This next Document is not for the

faint of heart,

nor the squeamish,

For It represents a legal truth which

rises to an astounding degree of



Beware before you dare,



And Good Luck if you happen to be

a Tyrant.




You’ll need it!




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       THE 8TH AMENDMENT . . . .







BY  DR  DALE  LIVINGSTON,  DLC, JD, tms  © 1997































TORTURE TO DEATH  # 1:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY SPITTLE:  Placing the Tyrant's body (still alive) in a vertical hole so as to establish only the head area as being above ground, surround the neck with a leak proof container in the nature of a pan, where the top of the pan comes to just above the eyes.  This executionary device should be put out by a common thoroughfare of pedestrians, with the open invitation for any and all to spit therein, ultimately raising the spittle level above the nose, drowning the criminal in the spittle of the People.
TORTURE TO DEATH # 2:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY DULL, LIGHT BLADED GUILLOTINE:  Making deliberately sure that the guillotine blade is not sharp and that the blade is made slightly lighter than normal, allow the blade to fall upon the Tyrant's neck repeatedly until the blade finally goes all the way through.
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 3:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING DRAWN & THEN QUARTERED # 1:  In traditional fashion, make the incisions that draw out the Tyrant's inside organs, followed by the decisive procedures of quartering the Tyrant with a SHARP blade.  If the Tyrant is still alive after having been so quartered, then, so be it.  Let the Tyrant live.
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 4:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING DRAWN & THEN QUARTERED # 2:  In traditional fashion, make the incisions that draw out the Tyrant's inside organs, followed by the decisive procedures of quartering the Tyrant with a DULL blade.
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 5:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING DRAWN & THEN QUARTERED # 3:  In traditional fashion, make the incisions that draw out the Tyrant's inside organs, however once outside the body, delay the quartering process from one to three hours, or longer if you'd like, lavishing periodically the organs and the insides with such contributions as alcohol and/or turpentine and/or salt, followed by a little spittle now and then, followed by the decisive procedures of quartering the Tyrant with a SHARP blade.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 6:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING DRAWN & THEN QUARTERED # 4:  In traditional fashion, make the incisions that draw out the Tyrant's inside organs, however once outside the body, delay the quartering process from one to three hours, or longer if you'd like, lavishing periodically the organs and the insides with such contributions as alcohol and/or turpentine and/or salt, followed by a little spittle now and then, followed by the decisive procedures of quartering the Tyrant with a DULL blade.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 7:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY LASHING THE TYRANT SECURELY TO A ROASTING, ROTATING SPIT.  Lash the Tyrant to a full length well built rotating spit designed for roasting meat.  Then, in the same fashion that was used on black people in the early days of this United States, on the open streets of New York City (a historical fact known but to few except for historical scholars), build a fire just high enough so that the flames lick at the Tyrant's flesh on the bottom side of the meat area to be roasted.  Turn and continue to turn the spit until the meat lashed to it is (politically) well done, or when the meat begins to fall off of the bones.  Ear plugs should be made optional, depending on whether or not the People attending to the Great Cookout want to hear the out pour of screams and sobs or not.   This "Dinner," when completely cooked, should thereafter be fed to the sharks (not lawyers) of the ocean (not of the Bar).

