Table of Contents:

      1. Product Applications
        Application Guide: Concise and quick reference guide to most applications.
        Application Bullerins: Usage and benefit information on grades that are most suited for specific applications.

      2. Synthetic Waxes
        Based upon straight chain hydrocarbon synthetic wax produced by the Fischer-Tropsch process. MP waxes are economical and maximize lubricity.

      3. Polyethylene Waxes
        Micronized PE waxes are formulated to provide maximum rub and mar resistance as well as gloss retention and blocking resistance. A complete range of molecular weights and particle sizes are available.

      4. Polyfluo® and Synfluo Waxes
        Unique combinations of Polyethylene or Synthetic waxes and PTFE. They will impart excellent slip and scratch resistance and can be used at very low levels of addition. Ideal for use in high gloss lacquers and coatings.

      5. Aqua Waxes
        Micronized Aqua waxes are specifically modified for use in water reducible inks, paints and coatings. Some contain PTFE for increased lubricity, gloss retention and heat resistance.

      6. Aquabead® Waxes
        Formulated to produce water repellency or "beading" effect in solvent borne or aqueous paints, stains and coatings. These "film forming" waxes will also improve weather resistance.

      7. Microspersion® Waxes
        Aqueous dispersions of Micro Powders´ micronized waxes which are easily added to paints, stains and coatings. Unique types of waxes have been incorporated into the Microspersions, so the formulatos can use highly efficient micronized waxes in liquid form. Ideally suited for water borne inks and coatings.

      8. Fluo Waxes
        The FLUO grades are micronized PTFE and are mainly used in combination with micronized waxes and polyethylenes to achieve higher surface lubricity and anti-blocking properties. These products are heat resistant and insoluble. Special FLUO grades will provide texture to powder coatings.

      9. Micropro and Propylmatte Waxes
        Polypropylene waes characterized by their high melt point toughness. For excellent anti-blocking and gloss control properties while improving metal marking resistance. Can help suspend silica additives and provide a non-abrasive smooth surface.

      10. Propyletx Waxes
        Unique polyporpylene waxes which will provide a imofpr, textured surface to paints and coatings. The particle size is carefully controlled to provide consistent texture.

      11. Polysilk and Superslip Waxes
        Modified PE waxes for use in applications where a smooth surface and low C.O.F. are desired. The Superslip waxes will provide gloss control, lubricity and scratch resistance to wood finishes.

      12. Specialty Waxes and New Products
        New and unique wax additives for more specialized applications.


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