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Cast & Characters

Sophie Burton

played by Connie Powney

Character Traits:

Virtually the complete opposite of her twin sister, Sophie is an extreme extrovert; carefree, lively and sporty, she doesn't let anxiety trouble her life or care much for the consequences of her actions.


Nothing at present.


Taking a course in Beauty Studies at Hollyoaks Community College.


Mother: Liz
Step-dad: Richard
Sister: Mel
Step-sisters: Darlene, Georgina
Brother: Justin
Step-brothers: Ali, Ethan


21 Eastham Crescent

Actor Biography: Connie Powney


Like her twin sister Cassie, Connie is new to television drama. Sophie is her first major role on the small screen, and follows an appearance – along with Cassie – in the 2003 film What A Girl Wants.


When she's not busy with her acting work, Connie prefers to relax with friends and socialise off set.



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