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 8:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY TOTAL VACUUM:   Placing the Tyrant in a small empty, air-tight, but ported room, attach vacuum lines to the ports, and using a very powerful vacuum system, slowly suck out all of the air, eliminating both air and atmospheric pressure, which should cause the Tyrant's blood to boil long before suffocation sets in.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 9:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY RADIATION:  Grinding up some highly radioactive materials, mix the radioactive materials with some kind of pabulum food, or feed intravenously if necessary.   While this is taking effect, which could take up to as much as twenty four hours or more, suspend the Tyrant's body about 12 inches over a bed of hot Radiation "Coals."  Death will NOT occur immediately this way however, so in order to keep the Tyrant from dying from starvation, continue to feed the Tyrant with the radioactive mixed pabulum food, or radioactive intravenous feeding, if necessary.   No one knows exactly how long this procedure takes. Results Vary.  Don't give up hope.  Eventually, the Tyrant will go out  of the world glowingly.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 10:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY STARVATION [FOOD ONLY] (AND DISCOMFORT # 1:  Placing the Tyrant in an uncomfortable room, provide no food for the same, allowing sufficient time for the Tyrant's sure demise to occur.  To better facilitate the torture, however, parade different People and scrumptious, tantalizing foods, allowing the Tyrant to watch as the People consume one delicious, life sustaining food after the other.  Be sure to allow the Tyrant to watch little children eat too.  Occasionally, take a big plate of choice selections of food over to the Tyrant, placing the same almost to the said Tyrant's lips, but never so much as allowing the same more than a good sniff, before pulling it permanently away.  Dirty water should occasionally (once ever 28 hours or so) be given to the Tyrant so as to extend both life and suffering.  To entertain the Tyrant during this procedure, music should be played all the way up to the last moment, along with well-known commercial tunes advertising food.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 11:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY TOTAL STARVATION (AND DISCOMFORT # 2:  Placing the Tyrant in an uncomfortable room, provide no food OR drink for the same, allowing sufficient time for the Tyrant's sure demise to occur.  To better facilitate this torture, however, parade different People and scrumptious, tantalizing foods AND drink, allowing the Tyrant to watch as the People consume one delicious, life sustaining food AND drink (nothing particularly alcoholic) after the other.  Be sure to allow the Tyrant to watch little children eat AND drink too.  Occasionally, take a big plate of choice selections of food AND drink over to the Tyrant, placing the same almost to the said Tyrant's lips, but never so much as allowing the same more than a good sniff, before pulling it permanently away.  NOTHING in the way of drink should be given either.   This death will become more painful quicker than the one previously described.   As before stated, to entertain the Tyrant during this procedure, music should be played all the way up to the last moment, along with well-known commercial tunes advertising food AND  drink.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 12:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY STONING (COLD ROCKS): Using regular rocks of various sizes, place the Tyrant in a center ring surrounded by the People, then direct the People to throw stones at the Tyrant until the same is clearly dead.  In order to promote this as a true work of art, the participating stone throwers should be first taught how to throw their rocks in artistic, trick fashion, such as, but not limited to, over their shoulders backwards, between their legs, back handed, with a spin, falling from the sky, and so forth, while all the time rendering, as though acting, different facial expressions, from expression of glee, to  expressions of scowling, to expressions of shaking the head anguish, occasionally giving forth a resounding sound of rocking laughter.  Shortly after the Tyrant's death has occurred, stop throwing the rocks.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 13:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY NAILING DOWN THE FACTS:  Taking a complete copy, or a concise summary thereof, of the facts pertaining to the Tyrant's tyrannical acts and Contempt for the People, nail the same to the head of the Tyrant, using some 16 penny nails, some 20 penny nails, and some 40 penny nails.  Larger heads, including some politicians, judges and attorneys, may require some 60-penny nails as well.  Railroad spikes are forbidden to be used unless the Tyrant's alleged tyranny involves, in some manner, corruption involving the same (Railroad companies).  To be just a little kind, you may want to give the Tyrant a couple of aspirins.  Or pins, if you are an acupuncturist.   The Tyrant may suddenly develop a splitting headache.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 14:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY STONING (HOT ROCKS):  For this procedure, the participants will need heat proof, with asbestos exterior, but cotton lined, gloves. All rocks selected to be used in this process must be first placed into a large heating pan under which a roaring hot fire is to be built.  Be careful not to allow the hot fire beneath the heating pan escape out so as to injure any of the participants.   The stones need not be too hot; from 120 degrees to 200 degrees should be sufficient.  Carefully picking the various hot rocks out of the heating pan so as not to get burned, place the Tyrant in a center ring surrounded by the People who are participating, then direct the People to throw stones at the Tyrant until the same is clearly dead.  In order to promote this as a true work of art, the participating stone throwers should be first taught how to throw their hot rocks in artistic, trick fashion, such as, but not limited to, over their shoulders backwards, two stones at once, between their legs, over handed, with a spin, falling from the sky, and so forth, being careful not to hesitate too long before the throw is made, so as to not allow the hot rocks to become cold rocks.  To better facilitate this potential, it maybe a good idea to have the throwing area to be relatively close to the Tyrant to be so executed.  