Following are just some of the many needs at our Deaconess companies that await the magic of a generous donor. Will you provide the interest and support to fulfill the dream and benefit the many patients whose lives will be touched by your gift?

The Deaconess Way
Many factors beyond science and medical technology can influence healing. Belief in treating the whole person, body, mind and spirit has guided the caregiving practices of Deaconess for more than 100 years. This philosophy is reflected in our statement of core values in which we pledge to embrace and promote spiritual values to guide our ethical decision-making and promote wholeness in those we serve. We like to think of it simply as The Deaconess Way.

The Deaconess Way includes reaching out to those in need, despite their inability to pay. Never have there been so many uninsured families who cannot pay for healthcare. Last year, $300,000 was spent to care for sick and injured persons unable to pay for treatment. Most of them came to us through our emergency room, the doors of which we intentionally open wide to welcome all in need of help...because that’s The Deaconess Way.

It’s only because of generous friends like you that we can do this. Through your gifts to the Deaconess Foundation, you make it possible for us to extend our services to all members of the community, and especially to those most vulnerable among us, the poor and the elderly.

The Deaconess Way is founded upon principles of love and human kindness.  We, therefore, include humanitarian aspects of caregiving in the training of Deaconess nurses. Most of those who train at Deaconess are enrolled in programs of Hughes High School and Cincinnati State Technical College. Many of these young men and women come from families who struggle with poverty and other difficult life issues. They are grateful for the opportunity to become self-reliant and have a keen appreciation for reaching out to help others in need. As they embrace the philosophy of The Deaconess Way, these student nurses become infused with a high level of concern for both patients and their families, along with grasping the importance of ministering to the whole person, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

A former patient writes:  “After weeks of illness, your nurses brought hope into my hospital room. My recovery is a result of both what they are and who they are.”

Another observes:  “It must be a wonderful place to work because everyone is so happy.”

At Deaconess, caring abounds. And it shows in the faces of the many elderly persons we serve each day. True to The Deaconess Way, we reach out to our elderly neighbors, providing them with healthcare resources otherwise not available to them. For example, most of them take advantage of our Van Transportation and free Valet Parking which reflect our way of turning what could be a burdensome ordeal into a positive experience. 

Writing to thank us for this service, elderly patients say things like:  "The driver is so helpful, tending to my comfort and safety." “The parking service gives me a feeling that the hospital really cares about me.”

True to our mission, the Chaplain program is integral to the caregiving process as it influences the interaction of the Deaconess staff with patients and their families. The Deaconess Way recognizes and accommodates each patient’s personal spiritual values. This may call for preparation of special menus, rearrangement of room furnishings, or specialized forms of communication in keeping with the patient’s culture or customs. This recognition of individual needs contributes to the overall well being of patients as well as loved ones who are emotionally involved. One grateful family writes: “Your Chaplain’s kind compassion helped get us through. I can’t praise the staff enough for making a scary and uneasy surgery into a very caring and supportive experience. God bless you for all your tender loving care.”

 In order to continue providing such exceptional care and specialized services, we rely upon funds from the Deaconess Foundation and that means gifts from generous friends like you. Last year, the Deaconess Foundation gave $995,000 to support programs of the hospital. It’s only with your help that the Foundation can continue to provide such significant annual funding for hospital programs not covered by fees or insurance.

Your gifts to the Deaconess Foundation help ensure that our less fortunate neighbors receive the same compassionate care afforded to others; that the specific needs of our rapidly growing elderly population are met; and that nurses who are in such short supply and high demand receive training in all aspects of caregiving, both technical and spiritual.

We ask you, please, to extend your hand to help us continue this urgent work. Will you partner with us in bringing an exceptional level of care and concern to those who turn to us when most in need? Will you be part of The Deaconess Way?

Please say “yes” by placing your gift in an envelope today, knowing that it’s only through generous gifts from friends like you that we receive compliments like this:  “My compliments for an outstanding hospital. No need to advertise; word of mouth will do it. God bless you all.”

P.S. Experience the joy of giving year round.  Please consider a monthly or quarterly pledge to stretch your support of the Deaconess Way through out the coming year. 


Please cut and mail in an envelope with your gift or pledge.  Thank you.

Yes, I believe in The Deaconess Way of providing compassionate healthcare to everyone in need. Please apply my gift of:

$50      $100     $250          $500      $1,000      Other                as follows:

  Indigent Care                 Elder Care                          Nurse Training                            Chaplain Program           Wherever Needed          Other (specify)                                   

My check is enclosed (Payable to Deaconess Foundation, 311 Straight Street, Cincinnati, OH  45219)

I / we will pledge $______________                                                                 

Please Bill My Visa/Mastercard                4 Quarterly Payments of $____________         

12 Monthly Payments of ________          One Total Payment of $ ______________

    Account # ____________________    Expiration Date ________________

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  Please send me information on planned giving and estate planning.          

Gifts to Deaconess Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by law.


Deaconess Center for Joint Replacement
Recently Deaconess Hospital opened an exciting new Center for Joint Replacement with a unique group approach to the replacement process. Patients encourage each other on the road to recovery through group PT sessions and group meals. In this group process, a loved one, known as a coach, is there to encourage the replacement patient.

The new center is in need of sleeper chairs for the coaches, whose presence can be a benefit to the healing process. New physical therapy equipment, including a model car, is needed to aid the rehabilitation process. Specially designed recliners allow patients to spend time out of bed in a chair designed for this recuperative period. Hip patients have a special need and are most comfortable in chairs of a certain height, which are also on this wish list.

This special center can be made even more unique through the help of generous donors.

Be a Lifesaver
A full-time volunteer, Rosa Flagg is the picture of an active retiree. And since she intends on keeping it that way, she decided to sign up for the Lifeline Personal Response System.

"I’m a diabetic, and live alone,” Rosa says. “No one would know if something happened to me. The Lifeline Personal Response System is a call button that I can wear in my home and easily reach someone for help 24 hours a day. Lifeline offers me peace of mind, in case I feel dizzy or sick. It just makes me feel more secure. Some things just happen as we get older. There are a lot of reasons you can fall," Rosa adds. Lifeline offers Rosa the ability to maintain her independence in her own home and feel secure, knowing that in the case of an emergency, help it is only a button push away.  

Rosa’s concerns are shared by many older adults. In Hamilton County alone, there are approximately 17,000 older adults living alone who need assistance with daily living activities. These seniors have a strong desire to stay in their homes and could use the Lifeline unit to ensure their safety. In fact, a recent study of 297 patients who had fallen in their homes shows that 67 percent of patients who were estimated to have been helpless for more than 72 hours died, as compared to 12 percent of those who received help within an hour of their fall. 

The problem is many of these older adults are on limited incomes and cannot afford the additional expense of a Lifeline unit. Deaconess Elderlife and the Deaconess Foundation announce a new program called "Be a Lifesaver" to raise the funds necessary to offer Lifeline to these older adults. In a stage of life when there are so many physical changes for these seniors, we would like to offer them one constant — the ability to stay in their own home. Would you join us in offering this service and sponsor a senior in need of lifeline? You could be a lifesaver!  Link to Be A Lifesaver Form

The Heimlich Institute
With your support, the Heimlich Institute can continue its important research into treatment for HIV/AIDS, cancer, cystic fibrosis, asthma and many other health conditions. We already have evidence that these methods work, but further studies are needed to substantiate these procedures and treatments. The Institute, which is a non-profit organization, depends on funds from free-thinking individuals and organizations to continue its commitment to saving lives.

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