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Staff Directory

The National Recreation and Park Association is driving toward the future with fresh energy and vitality. As part of our ongoing effort to provide the very best services and resources, we have centralized our operations at our national headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia, and reorganized staff to meet the evolving needs of our members.
Member Service hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST.  Along with the rest of the headquarters staff, we look forward to serving you with increased efficiency and responsiveness. Please call our Member Services Team toll free at 800.626.NRPA (6772), or e-mail us at
National Recreation and Park Association
22377 Belmont Ridge Road
Ashburn, VA 20148-4501
Phone: 703-858-0784
Fax: 703-858-0794
Alphabetical Staff Listing
Maya Avrasin, Associate Editor, Parks & Recreation 
Laylee Azimi, Finance and Administration Assistant
Brenda Beales, Board of Trustee Liaison/Executive Assistant
Ron Bell, Membership Database Coordinator
Diane Bombard, Meeting Planner
Rebecca Bouck, Meeting Planner
Katie Coffroad, Director, Human Resources
Claudia Contreras, Manager, Membership Operations
Matt Danzig, Meeting Coordinator
Cynthia Davis, Manager, Expositions
Richard J. Dolesh, Acting Director, Professional Services 
Tracey Ellis, Advertising & Operations Manager, Parks & Recreation
Tara Fitzpatrick, CTRS, Certification/CEU/Agency Accreditation Manager
Pam Fraga, Marketing, Membership & Communications Assistant
Oscar Galan, General Maintenance
Roy Geiger, Manager, Playground Safety Program
Britt Gover, Member Services Representative
Laura Heyer, Prof Services Admin/NPSI Asst, AFRS Liaison
Shateea Holmes, Payroll/Accounting Specialist
Jennifer Hoyer, Community Outreach Specialist, National Programs
Amy Kapp, Awards Coordinator
Sharon Mannion, Aquatics Program Manager, C-BM Liaison
Ted Mattingly, Facilities Manager
Tanya McAdory, CTRS, Therapeutic Recreation Program Manager, NTRS, APRS & LAS Liaison
Alex Nichols, Education and Training Manager
Elaine Novajosky, Accounting Manager
Alica Overton, Director, Finance and Administration
Jessica Pagonis, Meeting Planner
Lisa Perrin, Registration Coordinator
Mike Phillips, Outreach Coordinator
Susan Potts, MS, CTRS, Community Outreach Specialist, Health/Wellness 
Rachel Roberts, Editor, Parks & Recreation
Sherry Romello, Director, Education and Conferences
Cheryl Sadowski, Director, Membership, Marketing & Communications Kathy J. Spangler, CPRP, Director, National Partnerships
Jennifer Thomas, Accounting Specialist
Meredith Thomas, Manager, Meetings and Events
John A. Thorner, Executive Director
Danielle Timmerman, Academic Affairs Program Manager, SB & SPRE Liaison
Barry Tindall, Director, Public Policy 
Douglas Vaira, New Media Manager
Mark Villella, Mail Room Specialist
Cristin Watson, Administrative Assistant, National Partnerships
Christy Weller, Accounting Specialist
Ed Zier, Director, Information Technology

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