Some time after the Tyrant's death has occurred, you can stop throwing the hot rocks.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 15:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY ANTS, INDIAN STYLE, MODIFIED:  Placing the Tyrant (attired in the scantiest but decent clothing) in close proximity to a very large bed of fire ants, secure the Tyrant down at all points of limbs and trunk and across the head and shoulders firmly with strong wire lines (do not put wires across the neck as the Tyrant might succeed in accomplishing self strangulation or decapitation).  Open the Tyrant's mouth at least a quarter of an inch, then hold it open with a dentist's anti-biting tool or device.  Then lavishly brush or rub known "fire ant food" or some kind of sweet syrup over different areas of the Tyrant's body, especially around the eyes, inside the ears, and down inside the mouth.  And, oh yes, down around the genitals also, providing an opening in the scanty clothing for the ants to get in.  Then, using a pin, prick the end of one of the Tyrant's fingers, and take a drop or two of the blood and, stirring the middle of the ant bed, pour the Tyrant's own blood right into the center of the ant bed, giving the ants a "taste" of Tyrant blood (certain types of ants are carnivorous or flesh eating).  Then stir the ant bed a little more thoroughly, and drag with a hoe or rake some of the ants toward where the waiting Tyrant lies.  In order to prevent any sort of rain or other weather from ruining the People's fun, it might be a good idea to construct a tent-like tarp over the entire area for the duration of the demisal ritual.
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 16:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY THE CAPTAIN HOOK LOOK  - NATURAL DRAWING AND QUARTERING:  This approach is a must for the conscientious ecologically minded People participating, for it involves the feed and raising of certain members of wild life.  Selecting five young, but not baby, crocodiles, or alligators if no croc's are handy, make sure that they have missed at least three meals before beginning the procedure.  First, cut off the right hand, or if no right hand exists, cut off the left hand, or if no left hand exists either, cut off something, then cut it up into five equal parts and feed it to the five croc's or 'gators.   Second, in order to biologically draw the Tyrant, the Tyrant's soft belly must be exposed by turning the Tyrant on his/her side facing the path of the oncoming croc or 'gator.  Rub some of the Tyrant's own blood from the missing part area over the soft belly, then wait for the croc or 'gator to begin the drawing surgical procedure.  After has made a few incisions into the abdominal area, exposing the tender inside entrails, push the working croc or 'gator gently away with a long stick with a wire loop, placed over its head, and direct it back to its own pen.  Now, turn the Tyrant on his/her back, and quickly place a ready-made petition, shaped to fit the Tyrant body contour, down the center of the Tyrant's body.  Then take another ready made petition and place at about mid waist level, crossways to the other petition.  With each petition firmly in place and exposing equal quarters of the Tyrant's body, extend out and secure the arm and leg in each quartered area so as to invite the croc or 'gator specifically designated for the applicable quarter to begin the quartering procedure.  Make sure that a path is built along the way to each quartered section so that the croc or 'gator will not stray away from the desired direction of travel.  Then open the gates to the crocs' or 'gators' pens, all at the same time, allowing the crocs or 'gators to proceed toward the Tyrant's quartered body sections. Good music sometimes accompanies these natural biological quartering procedure.  I suggest that you play such marsh songs (where 'gators and crocs live) as Way Down Upon the Swannee River and Polk Salad Annie - 'Gators' Got Your Granny, to cheer the spirited crocs or 'gators along.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 17:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY - TO BEES OR NOT TO BEES - KILLER BEES:  Better than to bring Killer Bees to a new area where their permanent stay might not be welcomed, using heavily protected clothing and equipment, transport the Tyrant to an area closely adjacent to an existing Killer Bees' Hive, being very careful not to make any sudden moves or loud sounds.  Carefully  and quietly erect a scarecrow's pole within about ten feet of the Hive, then lash the Tyrant to it, dressing the Tyrant in only the scantiest of clothing.  After opening the mouth of the Tyrant about a half an inch, secure the open mouth with a dentist's anti-biting device.  Next, tape securely a portable tape recorder with a remote control to the back of the Tyrant, being sure to turn the volume up to maximum.  Insert a tape of a very loud, heavy metal punk rock group whose music has a lot of screech and screaming in it into the tape recorder.  Securing all of the People who are participating, far enough away from the execution area, being sure that everyone is still wearing their protective equipment.  Then, throw the (remote) switch, and set off the triggering process of the portable tape recording system, disturbing the Killer Bees, and drawing them toward the waiting Tyrant.  Nature will take care of the rest.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 18:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BAMBOO SHOOTS:  Prepare a selected area for planting super fast growing bamboo shoots.  Securing about a hundred or so super fast growing bamboo shoots, the kind that grow from a half a foot to several feet over a twenty four (24) hour period, sharpen the tips of each shoot, then plant them into the ground just below the ground's surface.  Immediately tie down the Tyrant to the ground in the area that has been seeded the heaviest with the shoots, making sure that the Tyrant cannot move or wiggle at all, and cannot turn his/her head from side to side.  To better accommodate the piercing efforts of the shoot tips, remove the Tyrant's clothing, but covering the genitals area with a secure cloth.  After these steps have been properly implemented, wait for the duration of time for the bamboo shoots to grow through the body, slowly and painfully, centimeter by centimeter, until they appear on the upper side of the Tyrant's body.  To make the time pass quickly for the People who are participating, start up some festivities on the side, send out for pizza, and have popcorn and soda pops.  Enjoy true justice at its best!

