Intention in Action™
"Loving kindness becomes skillful action through service to others"


Within skillfully created quiet moments reside the joyous feeling of the RETURN HOME, an ancient memory coded in the primary material of healthy existence and released only by the intentioned consciousness - known as the art of healing. The true healer merely facilitates spacious mindfulness - giving release from tension, fear and pain in a field naturally predisposed to health.

Cliff Sanderson 

Auxiliary Professor of Physics at "Universidade do Minho", Portugal
Journalist (interviewing MS): Do you think the method that Mr. Sanderson demonstrates and advocates is something that can (should) be taught as a general practice on a wide scale?
MS: I think that it can be taught on a wide scale but I am very sceptical about the possibility of that happening in our present society. "Deep Field Relaxation" is not well adapted to motivate investment in a profit-oriented society: it cannot be patented, sold or rented.
Who would be interested to, literally, "put power in the hands of every person"? It seems to me that most of the people that have the power and the influence to effectively promote such a revolution prefer to concentrate the power in their own hands (they are looking for more votes or more money to increase their power). And we are all conditioned to believe that we are powerless outside the narrow field of our specialization. We are taught to trust our lives (body, mind and spirit) into the hands of the experts and leaders. Most people will need a change of mentality before they accept and explore the possibility of having this healing power (and the corresponding responsibility) in their own hands.

Doctors speak about Cliff’s method...

I have been impressed with the work of Cliff Sanderson, and am delighted that he saw patients in my Clinic. Not only has Cliff ample evidence for the effectiveness of what he offers, but he is also an exceptional teacher of the method he calls Intentional Healing (Deep Field Relaxation (DFR)). The simplicity of this method, which I learnt through attending his workshop, is remarkable! Moreover, I have found no conflict between Cliff’s teaching and my other medical training. On the contrary, I see this as complementary, and I have no hesitation in recommending to my fellow practitioners that they experience this for themselves and then try out these simple effective methods in their own practices.

Cliff’s encouragement to me to relax and focus on my intention to be of help has been a breath of fresh air in my medical environment where patients are increasingly distressed and hence searching even harder for something effective to ease their suffering. Intentional Healing seems to be a key ingredient in my response to this situation.

Dr. Jo Horwood MB BS, FRACGP, FAMAS, FACNEM Horsham, Australia

I had a PSA test for my prostate and it was 14, I also was diagnosed with glaucoma. I was examined by a Urologist and my eye specialist. The urologist prescribed an operation to have a look at my bladder with a camera. The eye specialist prescribed eye drops to reduce the pressure. I preferred to take the advice of my friend Cliff Sanderson. He gave me one treatment - the PSA returned to 0, and when I saw my eye specialist, he said the drops had worked wonders as the pressure was now normal. When I told him that I had not taken the drops he did not believe it - he was even more non-plussed when I told him of the psycho-neuroimmunology. This non-invasive, co-curing is for me!!!

I am a very strong advocate of Cliff' Sanderson's work. I believe that the more focused our intentions are, then the better we serve our patients. This type of treatment allows the body the best chance to heal itself without being dragged down by drugs or other invasive procedures.

Anthony Newbury M.D.Sc., L.D.S.,D.G.D.P. R.C.S., F.I.C.D., F.P.F.A
London, UK

Cliff Sanderson’s method bridges the gap between technology and healing. I would recommend any person involved in helping people, regardless of the discipline, to enhance their experience and that of their patients/clients with the dimension of IH.

Dr. Peter Ulbrick, chiropractor 
Sorrento, Australia

I've been using Intentional Healing (DFR) in my work since right after Cliff taught me it. Three sessions seem to work best, though I've seen results with one. The key to it all is that it goes into the dimensions from which body and mind come. I know that is a lot for body-based people to envision, but Cliff has made it so simple. Telling a person about the place beyond both body and mind is simple; they all seem to get it. Putting one's hands on the person's shoulders while Mind Music plays is also extremely simple.

The key is, of course, that the practitioner knows about that space of intention and can invite the person with whom she/he is working into that space.

For me, people with serious, often life-threatening illness somehow take charge of their lives after I've worked with them. Some have died, but they went out in a blaze of glory that left those who stayed behind with a sense of awe and wonder at the transformation.

Some with active cancer have experienced effective, beneficial remission. For others, chronic pain has softened, and peaceful behavior develops in contrast to the controlling, abusive behavior that had existed previously.

I've seen depression lift, especially in cases where it had been unresponsive to medication. In these cases, they stay on the medication, commenting that it is wonderful that the pills are finally working.

I've learned to simply hold the intention that what comes of the work serves the highest possible good. I get myself out of the way of the other person's healing process. This turns a long series of office visits into just a few.

It's cost effective. I bill it out as counseling. Were I a psychiatrist, I'd bill it as psychotherapy. It is.

This is a board-certified American surgeon talking.

I'm not performing surgery any more, having chosen to sheath my scalpel in 1988 to take a focus on what it is that makes people heal. To that end, I have developed an organization called H.O.P.E., Healing Of Persons Exceptional, that has been focused on the creative power of intentions for over ten years. The work has very practical applications.

People in my care just seem to get better, and Cliff's work has made my work easier.

For the busy active practitioner who has to work in small time frames, it is probably more effective to have one of her or his office staff trained in the work, but I strongly recommend that the practitioner experience the process; so s-he knows what she is talking about.

There's no liability risk because there are no harmful side effects, and, having experienced it, one can attest to its safety that does not need scientific, controlled double blind studies to provide "data" from which the practitioner can work. It only takes a couple of satisfied patients and simple word of mouth.

We must always remember that this work makes the technological interventions that much more effective.

Ken Hamilton, M.D., H.O.P.E , Maine, USA



"After the treatment all patients showed improvement"

Leonard Musatov, Chief Doctor, City of Moscow polyclinic No 27.
December 1990

"Clinical and laboratory tests showed reduction in urine radiation level and red cells normalized"

Professor L.Evets, Head of Paediatric dept.,Grodno Medical institute.
December 1992

"The results shown by our research invite serious joint scientific investigation."

Prof. Natalia Phenogenova, Main Children’s Haematologist for Moscow.
October 1991

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