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Journal of Leisure Research

The Journal of Leisure Research, published by NRPA in coordination with Texas A&M University, is devoted to original investigations that contribute new knowledge and understanding to the field of leisure studies.

Current Issue
Volume 36, Number 3
"Time Course of Well-Being after a Three-Week Resort-Based Respite from Occupational and Domestic Demands: Carry-Over, Contrast and Situation Effects"
Gerhard Strauss-Blasche, Franziska Muhry, Michael Lehofer, Maximillian Moser, and Wolfgang Marktl
"Preliminary Effects of a Leisure Education Program to Promote Healthy Use of Free Time among Middle School Adolescents"
Linda L. Caldwell, Cheryl K. Baldwin, Theodore Walls, and Ed Smith
"Leisure Spaces as Potential Sites for Interracial Interaction: Community Gardens in Urban Areas"
Kimberly J. Shinew, Troy D. Glover, and Diana D. Parry
"Experience Use History, Place Bonding and Resource Substitution of Trout Anglers During Recreation Engagements"
William E. Hammitt, Erik A. Backlund, and Robert D. Bixler
"The Role of Recreational Sport in the Adaptation of First Generation Immigrants in the United States"
Monika Stodolska and Konstantinos Alexandris

"Beach Recreation, Cultural Diversity, and Attitudes toward Nature"
Jennifer Wolch and Jin Zhang

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