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 19:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY WATCHING ONE'S OWN BRAIN BEING EATEN BY RATS:  Gathering together the largest, hungriest rats that can be found, build a cage which has a small wire tunnel which directs the rats toward the Tyrant's frontal brain area of the head, through which the rats can be seen as they are released from the cage area, but to which a gate has been placed to restrain the rats from passing into the tunnel until the chosen time.  Secure the Tyrant firmly to where he/she cannot move around at all.  Next, place a mirror slightly overhead and to the front side of the Tyrant, showing a clear picture of the Tyrant's frontal head area.  Have a surgeon on hand who has the skill to remove the bone area covering the front part of the brain just above the mid forehead area to the top of the cranium, exposing the brain area, but applying the appropriate blood flow stopping techniques to the areas where the head bone has been removed.  Cover up again the area of the brain which  maintains the vision of the eyes, so that the Tyrant can continue to see his own brain being eaten alive.  Make sure that the mirror is properly positioned so that the Tyrant can watch the entire procedure that follows.  Now, open the gate and release the hungry rats into the wire tunnel!

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 20:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY DRAGGING:  Securing cable ties to the ankles of the Tyrant, attach the other end of the cable to a fast car.  Drag the Tyrant down a rocky road, back and forth, until the Tyrant is certified dead.  Perhaps this method is not as fancy as some of the others, but it will certainly be effective.  Thanks for the idea Detroit.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 21:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY SEWERAGE DROWNING: Transport the Tyrant to a sewerage treatment plant, and using a maneuverable cable system, suspend the Tyrant, horizontal to the "water," face down, several feet in the air over the number one water treatment pond.  Then, slowly lower the Tyrant downward toward the "water" until the Tyrant's face is about one inch or so from the surface, being careful not to let the Tyrant's face touch it.  Carefully swing and swish the Tyrant around a little just above the "water's" surface for a few moments, then hoist the Tyrant's feet up to a 7.5 degree angle, and begin to move the Tyrant about for another few moments while still being suspended just over the "water," then return the Tyrant back to the original position.  Next, lower the Tyrant's head to a 37.5 degree angle, and lower quickly away, stopping just about where the Tyrant's head begins to touch the "water" and move the Tyrant in circles and other patterns for several moments as desired, trying hard not to have any fun while doing so, then quickly hoist the Tyrant back up to the original position.  Next, turn the Tyrant over, face upward, and lower slowly, slowly, then quickly, then slowly, quickly, slowly, slowly, etc., until the Tyrant has been lowered with the ears just below the "water's" surface, allowing the "water's" sliminess (just like the Tyrant's) and filthiness (just like the Tyrant's) and poison (just like the Tyrant's) to seep inside, the quickly return the Tyrant to the original position.  Next, hoist the Tyrant several feet higher into the air, then with almost the quick speed of being dropped, plunge the Tyrant into the "water" several feet below the service (head or feet first, your choice), then quickly pull the Tyrant back up and return to the original position.  Now, lower the Tyrant down to about a half an inch from the "water's" surface, and begin to swish and swash and swing the Tyrant all over and around, just above the surface of the "water," continuing this procedure for several moments, then returning the Tyrant to the original position.  The previous steps may be switched around at the choice of the participating People.  Finally, plunge the Tyrant quickly, slowly, quickly, etc., down into the "water," all of the way to the bottom of the pond, leaving the Tyrant there for about an hour. Then pull the Tyrant up for final confirmation.  This will  constitute  "clean justice."   Recommended  especially  for  Tyrant's  who  are corrupt politicians.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 22:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY SLIMY, SLITHERY, POISONOUS SNAKES:  Prepare a snake pit, gather a number of snakes, both poisonous and non-poisonous ones; rattle snakes, copperheads, and cotton-mouths, preferably.  Try to avoid coral snakes, as their death-dealing capabilities are too great.  Place the Tyrant down into a different pit, secured firmly down, but leaving the head with the ability to move back and forth (so as to turn to see what's coming).  Selectively, begin to release the various snakes from one of the other pits into the pit where the Tyrant lays secured.  Be sure to place the Tyrant so that he or she may not see the snakes as they are coming in (gripping suspense).  That way the snakes can s s s sneak up on the Tyrant.  Continue this process until all of the poisonous snakes have been released in the pit.  Let nature take its course.  Snakes have been doing this kind of work for thousands of years, and know their art and duty quite well.   Hooray for the s s s s s s s s s s s s s s  snakes!

