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Walking robots [+ 19 digs]
These are walking robots that toyota has developed for disabled people. You basically sit in them and it walks so you can get around. Can you imagine these in robot wars?
[ category: robots | by: zerodrift24 (3) ]

Halo2: Scorpion Jump [+ 26 digs]
As a follow-up to popular sport of Warthog Jumping, now comes Scorpion Jumping! Hog jumping required you to pile a bunch of grenades under a warthog. For tank jumping, all you need to do is find a shield(s) and shoot it down. Then simply park your scorpion over the shield(s) and wait for them to re-generate. Hang on tight, its a wild ride.
[ category: gaming | by: k1ds3ns4t10n (3) ]

Video Blog promotes new movie [+ 9 digs]
Peter Jackson is letting web site visitors share in the making of Kong is King by submitting video blog entries on this site. He has also solicited requests from visitors for blog ideas making it very interactive.
[ category: movies | by: jkenzer (1) ]

U.S. Officials Raid Stores, Arrest 2 in Game Piracy [+ 23 digs]
Federal authorities raided three Washington, D.C.-area video game stores and arrested two people for modifying video game consoles to play pirated video games, a video game industry group said on Wednesday.
[ category: gaming | by: Fuzzeepimp (3) ]

The ZoomQuilt [+ 13 digs]
A collaborative art project. Just use your mouse to zooooooom in and out.
[ category: links | by: Fuzzeepimp (3) ]

E-Bay: Want it Now [+ 17 digs]
E-Bay has added a "Want It Now" feature that allows the user to post requests for particular items.
[ category: deals | by: JTSmagic (2) ]

Witness says Kazaa activity can be monitored [+ 18 digs]
A witness in the ongoing civil trial against peer-to-peer software provider Sharman Networks has added weight to testimony that logs can be maintained to trace users who are exchanging unlicensed music online using the Kazaa software.
[ category: music | by: kyle (1) ]

Binary Revolution Magazine - similar to 2600 Hacker Quarterly magazine [+ 46 digs]
Binary Revolution Magazine - similar to 2600 Hacker Quarterly magazine Magazine about Hacking, Phreaking, Security, Hardware Mods, Perl, Wi-Fi, Civil Rights, Linux, etc
[ category: security | by: anonymous ]

Free your iTunes Music Store music. [+ 25 digs]
"The purpose of hymn is to allow you to exercise your fair-use rights under copyright law. It allows you to free your iTunes Music Store (protected AAC / m4p) purchases from their DRM restrictions with no sound quality loss. These songs can then be played outside of the iTunes environment, even on operating systems not supported by iTunes."
[ category: software | by: anonymous ]

Programmer wrote vote-rigging program in Florida [+ 17 digs]
a programmer, Curtis Clinton signed an affidavit yesterday that states that he created vote rigging software for House Judiciary Committee member Tom Feeney.
[ category: technology | by: doug22 (1) ]

Sandscapes media file: sandsicaf.wmv [+ 16 digs]
It's a large download, about 18Megs. But well worth it. A guy is creating sandscapes... It's really hard to describe. But, well worth the download... It's amazing what he can do...
[ category: movies | by: azrichard (2) ]

Rat Brain Flies Jet [+ 28 digs]
A brain grown from a single rat embryo in a petri dish has been taught to fly a jet, even in hurricane-like conditions. No, really.
[ category: design | by: p3ngu1n (1) ]

Court agrees woman penned Matrix [+ 54 digs]
A CA judge has ruled in favor of a woman who says that the popular Matrix trilogy was based on a manuscript that she wrote in 1981.
[ category: movies | by: stoopeck (1) ]

Dual Core Powerbook G4 Rumor [+ 26 digs]
Rumors about Motorola's Freescales chips have been appearing, and it seems that they might make there way into a new Powerbook lineup
[ category: apple | by: fireface100 (1) ]

8GB USB memory key [+ 36 digs]
The Pretec i-Disk II 8GB is equipped with hi-speed dual channel technology that brings you the extremely high speed in read & write up to 16MB/sec and 12MB/sec. Pretec isn't even making the flash drives yet—they enter production next month—so there's no suggested price.
[ category: hardware | by: Bentinney (2) ]

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