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Version: 2.01   Size: 485K
Description: Encyclopedia of many D'ni things including
language, grammer, culture, numbers, dates, times, and more!
Programmer: Melissa
(Screen Name - tégan'yavo aka Tay aka taygan yavo).

Download Required Fonts Here
Required to run this program:
"D'ni Script" and "D'ni Script LM" fonts
The fonts were created by Jehon the Scribe.

Contact Me
Comments? Suggestions? Bugs?
Please e-mail me and tell me about them!
I need all the help I can get for the next version!!

If you specifically would like to help out with
the next version (like the people listed below), e-mail me telling me this,
and I'll put you on my e-mail list of people
I contact when I need help!

Note: Many things in this version are not complete,
but give a basic idea of its functions and information.
I welcome any suggestions or additions
to these sections!!

Special thanks to these people for their help:
Carrad, Cory, Edrick, GermanShepherd, J'ohn, JohnLynch, K'laamas, Rishahnu, Tweek, and Yohshee.

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