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 23:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY SCRAGGLY, CRAWLY, DEATHLY SICKENING (POISONOUS) SPIDERS:  Bind the Tyrant down firmly if a small room in which no sunlight can enter into.  Having collected up a large number of poisonous spiders, black widows, brown recluses, and poisonous tarantulas, at least a couple of hundred, or so, and release them into the room, surrounding the Tyrant's immobile body abundantly with them.  Perhaps the black widows would be the best ones to start out with at first, followed by some brown recluses, and finally, the deadly poisonous tarantulas, the really big ones.  Make sure that different parts of the Tyrant are bare so that the spiders can get to the soft flesh without too much trouble.  Allow the Tyrant's head to be able to turn from side to side so that he or she can have the horror of seeing them coming for him or her, while being able to do nothing about it.  Then to add to the nightmarish conditions, have it so that the room is only dimly lighted, and every couple of minutes or so, cut the lights off altogether, then back on again, then on, so the Tyrant can behold all of these creatures that creepeth forth to seize upon him or her.  Hungry spiders make the best servants to serve up this scrumptious feast for, especially to the giant poisonous tarantula ones.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 24:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY FIRESTORM, USING STYROFOAM FROM ABOVE:  Gather together all of the large blocks of styrofoam that can be found, probably at least 50 to 75 pounds or so.  This is actually quite a lot of styrofoam.  Bind the large blocks of styrofoam together semi-tightly, then them to a  sufficiently adequate number of helium filled balloons.  Attach four pull cords to four sides of the styrofoam mass.  The pull cords should be about thirty feet in length.  Establish a small rounded stadium of about 15 feet in diameter, with walls about ten feet high, with no gateway for escape.  Establish a pull group of at least one to three persons on each of the four pull cords, positioned securely at the top of the stadium walls, on four separate sides.   Place the Tyrant down into the small stadium, unbound, dressed in only modest attire  Allow the balloons to lift the large mass of styrofoam into the air about fifteen feet overhead, bringing it initially to the center of the stadium.  Using a long extended stick like pole with a lit match like torch on the end, reach the pole out to the center of the stadium and light the bottom side of the styrofoam mass.  As the mass begins to burn, it will begin to drop fiery pieces of styrofoam downward to the floor of the stadium.  The four groups of pull cord pullers must then follow the Tyrant around the stadium, allowing the fiery pieces of falling styrofoam to come down on the Tyrant, burning and, if landing in the nose and mouth area of the face, suffocating the Tyrant as well.  The four groups of pull cord pullers need to cooperate in this effort.  By being cooperative in their efforts in pursuing the Tyrant to his or her death, the pull cord pullers and other onlookers can have lots of fun.  Of course, the Tyrant won't have any.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 25:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY "ISAIAH'S TREE," MODIFIED:  The prophet Isaiah was imprisoned in a hollow tree, then the tree was sawed in half with him in it. To modify this accommodation for the Tyrant, first of all, use a double handled, six-foot or longer, two-man tree saw.  Begin sawing through the tree from the from side of the Tyrant to the back side of the Tyrant.  In order that the saw blade does not bind too much, the blade will need to be continuously lubricated.  To lubricate the blade, pour turpentine where the saw teeth are biting into the wood, or Tyrant flesh, as the case may be.  Occasionally it may be prudent to clean the blade a little.  The best chemical agent to clean the blade with may be alcohol, although if a chemical can be obtained which causes the flesh to blister upon its touch, that chemical might be better.  Continue to saw, and continue to lubricate and clean the saw blade until the tree and Tyrant have been cut clean through.  Timber.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 26: TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEATING BY LEATHER STRANDED WHIP:  Cat O Nine Tails type whips, or the like should be used, although any well made stranded leather whip will do.    Bear the back and legs and arms of the Tyrant.  Bind the Tyrant, hands and feet around the pole, to a telephone type pole at least ten feet high from ground level.  1,000 lashes, or until dead, for such amount of lashes as it may actually take, is the simple solution to this Tyrant's problems.  Be sure to apply generous lashes over all exposed areas of the body, including the facial area.  To apply the lashes of the whip, a skilled craftsman in such floggings should be sought, but any dedicated and physically strong individual may apply for the job.  Certified sadists are welcome to apply for the job.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 27:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY ROCKETS, "SKY WRITING": Using a remote controlled system, attach small rockets to the various parts of the Tyrant's body. These rockets should be powerful enough, combined, to lift the Tyrant well of the ground, in flight, to heights of at least 200 to 300 feet, or higher if possible.  Using a remote controlled guidance system, blast the Tyrant up, up and away into the wild blue yonder for fun and adventure.  The executioners fun and adventure, of course.  Just to make everything official, spell out the Tyrant's crime.  Spell "Contempt," or else spell "Tyrant."  Have a good idea as to how long the rockets will run before running out of fuel.  After doing a little spelling, direct the rockets to Tyrant straight up into the air as high as the Tyrant can be taken, then turn the Tyrant straight down toward the ground.  On the ground, have a nice bed prepared, consisting of either rocks, or else a bed of nails. O else use your imagination and prepare a bed of fire, or other such contrivance.  Be sure to tell the Tyrant "Good night," before tucking in the same.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 28:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY VOMIT:  Bury the Tyrant in the ground with only his or her head showing.  Build a small circular wall around the Tyrant's head, just higher than the nose, but not completely covering the eyes.  Accept volunteers for this duty. They can be drunks who are really good at throwing up, people who have contracted a stomach virus, and are really into vomiting, and people who are brave and willing enough, after having eaten a sufficient amount of food to offset any otherwise negative consequences, to take a few doses of ipecac, the medicine that will make a person throw up.  This method of throwing up should of course be used with caution, the individual should consult with the physician of their choice to determine that they can physically handle such a commitment and still come out healthy.  All of these things being considered, each person who is to participate in this procedure should direct his or her vomit into the walled container surrounding the Tyrant's head until the Tyrant's head has been covered.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 29:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY HANGING UPSIDE DOWN: Attach ankle cuffs to each of the Tyrant's ankles.  Attach lead weights to the Tyrant's wrists in order to pull said Tyrant's arms in a downward direction.  Pull the Tyrant up feet first, and, suspended to an overhead beam, or a tree limb, or some such equivalent, let the Tyrant hang there for the amount of time necessary to complete the procedure.  Hanging upside down under these conditions will cause the Tyrant's blood to run to the head, causing death by massive brain hemorrhage.  Leave the Tyrant hanging until dead.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 30:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY GRINDING OF THE FACE:  For that Tyrant who has delighted in the grinding of the faces of the poor, use a portable electric drill with a circular sand paper attachment. Start out with a fine sandpaper at first, then graduate to more and more course grains until the maximum grit sandpaper has been reached.  Triggering on the drill motor, begin to grind the facial area of the Tyrant, spreading the grinding procedure to the hair area.  This may cause some clumps of hair to be torn from the head.  Be careful not to let the clumps of hair and blood get into and clog the drill motor.  Continue to grind away at the facial area and surrounding headline, changing out sandpaper pieces as needed.  Grind of the ears, grind out the eyes, the nose, the hair, and then beginning to grind away the scalp bone or cranium (that's scientific for top of the head area), continuing the grinding process until the sanding has broken through the head bond perimeter surrounding the brain, then begin to sand away the brain matter below the area where the entry has be made.  Or if the grinding entryway should be made through the forehead area, then the first area of the brain to be ground will be the frontal cerebrum area.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 31:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY HUNGRY MAGGOTS:  This procedure should take place in a cell in which a camcorder has been installed, with a remote to control the camcorder.  Applying an ample amount of anesthesia, have a person with at least rudimentary surgery skills open-up the stomach area of the Tyrant.  Then, after having acquired a considerable number of maggots, pour the maggots into the body cavity that the opening has provided for.  Note:  Do not pour the maggots into the stomach itself, as the stomach secretes powerful acids which may cause the early demise of the maggots.  Be sure to pour not less than three pounds of hungry maggots into the torso cavity, then surgically sew the cavity up.  Then let the Tyrant up from the operating table, being able to walk around in the cell freely.  Save the video camera time for each time the maggots inside cause the Tyrant to go into great convulsions of pain. Scenes of obvious stress and depression may also be captured on tape.  Continue to film the Tyrant in the holding cell until the Tyrant is dead from the continuous convulsions.  These convulsions will be symbolic of the convulsions that he/she caused the People by his/her Contemptuous acts.  Do not starve the Tyrant however; provide the same with generous portions of live maggots upon which to satisfy the appetite.  Hearty eating - Tyrant!

