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Words by Gus Kahn & Raymond B. Egan        Music by Richard Whiting
4-Bar Intro
=====Sequence of Playback (3 Times)======
 (Verse 1/Chorus 1)(Verse 2/Chorus 2)(Verse 3/Chorus 3)
Verse 1
Bill col-lec-tors gath-er "round and rath-er haunt the cot-tage next door,
Men the gro-cer and butch-er sent, Men who call for the rent.
But with-in a hap-py chap-py and his bride of on-ly a year,
Seem to be so cheer-ful, Here's an ear full of the chat-ter you hear.
 Chorus 1
Ev-'ry morn-ing Ev-'ry eve-ning Ain't we got fun,
Not much mon-ey, Oh but hon-ey, Ain't We Got Fun
The rent's un-paid dear, We have-nt a bus,
But smiles were made dear, for peo-ple like us
In the win-ter, in the sum-mer, Don't we have fun,
Times are bum and get-ting bum-mer, Still we have fun
There's nothing sur-er, The rich get rich and the poor get child-ren
In the mean-time, In be-tween time, Ain't we got fun.
Verse 2
Just to make their troub-le near-ly doub-le,
some-thing hap-pen'd last night.
To their chim-ney a gray bird came, Mr Stork is his name.
And I'll bet two pins A pair of twins just hap-pen'd in with the bird.
Still the're ver-y gay and mer-ry, Just at dawn-ing I heard.
 Chorus 2
Ev-'ry morn-ing Ev-'ry eve-ning Don't we got fun,
Twins and cares dear, come in pairs dear,Don't we have fun
We've on-ly start-ed, As mom-mer and pop, Are we down-heart-ed,
I'll say that we're not.
Land-lords mad and get-ting mad-der, Ain't we got fun,
Times are bad and get-ting bad-der, Still we have fun
There's nothing sur-er, The rich get rich and the poor get laid off
In the mean-time, In be-tween time, Ain't we got fun
Verse 3
When the man who sold 'em car-pets told 'em, He would take them a-way,
They said "Won-der-ful here's our chance, Take them up and we"ll dance"
And when bur-glars came and robb'd them tak-ing all their sil-ver they say.
Hub-by yell'd "We're fa-mous for they'll name us in the pa-pers to-day"
 Chorus 3
Night or day-time, It's all play-time, Ain't we got fun,
Hot or cold days, An-y old days,Ain't we got fun
If wif-ie wish-es, To go to a play,
Don't wash the dish-es, Just throw them a-way
Street car seats are aw-ful nar-row, Ain't we got fun
They won't smash up our Pierce Ar-row, We ain't got none
They've cut  my wag-es, (But my) income tax will be so much smal-ler,
When I'm paid off, I'll be laid off, Ain't we got fun