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Lighter is Better We designed Crusoe to be the solution to problems like these. With the industry's highest Performance/Watt ratio, the Crusoe processor can run everyday office applications for up to 11 hours.

Longer Crusoe's design is more efficient. With a high performance 128-bit VLIW (Very Long Instruction Word) hardware engine, and a software-based architecture, Crusoe requires fewer transistors. Since all transistors burn power, having fewer of them means Crusoe requires less power to do the same amount of work.

Cooler Crusoe makes truly mobile computers possible machines that are thinner, lighter, cooler and longer running than ever. Having Crusoe to design around has given computer manufacturers a brand new platform from which they can produce innovations the industry has never seen before.

On January 19, 2000, Transmeta Corporation introduced Crusoe, a new microprocessor, into a market long controlled by one dominant company. Over the years, many companies have tried to do the same, and none of them has been very successful. But unlike all those other companies, we believe that we produced something truly revolutionary. And that it's destined to change everything.

Now, just about this time you're thinking, Ah, just what the world needs, another processor company making big promises. And that sentiment would certainly be understandable, if Crusoe were just another processor. But it's not. Unlike everything else that's come before it, the Crusoe processor is not technology for technology's sake. It's technology with a purpose. Crusoe is the first processor designed from the ground up to solve the problems of mobile and Internet computing in ways other processors can't. And in doing so, Crusoe is the first processor to offer benefits that really matter to people.

You see, Crusoe is different in almost every way. Unlike the industry's legacy hardware-only processors, Crusoe is a unique combination of software and hardware. It's this radical design that gives Crusoe its important advantages, and manufacturers of all kinds of electronic devices their first truly innovative new platform in over 25 years.

Thanks to Crusoe, mobile devices can be made smaller and lighter than ever. These new devices will be more comfortable to use, too, because Crusoe generates very little heat a problem that plagues the industry's legacy hardware-only processors. And because it uses far less power, mobile devices running on Crusoe run far longer on a single battery charge, and Crusoe-powered ultra-dense servers do far more work per watt, far more efficiently.

All of which means Crusoe isn't just another processor. It's a whole new world. Let us show you around.

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