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Schole is the official refereed publication of the Society of Park and Recreation Educators, a branch of the National Recreation and Park Association, which aims to disseminate knowledge related to park and recreation courses, curricula, and teaching. It is published annually in August. Articles address a wide range of issues concerning graduate and undergraduate education, including
  • curriculum planning
  • curriculum design
  • future employment requirements
  • trends and their impacts
  • student and faculty profiles
  • course content
  • fieldwork and internships
  • leisure and the humanities
  • teaching methods
  • accreditation community
  • education tenure and
  • promotion

Current Issue
Invited Paper
"Lesson Learned"
Phillip S. Rea
Refereed Articles
"Maintaining the Balance Between Service and Learning: The Use of Journals in Promoting Critical Thinking"
Jason Bocarro
"Journal Writing is Something We Have to Learn on Our Own: The Results of a Focus Group Discussion with Recreation Students"
Jane Dyment and Timothy S. O'Connell
"Preparing Students to Make a Difference: Community Asset Mapping as a Vehicle for Involving Students in Community Action"
Deborah Smith
"Knowing Something About Leisure: Building a Bridge Between Leisure Philosophy and Recreation Practice"
Cheryl Estes
"How Learning Styles Affect Student Attitudes Toward Technology"
Jennifer E. Lukow and Crag M. Ross
"Peer in Success: Students as Peer Advisors in Leisure and Recreation Departments"
L. Allison Stringer and Christopher L. Kowalski
Book Reviews
The Effective, Efficient Professor: Teaching, Scholarship and Service
Reviewed by Lowell Caneday
Advice for New Faculty Members: Nihil Nimus
Reviewed by Regina Glover
The Chicago Guide to Your Academic Career: A Portable Mentor for Scholars from Graduate School Through Tenure
Reviewed by Jean Keller
The Art and Politics of College Teaching: A Practical Guide for the Beginning Professor
Reviewed by Gene Lamke
Classroom Learning Activities
"Put Crime Back in the Classroom: Introducing Criminology and Justice in the Leisure Studies Curriculum"
Patricia Ardovino
"Focus on Leisure"
Lee DeLisle
"Challenging Homogeneity in Post-Secondary Outdoor Recreation Programs"
Janet Dyment and Constance Russell
"Quagmire: Revision of a Classic Recreation Resource Management Simulation Game"
Katherine James
"Teaching the History of Leisure Using the Cooperative Learning Model"
Melanie Mitchell and Kevin Riley
"The Truth About Subjectivity in Research"
Deb Martin and Barbara Wilhite

Archived Schole publications are available for purchase through the NRPA Store. For further details, please contact NRPA Membership at 800.626.NRPA.

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