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The Geek Group is a nonprofit educational, scientific, and cultural organization dedicated to the study and advancement of science and technology. Our intent is to make science and technology accessible and interesting to the general public and to encourage learning through hands-on experience, experimentation, exploration, and research. We seek to fill a gap overlooked by the current educational system, encouraging students to think critically and learn through exploration, by providing information, instruction, equipment, and other resources outside the constraints of a traditional classroom environment. (view all)

2004-12-05 Cafepress
The Geek Group items available at Cafepress

2004-11-21 Progress of Geek 1
Explanation of the computer in Geek-1

2004-11-15 Geek-1 Onboard Computer Testing
Geek-1 begins testing of new onboard system.

2004-11-14 News Editor
news editor sought

2004-11-14 Board Meeting
Board of Directors met

2004-11-08 Putting Down Roots.
Are We Buying Avalon?

2004-11-08 Volunteers Needed
Get off your butt and come down to help!

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Every student who visited signed the board on their way out.

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