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 32:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY HOT KNIVES:  This procedure requires an assortment of two dozen knives of different lengths, ranging from blades of 2 inches up to 10 inches long.  Also needed is a gas burning stove eye which burns blue hot.  Fasten the Tyrant securely to a pole mounted in the vertical position.  Begin by heating the eight-inch blade to where the sharp edge glows red, then insert the knife, sharp end first, into the inside muscle of the Tyrant's left thigh, about one inch from the center of the groin area.  Continue to insert the blades of hot knives at various locations on the Tyrant's body, preferably not in any location which is going to be immediately fatal to the Tyrant.  Also, the tendency should be to protrude the longer knives through body parts that will not result in immediate and final death.  However, as you begin to run out of room, you will need to begin to insert the hot knife blades into more vital areas, trying to avoid the more vital areas until the very end.  Continue in this manner to insert the hot knives into the Tyrant's body parts until the Tyrant is finally determinable as actually dead.  Retract the knives thereafter, to be used on the next . . .  . . . . Tyrant! ! !

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 33:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY RED-HOT POKERS THROUGH THE EYES:  This procedure is simple.  Heat two common fireplace poker until they are red hot. Then simultaneously, insert the two red hot pokers into the eyes of the Tyrant at opposite but inwardly turned directions, creating an X, or crossing of the two pokers somewhere inside of the Tyrant's head, until the pokers emerge on the other side, or out of the back of the Tyrant's head.  Be sure as each time the poker cool down a little, slowing down the penetration through flesh and brain process, take them back out and reheat them to red hot again, then re-insert them until the job is done.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 34:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY ACID (NOT LSD):  The equipment needed for this procedure is a small plastic container, having many holes in the bottom of it, with a handle which will hold about one gallon of liquid, some sort of tub for the Tyrant to stand in and from which the acid pouring into can be retrieved, and about ten gallons of hydrochloric acid and ten gallons of sulfuric acid.  The person applying the procedure should wear rubber protective clothing, including eye goggles, to protect himself/herself from accidental spills.  The Tyrant should be restrained from excessive movement, with the hands handcuffed behind, and dressed in the scantiest of clothing, barely covering the private area.  Do not worry that this may cause any arousal; any such thing will quickly pass once the procedure described hereafter has been commenced.  START out by filling the gallon container with the hydrochloric acid, and before too much has leaked out, hold it over the Tyrant's head, allowing the acid to sprinkle down on the body of the Tyrant.  Continue this process until all of the hydrochloric acid has been used, then salvage it back from the bottom of the tub into its original containers for reuse.  Then using the same procedure as before, use the sulfuric acid instead of the hydrochloric acid.  Continue these procedures, using the sulfuric acid over and over until the Tyrant is dead, having no flesh left with which to survive.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 35:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING MADE TO WALK THE PLANK:  With a boat of any decent size, capable of carrying ten or more people who are able to walk around thereon in an upright position, affix a plank out over the water about "mid-ship," and stand the Tyrant on the plank.  Tie a rope around the Tyrant's waist in order to prevent premature falling or jumping off of the plank.  If the Tyrant falls off or jumps prematurely, pull the Tyrant back and start over again.   Try to insure that there are either hungry sharks or else alligators or crocodiles, or even piranha fish, waiting below.  Using a long sword positioned with the point in the hollow of the Tyrant's back, push the Tyrant slowly toward the end of the plank.  As you are pushing the Tyrant toward the end of the plank, plead with the Tyrant not to jump.  Beg the Tyrant not to jump, continuing to push the point of the sword's blade into the Tyrant's back.  Caution. Watch for sudden backward movements, inasmuch as the Tyrant may try to use the blade itself to cheat the People of their pleasure.  With one last mournful pleading, beg the Tyrant to not jump, with the sword point still sticking into his/her back.  Then cut the rope, and push the Tyrant off the edge of the plank.   Look out below!!   This may be a deep subject. * * * . . . . .  This form of Tyrant Execution is especially good for those who, like the ancient Egyptians did unto the Hebrews during their 400 years of captivity; after the advent of Moses into their lives, commanded the Hebrews to “make bricks without straw.”  Much like those Tyrants who pass laws that they know that it will be impossible (or closely thereto) for the people to keep, particularly surrounding issues of finance (“You {all of you - in spite of your poverty [caused by us]} must have certain kinds of insurances or other financial obligations in place, or you will go to jail!”) but simply do not care about the consequences or burdens that they have heaped upon the people, but continue on with their law-passing anyway.  Practically all nations are guilty to one extent or the other of this heinous and tyrannical practice.  The answer to the existence of these conditions before hand, that Tyrants and would be Tyrants had better heed, “Let My People  Go!”

