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From the Editor

With the presidential elections wrapped up, it reminded me how much good leadership is needed—whether it’s for a university, a country or an association like NRPA. This issue is full of articles that showcase leaders and leadership in a variety of ways.

During Hurricane Charley, author Dan Dustin witnessed the leadership of Port Charlotte Parks and Recreation during a time of crisis. Look for his story, "Looking Into the Eye of the Storm." In "Street Smarts," the town of Kettering, Ohio, wasn’t satisfied with creating a skatepark the same old way, and enlisted the help of an industry leader to guide it to a new skate plaza.

We hope you, as leaders of the park and recreation field, or as influential citizens of your community who work on behalf of parks, find inspiration and tools to help you lead more effectively.

Rachel Roberts
Editor, Parks & Recreation

In This Month's Issue
November 2004
 In addition to information about grassroots efforts for the construction of skate plazas in your local community, the DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation’s Web site also provides a grant application for funding opportunities.

 Nine-time New York City Marthon runner Grete Waitz shares her perspective on youth fitness.

Cover Story
By Claudine Heizer
The town of Kettering, Ohio, leads its skater population to a new kind of skatepark: the skate plaza.
Holding Court
By Ron Woods
New improvements to clay courts may make them the “ace” solution in your community.
Diary of a Mad Mini-Golfer
By Ted Eleftheriou
Taking your family to the mini-golf course has never been so fun.
Programming for Mixed-Ability Recreation
By Blake Farris
Should programming for mixed-ability participants be any different from programming for children without disabilities?
Looking Into the Eye of the Storm
By Daniel Dustin
After Hurricane Charley, Port Charlotte, Fla., found a way to “weather” the storm.
Pirates, Primates and Pyramids
By Barbara Dutton
Theming a regional waterpark can help keep competitors at bay.
Keeping Fit in the Oval Office
By Rachel Roberts
Can’t find time for recreation? These past presidents did—a look back at their favorite ways to stay fit.
Skiing With Sheep: A Baah-ffling Tale
By Kindra Gordon
A sheep ranch and ski resort find a way to work together-and both profit.
By NRPA Staff
Lori Daniel and Ron Lehman step into the spotlight as they take leadership roles within NRPA.
@ Issue: Parks for Life
By Will LaPage
Only when science, creativity and passion for parks come together, will a community prosper.
By Amy Hurd
Finding ways to measure competencies could be the key to an agency’s future.
NRPA Law Review: Protesters in Public Parks
By James Kozlowski
If a group can’t protest in a public park, where can its members go?

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