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A Problem Like Maria

”Maria does have a conscience!”
Doesn’t stop her going behind Tyrone’s back during their holiday, though, does it, says Samia Ghadie

What happens when Maria and Tyrone get back from their holiday? I think when Maria and Tyrone get back from the holiday everyone is expecting them to have got back together. They’ve had a lovely time, but Tyrone can see from Maria’s face that something isn’t right. In the end, she breaks down in the salon and tells Audrey and Candice the truth – which is she went behind Tyrone’s back on the holiday.

Does she feel guilty?
She feels really guilty. That’s one thing about Maria, she does have a conscience; it doesn’t stop her doing wrong, but she does have one!

So was there no romantic spark at all between Maria and Tyrone?
I think there was one point in the holiday when there was. They had a lovely meal together, and had a drink. On the way home Maria realised she had left her bag in the bar and when she went back to get it, that’s when she met Dave and “stuff happened” as Maria said.

Who is this Dave?
He’s just a guy she met on holiday. He’s from Newcastle but he turns up on Coronation Street. Maria dumps Tyrone to go out with him, but she thinks that Tyrone doesn’t know about Dave. He actually does, but he keeps it to himself as he’s hoping it will blow over.

Tyrone is really sweet and he really likes Maria. Tyrone has only ever slept with Maria and Fiz, whereas Maria is working her way round the whole of Weatherfield!

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