TORTURE TO DEATH  #36:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY KILLER OCTOPUS:  Capture from the sea a killer octopus, or else, if the location of one is known, transport the Tyrant to the location.  Harness the Tyrant with a small air breathing assembly, making sure that the oxygen support device cannot be prematurely expelled, or the air supply cut off.  Make sure that the killer octopus is good and hungry.  Assemble the necessary closed circuit television cameras and viewing monitor equipment that will allow the People on shore view the merry occasion.  Make sure that the Tyrant is wearing heavy shoes so as to pull the Tyrant down feet first.  Fastening the Tyrant firmly with thin ropes, lower the Tyrant slowly into the water until the Tyrant is positioned face to face with the killer octopus.  When it is clear that the octopus is advancing toward the Tyrant, cut the rope. Perhaps this would be a good time to call to mind the words of the famous Beatle song, "I'd like to be . . . under the sea . . . in an octopus' garden . . .  with you  . . . (NOT)!

TORTURE TO DEATH # 37:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY QUICKSAND: Transport the Tyrant to the nearest quicksand pit.  Using a set of body tongs, carefully place the Tyrant out at the center of the pit.  As the Tyrant begins to sink and fail, throw the Tyrant a rope.  Then throw the Tyrant the other end of the rope.  Occasionally cast a straw out to the Tyrant so that he or she may "grasp at straws" the way that the People have had to grasp at straws in order to survive and defend themselves from the Tyrant's unConstitutional controls and corruption.  When the Tyrant sinks to the last body part underneath the pit's oozing quicksand, . . . . CHEER!

TORTURE TO DEATH # 38:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY FALLING DOWN A MOUNTAINSIDE:  Transport the Tyrant carefully up the side of a mountain, to the top thereof, which has thereon, one or more sheer drop areas.  Recommended is one with a drop of at least 500 feet. Ecstatically wonderful would be one of at least 1,000 feet or more.  Alligators and such waiting at the bottom in a shallow river are optional.   Take with you a tape recorder and tape for recording.  Also take at least 30 to 50 poles, sharpened at one end, about seven feet in length, plus one pole for each member of the People who are going to participate in the final process, these poles being about fifteen feet in length and blunted at both ends.  Also take a length of stout rope about thirty feet in length.  Handcuff the Tyrant with his/her hands to the front.  Handcuffing hands to the back would make it less possible for the Tyrant to struggle and fight back, and would take the fun out of the whole occasion.  Now, quickly construct a kind of fence from the poles which are to stick straight up, each pole protruding about five to six feet out of the ground and about one foot apart, between the edge of the cliff, about ten foot back, and the People who are going to participate in the Tyrant's torturous death.  This fence should be sufficient to keep the Tyrant from escaping back away from the edge.  In order to prevent the Tyrant from attempting to do the Occasion a disservice, tie one end of the rope around the Tyrant's waist, the other end strung through the pole fence, through the center of the fence, with the other end tied securely to a stake driven firmly into the ground.   When everyone is ready (except for the Tyrant), issue each Participant thereof a fifteen-foot pole.  Upon the signal, Participants are welcome to gently prod (at first) the Tyrant toward the edge, using their poles to do so.  Caution:  Do not push the Tyrant too fast toward the edge.  Also, have one Participant controlling the rope, so that the Tyrant is not allowed to simply run for the edge and spoil everyone's fun prematurely.  From time to time, push the Tyrant close enough to the edge that he/she may actually see the bottom, but do not let the Tyrant jump off.  Then pull the Tyrant back.  When everyone has had sufficient fun, and it is clear that the Tyrant does not want to go, push the Tyrant toward the edge, then cut the rope!  It would be appropriate to sing the old-time gospel song (first line of chorus only), "I'll Fly Away," in the
Tyrant's parting (dis)honor.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 39:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING CAST INTO A BOTTOMLESS PIT:  There are only a few places in the world where alleged bottomless pits are known to exist.  Transport the Tyrant to the known location of one.  These places seem to be horrifying to everyone, because no one actually knows exactly what awaits at the bottom, if there actually is one.  Scary.  Tie the Tyrant's hands securely behind the back.  Hook one end of the ten-foot pole to the Tyrant, attached to the Tyrant's backside.  The hook on the one end of the pole should be designed so that the hook can be de-hooked at a moment's notice.  Drum Roll. Start the Tyrant on the journey toward the . . . . pit.  Now the Tyrant has reached the edge of the . . . . . . . . .  pit.    Drum Roll Crescendo.  Unhook the pole and nudge the Tyrant into the pit.  In spite of the obvious screams that the Tyrant emits as he or she plunges deeper and deeper down into the darkness, down, down, down, patiently wait to see if you can hear any sound of the Tyrant actually hitting the bottom, or anything else.  Also listen to see if you can hear any kind of secretly unknown monsters that may have been waiting down there just for this kind of an occurrence.  If this should turn out to be so, at least the Tyrant will have met one of his/her own.  Wagers on this occurrence should be prohibited, but are not necessarily.  Wait for at least 30 minutes to see if you can hear the Tyrant and the bottom meet.  An hour at the most should be sufficient.  Two hours would be excessive, unless the People have planned an after-execution party and snacks and other lively entertainment, with lots of good conversation about finding and exposing and executing Tyrants, being those who refuse to realistically hold that there still is a Constitution in force, and who have thus eliminated the Eighth Amendment thereby.  Many Cheers for the People, again!

