>Accessing menu..
>Login name being processed..
>Password: ******
>Processing Data...
>Data Processed..
>Acessing GUI..

Entering GUIMenu System...
Dawn Of Storm. Welcome.
Menus are below.
 (C) 2001 Star Chaser Industries
All rights reserved. Any and all copying and plagurism are strickly prohibited.
 Role Playing Board
Used for playing the game
 Member Page
People brave enough to join.
JFF Page
Fun does not compute.
 The Shop
Used for the purpos of buying an MS and weapons.
  Chat Room
Used for chatting directly to other members


This is the new layout of Dawn of Storm, which has no resolution or browser requirements! ^_^ Be sure to check out the new Relena Bashing Page and the new Chatroom! Remeber, I'll be switching to Bravenet soon (in like, two minutes ^_^). Okay, that's it! Stop reading! If you don't stop reading, I will track your IP address and stalk you down like a dog! HOO HA!