December 7, 2004

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    Rocketplane Ltd., Inc. Names David Urie Vice-President and Program Manager

    Oklahoma City, 7/30/04 - Rocketplane Ltd., Inc. has chosen David Urie as its Vice-President and Program Manager. Urie will use his extensive aerospace and engineering expertise to oversee the production and operations of the company's Rocketplane XP sub-orbital launch vehicle.

    Urie will manage the design, production, and flight testing of the Rocketplane XP. He is also assembling a core team of engineers and designers to carry out the company's program development plan, as well as developing production facilities in Oklahoma City and Burns Flat, Okla.

    "I expect our development effort to be as exhilarating as a ride in our finished bird," Urie said.

    Prior to joining Rocketplane Ltd. team, Urie served as president of Concept Fusion, Inc., providing technical development services to established companies and start-up organizations. During his 30-year career with the Lockheed Martin Corporation , Urie led teams on Lockheed's X-30 National Aerospace Plane and the HL-20 Personnel Launch System. He was Chief Engineer and then Program Manager of the SR-71 reconnaissance system before initiating and heading the Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) and X-33 Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV) Programs.

    As a Director of the Lockheed-Martin Skunk Works SSTO/RLV Advanced Technology Demonstration Program, Urie conceived and developed the aero-spike rocket propelled lifting body that was selected by NASA as winner of the X-33 competition. He holds the patent on the design, and he formed and headed a multi-company team encompassing all aspects of SSTO/RLV.

    Urie was also Program Manager of the Trans Atmospheric Vehicle (TAV). His team built and successfully tested a large-scale cross section Mach 25 structure. He served on several advanced development projects in Flight Sciences and Operations Analysis.

    Throughout his distinguished career, Urie has received numerous honors and awards, including the prestigious Engineer of the Year award from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). He has published many articles, prepared and taught several short courses, given various lectures and presentations, and served as aerospace engineering curricula advisor to two universities.

    "David Urie is the premier aerospace engineer in the nation," said George French, president of Rocketplane Ltd. "We are thrilled to have him onboard."

    Rocketplane Ltd., Inc. is dedicated to making space travel more accessible and enabling greater commercial opportunities in space through its Rocketplane XP. The XP is a reusable launch vehicle that will take space travelers above Earth, where they can view the planet from space and experience zero gravity for three to four minutes before returning to the landing strip at the Oklahoma Spaceport in Burns Flat. The XP may also be used to carry scientific experiments into space to conduct research in zero gravity, as well as perform Earth observation for agricultural and environmental purposes.

    To learn more about Rocketplane Ltd., please visit or contact Chrissy Paape at (800) 965-3763.

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