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Here we see one of the HARMONY LINE'S Interurban cars, which bears a PITTSBURGH destination sign, stopped at the Warrendale, Pennsylvania station. This particular railway began service in 1908 and operated until 1931. As you will note, it served the beautiful and hilly rural area outside of Pittsburgh.

Although Local cars stopped at every station, and even for people standing along the right of way, the Limiteds made few stops and often moved along at speeds of 75 or more miles per hour. In hilly country, a trip on an Interurban could be almost as exciting as riding a roller coaster.

Notice the excellent condition of the right of way. The well ballasted, carefully maintained roadbed is more reminiscent of a steam railway than the often unkempt trackage of country trolley lines with ties merely set in dirt and rails partially obscured by weeds.

When we zoom in a bit, you can actually see the Motorman sitting behind the controller. The difference in color between the two prints is due to the fact that the original is sepia toned. I scanned it in color. The enlarged portion was scanned in black and white.

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