Intention in Action™
"Loving kindness becomes skillful action through service to others"

Deep Field Relaxation (DFR) [previously known as ‘Intentional Healing’] has no similarities to any other form of therapy.

 The basis of this method lies in the understanding that there is a tendency in nature to lead all events, including health, towards harmony and stasis.

Modern science now confirms the inaccuracy of the concept of duality.  Everything, living and inanimate, co-exists within the same laws of the Universal Field.

There are no separate events.

We co-exist in this field and therefore each person affects all others, and therefore trained practitioners are not only observers but co-creators of the result of any interaction, experiment, treatment or research.

The Field of existence has no boundaries, it spreads across the Universe like a warm breath.

It permeates our thoughts, our bodies, our pains and our feelings of disconnectedness.  It forms the galaxies and at the same time, the smallest parcel of ‘energy’.

It breathes into our lives, and it creates the illusion of material substance.

And yet it is impossible to describe the Field with words in such a way that we can ‘taste’ it or feel it.

Mystics have spoken of it; modern physics has attempted to clarify the practical ‘laws’ of the Field but still it remains at a distance from our everyday experience.

To fully experience it, we need to forsake the idea of controlling the action. We must begin to ‘allow’ events to take place. There is no ‘doing’ involved.

In that mood of acceptance, it is possible to relax and sense the broader tapestry of life much more than we could have previously imagined.

Each of us affects all others.

Deep relaxation is contagious.

If ‘I’ bring myself to a state of deep relaxation, if my intention is to be of help, then ‘you’ will be positively affected without further effort.  If one part of the Field shifts then all parts must accommodate the change. Daily concerns fade, moods soften and new possibilities became clear.  The Life Force is able to act without interference and homeostasis is restored.

Deep Field Relaxation (DFR) as a therapy can be learnt entirely by personal experience, which is transmitted to the student by a trained helper.

This golden link between the intention, the mind/body reaction and the greater cosmos has eluded science for centuries.

Yet gaining practical experience and the use of this powerful knowledge is not new.  It has always been known and taught in many different cultures.  For centuries it has been classified as 'mysticism' - a well protected secret; now, the veils of religions, politics and intransigent academics have dissolved away.  Today, through DFR the Universal Field has become accessible.

The first step is to acknowledge the importance of our 'local mind', as Dr. Larry Dossey (USA) has called it.  These are the very real feelings, emotions and illusions of everyday life.  They are just as necessary, perhaps more important, as any perceptions of ‘spirituality’ if we are to be effective at bringing profound benefit to others and clarity to ourselves.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.  It is the fundamental emotion, which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.  Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.”

"The World as I See It” Albert Einstein

Even though we may not understand the full impact of modern sub-atomic science, even though some might name the ‘Field’ a holograph, and others might explain it using words such as ‘angels’ or ‘spirit guides’ our sensible mind can certainly experience the release from suffering, and the return of Love when it appears, as if magically, by the skilful action of Deep Field Relaxation (DFR).

In training the practitioners of this method, the most important thought to be conveyed is not the personal energy channeled to the person in need, but both practitioner and patient are surrounded by this field of energy.  There is no attachment to the outcome of the interaction and therefore it is not the practitioner’s educated mind or even desire which creates the successful outcome.  This approach is radically different to other energy healing modalities, many of which consider one’s personal involvement and their declarations of Mastership, important.  

However the fact is, that no mind is capable of knowing precisely what each patient requires at any given moment.

We are faced with the simple reality that WE DON’T KNOW.


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