Grundy County, MO.
1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Alpha Post Office address
Certificate NoNameCause for which pensioned Monthly rateOriginal date
29409John Milleranchy. wrist 10.00--
120407Peter Cotteellgsw through r. lung 4.00--
151427Osborn Monroegsw l. hand 2.00Mar 1878
204758Anderson R. Dudleyrheum., dis. heart 4.00Mar 1882
141416James A. Peteriegsw left arm 4.00--
94141Thomas Mooregsw l. thigh 6.00--
67694Jacob G. Casebeergsw abdomen 4.00Jul 1866
222468James H. Rinkergsw rt. thigh 4.00Dec 1882
52245Elizabeth G. Owenwidow 8.00--
52441Ann Bendermother 8.00Jul 1865

Corneau Post Office address
Certificate NoNameCause for which pensioned Monthly rateOriginal date
158243Samuel Brentinj. rt. clavicle r. foot 4.00Mar 1881
216276John W. Murpheygsw rt. leg 4.00Aug 1882
198813James Bevanchr. diarr., dis. of abd. vis 4.00Dec 1881
31590Francis M. Sproutloss r. arm 18.00--
107588William R. Jacksongsw l. thigh 8.00--
148218Robert Knightgsw left arm 3.00Sep 1877
133456Isaac F. Shipleygsw rt. foot 4.00May 1875
172251Samuel R. McCallchr. diarr 6.00--

Edinburgh Post Office address
Certificate NoNameCause for which pensioned Monthly rateOriginal date
50572Elizabeth Smithwidow 8.00--
61236Joel Jefferson Longwds. rt. arm, shoul., & chest 10.00--
205422Calvin Frashergsw rt. forearm 8.00Mar 1882
43724Thomas Bosleywd. lft. leg 6.00--
119274Harvey Tottendis. of lungs 8.00--
26450George W. Stylesinj. to lft. shoulder, forearm, & hand 8.00--
5197Eleanor Harveywidow 1812 8.00May 1873

Galt Post Office address
Certificate NoNameCause for which pensioned Monthly rateOriginal date
201557Henry H. Meekgsw left thigh 4.00Jan 1882
101766Orville H. Pattengsw left leg 6.00--
164504Nathan T. Winterssunstroke 6.00Feb 1880
200381Samuel P. Fleshmaninj. to spine & result'g aff'n of heart 8.00Jan 1882
205155Andrew J. Donaldsonchr. diarr., rheum., & dropsy 4.00Mar 1882
188401Martha M. Williammother 8.00May 1880
217659Andrew Johnsondis. lungs 8.00Sep 1882
66418James A. Hedgesgsw rt. hand & wrist 14.00--
90422Serena Brassfieldwidow 8.00Feb 1867
195274William H. Rooksinj. to rt. should., arm, & leg, from stroke lightning 4.00Sep 1881
121131John W. Rootgsw left hand 6.00--
27794Annie Williamswidow 1812 8.00Nov 1879
131911James D. Fleshmanshell wd. left side 4.00Feb. 1875

Grubbtown Post Office address
Certificate NoNameCause for which pensioned Monthly rateOriginal date
194991Eliza J. Nicholswidow, mother, & child 20.00Mar 1882
9698James Poteetsurv. 1812 8.00Dec 1971
23944Margaret Gardnerwidow 8.00--
34150Elizabeth Wilsondo 8.00--
94675Luretta Cardwelldo 8.00--
25054Margaret Carrickwidow 1812 8.00Jun 1879

Lindley Post Office address
Certificate NoNameCause for which pensioned Monthly rateOriginal date
35577Josiah Waddellloss of l. arm ----
196906Jane McGriffwidow 8.00Aug 1882
19918John Glennsurv. 1812 8.00Dec 1872
9397Sarah Dillonwidow 8.00--
182146John Pattersonchr. rheum., & res. dis. heart 6.00Feb 1881
184043Jesse Phippsg.w. rt. leg 4.00Mar 1881
139627Elias Rainsgsw left thigh 6.00--
103324James Overmanchr. diarrhea 8.50--
40515Lewis Longgsw l. hand, loss index fing. 12.00--
216243Robert S. Longdis. of eyes 8.00Aug 1882
24199Levi R. Longloss left leg 18.00--
199468Solomon Ishmaeldis. liver, diar., & dis. abd. vis. 8.00Dec 1881
115205Robert Donohogsw left lumbar region 2.00Jan 1872
120923Uriah Linkgsw rt. thigh 6.00--
26925Sarah Colelasurewidow 8.00--
25132Garrett Humphreysgsw of eye, check, breast, & shoulder, & results. 24.00--
221804Daniel J. Crumpchr. diarr. & dis. of abd. vis 6.00Dec 1882
220486Joseph Coblechr. diarrhea 4.00Nov 1882
210643John T. Cowhickdis. lungs & result in functional dis. heart 4.00Jun 1882
107500William Alleng.w. left elbow 8.00--
212956Daniel Tolledis. of heart & lungs 8.00Jun 1882
66666Isaac H. Wolfwd. left ankle 6.00Jun 1866
119331Samuel E. Rooksgsw left breast 6.00--
210922William H. Rusksunstroke 4.00Jun 1882
21677Philemon Caywoodloss rt. leg 18.00--
190766Elizabeth Baileymother 8.00Jan 1881

Muirton Post Office address
Certificate NoNameCause for which pensioned Monthly rateOriginal date
121832John Kisliggsw rt. hip 6.00--

