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Posted on Wed, Oct. 27, 2004


A chip off the ol' block

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

When his schedule allows, TCU senior golfer David Schultz tries to listen to political talk on satellite radio in the afternoon when he can.

It's not that TCU's No. 1 golfer loves politics.

He just likes catching his dad on the radio.

Both father and son will be very busy Tuesday, Election Day, as Ed talks politics on his syndicated radio show and David tees off in the second day of a tournament in his quest for a strong senior season.

While in different fields, they take similar approaches toward achieving their goals.

"He's a fighter, he's a grinder, and a lot of people say I'm a fighter and a grinder on the golf course," David said. "We both have the never-give-up attitude, and we do our best with what we have. I think that's something we both cherish."

As David grew up in Fargo, N.D., talk in the Schultz household often centered around sports. His father started his media career as a sportscaster, while David played golf, football, hockey and baseball when he was young.

In 1992, Ed switched from talking sports to politics on the radio. In January, he went into national syndication with The Ed Schultz Show, which is similar in style to Rush Limbaugh, only on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

His son stayed the course with sports and plans on pursuing a career as a professional golfer.

"My focus with my son is to give him as much support as you can for him to be successful," Ed said. "What I've always told David is there are only so many things you can control, and the best thing you can do is be mentally and physically prepared, and to surround yourself with a great support group."

Both have a hectic schedule, especially Ed, who often travels across the country with his radio show.

But they still talk on the phone three or four times a week.

They know they face a tough road to reaching their ultimate goals.

For Ed, he's trying to break into a field dominated by conservative voices such as Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy.

In the beginning, only two stations broadcast his show, but that has since expanded to 61 stations, including 10 major markets.

"I've always approached my profession as you can always outwork your opponent, and the harder you work, the luckier you get," Ed Schultz said. "David is very similar. He has been goal-oriented, and he's been very determined with his golf."

TCU's top golfer enters his senior season ranked No. 67 in the country. His ranking will likely go up following a second-place finish at the Jerry Pate National Intercollegiate tournament this month.

"David's dad has a lot drive and a lot of enthusiasm to do well in his job," TCU coach Bill Montigel said. "I think it's carried to David. He's very disciplined and one of the hardest working guys I've had since I've been at TCU. I think he's going to do great, not only this year, but on the tour."
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