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Policy makers need to hear from their constituents. Since the birth of the U.S. Federal government, public persuasion has had a great influence on politics. This section deals with how to have your voice heard.
Public employees are subject to regulations concerning contacts with members of Congress or state legislators. Fortunately, this does not translate to a blanket prohibition on lobbying your legislators.
As election campaigns gain momentum across the country, it is important to know what activities tax-exempt, nonprofit [i.e., 501(c)(3)] groups can conduct. Recent rulings by the IRA have clarified many of the uncertainties.
Surprisingly few people ever write their elected officials. But for members of Congress, mail is an important connection to the opinions of their constituents.
Whether it’s to discuss local or national recreation and park issues, nothing impresses members of Congress more than constituents who take the time to visit in person.
The effect of the phone call is similar to that of letter writing. If a significant number of calls are coming into the office concerning a certain issues, it raises the attention of the legislator's staff and will force some action.
Techniques for getting your local newspaper involved and writing editorials on your specific issues.
Techniques for getting an opinion editorial published in your local newspaper.
Local elected officials, such as mayors and county commissioners, are on the front lines of open space protection and increasing recreation opportunities. These community officials can be very helpful in capturing the attention of local newspapers.

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