Spickardsville Post Office address
Certificate NoNameCause for which pensioned Monthly rateOriginal date
66027Francis A. Bonnerwd. rt. arm 6.00--
102645Job Schoolerloss sight lt. eye from wounds 4.00--
186530George W. Fisherdis. of kidneys 18.00--
178892George Bosleychr. diarrhea & dis. abd. vis. 4.00Nov 1880
26419Malinda L. Thaxtonwidow 1812 8.00Aug 1879
220734Henry H. Sheltonchr. diar., dis. ab. vis. & scurvy 4.00Nov 1882
23416Elizabeth T. Williamswidow 1812 8.00Apr 1879
194374Mary Moorewidow 14.00Feb 1882
113621Cyntha Odorndo 8.00--
154501William H. Hicksdis. of lungs 12.00Jul 1878
174978Nicholas Mastersinj. left arm 8.00--
16192George I. Robertsgsw head 12.00--
205384James H. Crockettinjury to abdomen 4.00Mar 1882
78739William N. Caytonshell wd. left thigh 8.00--
90256Lucinda Trussellwidow 17.00--
93300Henry K. Davisinj. of left ankle 18.00--
98904Susannah Coxmother 8.00Aug 1867
176708John Ralstondis. of lungs & chr. diarr., & resulting dis. of abd. vis. 10.00Oct 188?
28770Susan Coxwidow 1812 8.00Feb 188?
22280Oliver K. Munnheart dis 12.00--

Trenton Post Office address
Certificate NoNameCause for which pensioned Monthly rateOriginal date
118539Leroy B. Lowmangsw l. thigh 2.00May 1872
118424William S. Casidagsw l. arm 6.00--
103651Elizabeth Knowltonmother 8.00Apr 1863
25108John E. Watsoninjury to abdomen 8.00--
92591George W. Haleypulmonary, &c 8.00--
190833Amanda Reedmother of David 15.00Jan 1881
100156Hezekial L. Stullerophthalmia 16.00--
89464Jason A. Dickensloss 2nd finger 8.00--
198964Boylen Harrisoninjury to abdomen 6.00Dec 1881
183204Robert C. Youngscurvy, &res. cont. of 2d, 3d, 4th fingers rt. hand 6.00--
32963William T. Wisdomwd. left leg 10.00--
35905Adam Schmidtswd. lft. hand 18.00--
173967Margaret Morganwidow 8.00Jun 1876
141999Mary Metskerwidow, mother, &c 10.00Apr 1870
14509Elizabeth A. Limbeckwidow 8.00--
119884Arthusa A. Keithmother 8.00Oct 1868
52432Mary Leabowidow 8.00--
9731Elizabeth Hustedwidow 1812 8.00Oct 1878
194890Elizabeth McCarymother 8.00Mar 1882
102433Henry D. Mullinsinjury lft. shoulder 4.00Mar 1870
124986George W. Miltondis. of abdominal viscera 8.00--
69036Harriet A. Hendersonmother 8.00Apr 1866
174761Augustus J. Partchchr. diarrhea 8.00--
205522William Nashgsw lft. thigh 4.00Mar 1882
79601Eli Nicholsdis. of eyes 4.00--
220058Daniel Ricebronchitis & dis. of lungs 8.00Oct 1882
217154Conrad Rettichgsw rt. foot 4.00Aug 1882
50541William T. Purnellgsw lft. thigh 6.00--
51885Thomas Pennockgsw lft. leg 8.00--
16219Susan Collierwidow 1812 8.00Jan 1879
43722Andrew J. Johnsonwd. lft. leg 12.00--
169392Samuel Havenschr. bronchitis & diarrhea, & disease of eyes 18.00Jun 1880
199663James T. Ordwaydis of lungs 12.00--
148857John E. Maxsongsw rt. leg 4.00Oct 1877
209568Jacob Lammegsw lt. foot 2.00May 1882
112877John Folbertwidow 8.00May 1868
37629Elizabeth Taylordo 8.00--
175949William O. Childsdis. of eyes 8.00Oct 1880
220086Martin Egandis. of abdominal viscera 4.00Nov 1882
89122Moses H. Davisdis. of lungs 10.00--
19385Henry Danielswd. lft. thigh 8.00--
113201Margaret Woodmother 8.00--
35098Elizabeth Cakedo 8.00Dec 1864
147795Betsy Coxwidow 8.00Feb 1871
162984Nathan A. Wintersfracture of lft. arm 20.00Oct 1879
87619James Davidsonfr'ct. rt. shoulder 6.00--
105511Asa Blanchardinjury to abdomen 8.00--
48947George W. Bunngsw lft. leg 10.00--
218802James W. Babbrheumatism 8.00Oct 1882
50920William R. Spencerloss rt. arm 24.00--
83881Milton Tunnellchr. bronchitis 8.00--
119907William R. Tollgsw rt. hand, arm, & sh'd'r 12.00--
166933Ansel Vincentrheumatism 8.00--
31260William T. Voriswd. rt. heel 6.00--
96424George Waddlechr. diarrhea 6.00--
93404Noble H. Rogersgsw rt. iliac region & injury to abdomen 15.00--
180354William B. Evanschildren 12.00Mar 1878
164226William H. Fisherdo 19.00Mar 1874
177570Asa Arrasmithgsw rt. side face & neck 4.00Oct 1880
138076Henry F. Bensongsw lft. arm 4.00Feb 1876
101362William A. Berrydo 6.00Dec 1869
183485Edward F. Hortonmalarial poisoning & resulting dis. of spleen & heart 20.00Mar 1881
31367William Coffieldamp. rt. arm above elbow 24.00--
33415James W. Hugginsgsw rt. arm 4.00--
192990John C. Griffinasthma & rheumatism 15.00Jul 1881
66885George Gilmoreloss right leg 18.00Jun 1866
84190William L. Rodarmelamp. rt. leg 18.00--
83237James W. Evansgsw rt. thigh 10.00--
183481James Griffinchr. diar., dis. of abd. visc 6.00Mar 1881

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