up each one of these sub-entities and you'll have to kick them over and run out a death on a simultaneous time track.

You run out this death on them if there's, if it's there, because they're very ordinarily stuck in it if it's in restimulation at all. But if it's not, don't bother with it, just make sure they're in present time."

LRH tape lecture 27 November 1959 A Brand New Type of Auditing

"...somebody asked me the other day…"How was it I got off better than the rest of you?"  It was quite a question, "How did I come off any better than anybody else?" and so on.

Well, I haven't got any pat answer for the thing except I just like to win, see? Now, nevertheless the line up which I've gone along the line of, and so forth, and the line that you've gone along the line of, and so on, have some distinct parallels. There are some distinct parallels.

And every once in while somebody says to me, "Well, what are we doing? Are we the Fifth Invader Force that's knocking out the Fourth Invader Force? And it's all going according to some plan which is written on the flyleaf of something or other and in which we've been all implanted and we're supposed to this and that with this planet, and go along like marching little dolls and so forth?"

Well, there's news for you if you think that. Is, aren't you tired of being a puppet in somebody else's game? Well, all right, this is an opportunity to get free. That's what Scientology's all about.

Scientology, as Dick Halpern said last night, is the joker in the deck. That's one that isn't on plans, although they always know there's liable to be a joker in the deck someplace when they start making up big and horrendous plans and so forth. Well, I could give you the whole program and campaign and exactly how it's all supposed to go and what the exact time schedule is right straight on out to the end of time, only Scientology's no part of that plan.

See, all these plans are the activities of slave masters of one kind or another. They don't want anybody free. They're scared stiff that somebody might get out of the cage, don't you see?

Well, I got tired of being a leader in another game, that's all. I'm a ruddy revolutionary. That's what it all amounts to, and so forth.

Talk about overt acts, why, if it's an overt act to carry along some game, and apparently do your job and that sort of thing, well, I am guilty of that sort of an overt act."

- - - - -

Then there is an LRH issue showing extraordinary knowledge of future events, even to the desert location of his "end". This issue was written in 1952, more than 25 years before these events came to pass. How did he know these things with such accuracy?


"A Story" by LRH in 1952

"....And the man saw that this was good and so he showed many people how to use the golden ball and told them all that was necessary to break the black enchantment clear across the whole world. And some used it. And some said cunningly, "With this POWER I can rule Earth."

But the man paid little heed. He tried to form companies to make the golden ball available to many. But the people in the companies said, "It's mine!" 'It's power!" "It's gold!" and "The man will kill us all!" and so they fought amongst themselves and threw dust over the golden ball and tried to dent it.

And at last the man sat down in a desert place and sent his word about that anybody could use this ball that wanted it. And they sent officers and thieves and lawyers at him to say that nobody could use the ball. And they took the man's captain and said they would imprison him for saying the golden ball was owned by everybody. And they made the government put guards around the man in case anybody sent him money to help ship the golden ball to everyone...."

And the man, sitting in the desert place, looked at the golden ball..."

L. RON HUBBARD – Founder

- - - - -

Now, funnily enough, it has been said that RTC/CST has altered this issue, which if verified to be true, would be up there with severity in alteration as to content, as the PDC Tape 20 alteration that I found. I have been unable to verify this as yet, if anyone has a copy of this reference, different from what you see on the link above, please email me at

Here is the info I was told, based on recalled information as to original content:

"The only copy I ever saw, was at Flag in l980. It was in his own handwriting. He had written it in the late 50's or early 60's. I remember what struck me was the big about they took and they imprisoned his WIFE. So, RTC has changed WIFE to Captain. Mary Sue had just been sentenced to prison and I remember thinking how did he know this way back then.

And then they completely omitted the ending... because in the ending I saw in LRH's handwriting there is justice... and the golden balls become FREE..."

I remember that some people got control of the golden ball for themselves. I remember that the man was kept isolated from his family. His wife went to jail. His children were not treated well.  And darkness fell across the land for a long time.

But the ending, well that's the part I wanted to find the story for. I do know that was a bit of a battle for control but that there was a happy ending and lightness and happiness won out. The Golden balls were free in the end."

- - - - -

Looking now to the data as to that this has all happened before, and that some apparently have knowledge of that, it perhaps answers the question of - How did LRH know these events to come, so far in advance?

Continuing on that premise, if he was one of few, who knew of this "knowledge of all events in advance", and maybe the only one who decided to break the cycle, how would one go about this without bringing attention to oneself until it's too late for someone else to do anything about it?

Imagine having to literally run a double track, doing things on the one hand as expected and on schedule - yell at some people, throw them overboard, write Fair Game and What Is Greatness on the same day, die in suspicious circumstances with Vistaril injections and surrounded by tax men and lawyers closing in on you. While on the other hand, work towards derailing those that have a vested interest in such a nasty control mechanism as the use of "last time around." Do all this while at the same time work on trying to bring someone up through all this without it being too visible, who can see, such as CBR, and that you can't tell him about what you know about things yet? Sheesh.

If that is what he willingly did, all of that again, including dying, letting himself be betrayed, letting people come in and take over, messing up on completing the bridge, building this huge organization you know in advance will be used to do things directly reverse of Scientology? Well, that would put a different light on things. That would take guts. How many of you would be willing to die some horrible death just to buy some time and fool those who wish to keep everyone on the treadmill? And do it, in order to help the rest of us? That is a steep confront gradient.

If all this is fact, then I guess we have a big battle coming...which would be a different ending than "last time around" from what I understand.

Food for thought.