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Crisis in Sudan

Map of Africa highlighting Sudan

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Current Crisis

House hearing on U.S./Sudan policy RR01: Vol. XXII, No. 4 (April/May 2001)

Sudanese refugees resettled in the United States, FY 1999-2000 (April/May 2001)

Seventeen Years of Crisis in Sudan (April/May 2001)

Sudanese Lost Boys Resettle in the United States (April/May 2001)

Sudan Bombing Chronology 2001 (March, 2001)

Sudan Bombing Chronology 2000 (March, 2001)

Government of Sudan denies access to Operation Lifeline Sudan (March, 2001)

Sudan's Military Continues Aerial Bombing of Civilian Sites; International Community Stays Mute (March, 2001)

Roger Winter participates in a special series of reports on Sudan. Listen to the program on the BBC website in Real Audio.

New Civilian Bombing (Slide Show)

Bombings of Civilian Targets in Sudan Have Doubled; 132 Confirmed Aerial Attacks This Year

Sudanese Government Continues Aerial Bombings

USCR Statement on Sudan at the Holocaust Museum

Sudan Government Bombs Civilian Targets 113 Times This Year, According to New Research by Aid Workers

Statement of President Clinton

Sudan Fact Sheet

Government of Sudan Renews Aerial Bombings After Losing Bid for UN Security Council Seat

U.S. Efforts Successfully Block Sudan Seat On UN Security Council

Mid-year 2000: Sudan: War Grinds On

Video from Hamesh Khoreb, Sudanese Holy City

Political and Humanitarian Update

USCR Recommendations

Divest Stock in Talisman Energy, Inc.

Real Audio: The World Affairs Council presents an address by Roger Winter on the world refugee problem.

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Take Action on Sudan

Complete a Sudan Peace Pak

Refugee Voices From Sudan

Archived Real Audio clips regarding Sudan

History of the Crisis

The Nuba People: Confronting Cultural Liquidation

More Information on Sudan

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News and Info
250 bombs dropped on Sudanese civilians in the month of July

Fixing a "Fragmented" Humanitarian Response System: Report Exposes U.S. Policy Fault Lines, Suggests Changes

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The Year in Review (WRS 2000)

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June 13, 2000 - Africa's Refugee Numbers Climb as New Violence Uproots 3 Million People

OP-ED: Canada's Appalling Hypocrisy March 23, 2000

Images from Sudan [slide show]

Press Releases

  • May 24, 2000 Sanctuary Status Sought for Sudanese Holy City.

  • March 23, 2000 U.S. Committee for Refugees Deplores Clinton Administration's Inaction on Escalated Bombing of Civilian Targets in Sudan

    Archived News Regarding Sudan

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  • Testimony of Roger Winter on America's Sudan Policy (March, 2001)

  • Testimony before Congressional Human Rights Caucus

  • Archived Testimony Regarding Sudan
    Postcards from the Field
    February 8, 1999 Postcards from the Field - Bombing at the Yei Hospital - Sudan.

    Crisis Point: Famine in Sudan

    Other Info

    Meet Alek Wek - Sudanese refugee and fashion model

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    April 2001

    The U.S. Committee for Refugees has launched a campaign to raise public awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan. Sudan has been engaged in a civil war for the past 17 years, which has resulted in nearly 2 million deaths from war-related famine, disease and casualties. Four million people (nearly 80%) of the southern Sudanese population has been forced to flee their home at one time or another.

    By launching a national campaign, USCR hopes to activate Americans and generate grass-roots support for an appropriate U.S. government response to humanitarian needs in Sudan and U.S. leadership to energize ongoing peace negotiations.

    USCR's campaign includes a national speaking tour by executive director Roger Winter and the release of a paper, Follow the Women and the Cows: Personal Stories of Sudan's Uprooted People, which reveals the devastation caused by Sudan's civil war by telling the personal stories of more than 20 individuals and their families.

    Facts About Sudan

    • More than 1.9 million people in south and central Sudan have died in the past 17 years as a result of Sudan's civil war.

    • At least one out of every five southern Sudanese has died because of the 17-year civil war.

    • This massive loss of life surpasses the civilian death toll in any war since World War II.

    • Sudan's civil war is the longest ongoing civil war in the world.

    • Over 4 million southern Sudanese have been forced to flee their homes and have become "internally displaced." Sudan has produced more internally displaced people than any other country on earth.

    • More than 80 percent of southern Sudan's population has been displaced at least once, and often repeatedly, since 1983.

    • Nearly 500,000 southern Sudanese have fled Sudan and are now refugees in other countries.

    • There were an estimated 70,000 war-related deaths in the war-produced famine of 1998.

    • More than 1.7 million people now face food shortages in Sudan.

    • Slave raids are occurring on a regular basis in parts of the South.

    • Aerial bombardment by the Sudanese government, including the bombing of schools, hospitals, and relief centers, is increasing throughout southern Sudan.

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