Larry Dunstan Photography

:: 10/09/03 ::
Intellectual Property solo exhibition at the Stuckism International

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Is the title of an exhibition by photographer Larry Dunstan to be held at The Stuckism International Gallery in Hoxton, London from 10th - 27th September 2003.The exhibition will provide an all-encompassing look at Larry's unusual, beautifully shot and sometimes shocking work. The show will range greatly in subject matter from distorted visages through human chickens, to high fashion with a twist, and haunting vacant spaces. These images express Larry's pre-occupation with the effects of living in the modern world, where the side effects of the pursuit of the modern consumer lifestyle such as; food additives, radiation from cell 'phones and genetic engineering may be shaping an unexpected future.

When Larry's work came to the attention of the powers that be at Evisu with their proven interest in the creative world, they were impressed enough to want to support an exhibition of his personal work: "Larry's work instigates a thought process about things we would often rather not think about and challenges comfortable presumptions about the modern world. I am not sure what this has to do with selling slacks (although we certainly aspire to Larry's levels of authenticity and integrity) but as a small private company we have the luxury of supporting the work of artists we admire, just because we do"

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY will be the first photographic exhibition to be held at The Stuckism International Gallery known for its 're-modernist' stance on bringing back deeper values into culture. Larry showed an interest in the Stuckist movement in its early days and later covered the gallery for I-D. There is a strong sympathy between the two parties when it comes down to honesty in creative work. Gallery owner and painter Charles Thomson says: "Stuckists oppose the current pretension and superficiality that pervades the art world. Larry's photos embody his character - concerned with bigger issues that his own ego, innovative and full-on".