Navigation Course Assignments:
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Material/book needs:

Nautical Almanac
The American Practical Navigation, (APN) Bowditch is highly recommended.
APN topic numbers listed below are for the 1995 edition.   NA pages listed below are from the 2003 Nautical Almanac Commercial Edition . We will use Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen in the classroom version of this course this year.
circular protractor, compasses, dividers, good, sharp pencils
a scientific calculator.

The dates listed below are completion dates.  Please have your work done prior to these dates so that our communications among each other can be held with a common background .;

Lessons and assignments will be subject to change throughout the course as we discover an appropriate pace to make this the best experience it can be for students, so check in regularly before doing your work.

Topics Related assignment APN topics
Mar 27 Appendix E, handout terrestrial coordinate (L, Lo)  1-1, AppendixE  Appendix E
31 Terrestrial coordinates 1-2, Lat/Long Assignment 103-105
Apr 2 Celestial coordinates (GHA/dec) 2-1, GHA/dec Assignment






Celestial coordinates (LHA/t, dec) 2-2, LHA/t Assignment 1425-1428




Celestial coordinates (SHA)


2-3, SHA Assignment




Time diagram and coordinates 3-1, Time Diagram Assignment Fig. 1525b.




Introduction to time (ZT, GMT); time to arc, arc to time conversions; time conversions 4-1, Time conversions 1801-1811


Nautical Almanac computations, sun and stars 5-1, Nautical Almanac Assignment 1900-1907  
20 Nautical Almanac computations(planets, moon) 5-2,Nautical Almanac Assignment 2 1900-1907


Diagram on Plane of the Celestial Meridian 6-1, Diagram PCM, 1 1529-1530
25 Diagram on Plane of the Celestial Meridian 6-2, Diagram PCM, 2 1529-1530
27 Diagram on Plane of the Celestial Meridian (mail drawing) 6-3, Diagram PCM, 3 1529-1530
29 Celestial triangle 6b-1, Diagram PCM, 4 1529-1530
May 1 Diagram on Plane of the Celestial Meridian/careful construction 6b-2, Diagram PCM, 5 1529-1530
3 Celestial Triangle 6b-3, Celestial triangle 1530
6 Tabular resolution of celestial triangle 7-1, Tabular resolution 1530
8 Diagram on the Plane of the Celestial Meridian/tabular resolution of celestial triangle 7-2, Compare graphic and tabular NA pp. 277- 285
10 Sextant observations and corrections 8-1, Sextant observations 1602-1615, 2004
14 LOP/charting introduction 9-1, Plotting LOPs 2003
16 Plotting FIX 10-1, Plotting fix 2003
18 Final exercise  Final exercise  

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