Tobi Atkins
plays Henry Hunter

Born and raised in Sydney, Tobi has always been interested in acting. As a little kid Tobi started out doing tap lessons from three years of age.

He started dancing at Brent Street Studios from 2000 and auditioned and won the role in Oliver the musical at age 12 - going on to perform in the musical for 6 months!

On Home & Away, Tobi plays the role of Henry Hunter. Henry and his sister Matilda (Indiana Evans) have been at boarding school and they come to Summer Bay for the holidays to be with their mum Beth (Clarissa House) and siblings Scott (Kip Gamblin), Kit (Amy Mizzi) and Robbie (Jason Smith).

Little do they know at the time that this move is for good. Beth has moved in with her partner Rhys (Michael Beckley) and all his kids and now she cannot afford to keep them at boarding school.

The kids rebel - they don't want to stay in Summer Bay, all their friends are back at school and they make it known that they are not happy!

"I thought Mum was joking when she told me I got the part. I had been watching the show and was very nervous and excited at the same time I would now be working with these people I had been watching as a viewer," says Tobi of his role.

"I am having heaps of fun and feel very privileged to be here. Not many kids get the chance to have these types of roles," he says.

"(Henry) is a little self centered at times and thinks of himself before others. He can be friendly at times and a bit sneaky so you are never sure whether you can trust him or not," says Tobi.

He credits his mother and father (David Atkins), who are both performers, for inspiring him and believes his passion for performing was helped by them.


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