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Well, first off, buying subscriptions helps us out a great deal. But there are other ways. Tangent also accepts advertising :-) You can also help spread the word that we're out here, as a lot of people have not yet updated their links from our previous locations. Word of mouth advertising is the greatest help, and we depend on friendly recommendations.

If you have a homepage, you can link to us with a text link, or these following graphics:



Some reasons to subscribe:

1- Everyone else is doing it...

2- As a writer, do you really have time to read everything in the field? Get a good idea of the market's pulse, subscribe to Tangent...

3- Readers, not sure what to pick up next? Want to know about some stories you can't afford to miss? Tangent...

4- Editor? Then for sure you have hardly any spare time to read the field :-) See what the other editors are up to...

5- Because it is cool, and you'd be supporting a neat project...

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