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 40:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING THROWN INTO AN ACTIVE VOLCANO:  Transport the Tyrant to an active volcano.  The Participants carrying out this procedure should wear heat-protective clothing or equipment, and have emergency equipment standing by (none however for the Tyrant).  First, pre-plot the path up the side of the volcano.  A video camera should accompany the occasion, for history's sake, and so the People can have something to always remember the glorious event by.  Tie the Tyrant's hands securely.  Behind or in front should not really matter too much since there should be enough people with enough muscle to prevent the Tyrant from becoming too rowdy or resistant.  Drum Roll.  March the Tyrant up the volcano side, following the prescribed, pre-plotted course.  When the volcano's edge has finally been reached, explain to the Tyrant that his/her death, just like in the movies, is being done in order to "purify the earth."  In this case however, it will not matter as to whether or not the Tyrant is a virgin. Drum Roll Crescendo.  Throw the Tyrant off the volcano's edge, into the very heart of the boiling lava itself.  Be sure to get it all on film for posterity.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 41:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY SURE HANGING, MODIFIED:  Build an old fashioned hangman's assemblage, except build it with the distance between the trap door and the ground being about three feet higher from the ground than usual.  Make sure that there are no petitions surrounding the structure's outer areas so as to obstruct the People's view of the Tyrant when he/she falls through the trap door.  Position the Tyrant in the usual way over the trap door, with hands securely fastened behind his/her back.  Using a rubber rope, make a hangman's noose.  Now, place the rubber hangman's noose around the Tyrant's neck, the Tyrant at this time standing squarely over the trap door, release the trap door, and let the Tyrant fall through, causing the Tyrant's neck to stretch the rubber rope until the Tyrant's feet are safely on the ground. Undo the rubber hangman's noose, and disconnect the rubber rope from above (preserved to be use on other Tyrants).  Now establish a standard hangman's noose and rope above, then start the Tyrant up the stairs toward the conclusion of this exciting ordeal of justice.  As far as those who would cry, "No.  Double jeopardy," the Constitution, with its double jeopardy protection clause therein, has been done away with.  Remember?  By the Tyrant.  Remember?  So march the Tyrant on up the stairs again.  Hang on to your seats folks.  Hang tough.  Hang out.  Hang it all!  The Tyrant, that is. In full view of the People, hang the Tyrant until dead.  So that no doctor can be bought off to falsely certify the Tyrant's death, the People alone have the right to make sure of this.  To make sure that the Tyrant is dead, kick the (dead) Tyrant a few times.  You know, twenty or thirty times, maybe forty or fifty times, or whatever number of times you, the People, feel like at the time, until you are sure that the Tyrant is dead, . . . . . . from hanging.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 42:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING TWISTED LIKE A PRETZEL INTO TWO PARTS:  For this procedure, it will first require two very powerful motors, electric or otherwise, which turn in opposite directions from each other, and can be reversed, and whose speeds can be varied from very slow to moderate fast.  A metal brace must be constructed for the feet which will bind the feet together, and have a device protruding therefrom which can be hooked to one of the two motors.  Another metal brace must be constructed for the head and shoulders area, being fitted over the top of the head, down onto the shoulders (so that the head won't simply be twisted off at the first turn), with a device protruding therefrom which can be hooked to the other of the two motors.  To prevent the Tyrant's body from sagging, a round metal ring, with sufficient strength and diameter to hold the Tyrant's body up, and with a rope to suspend the ring with, and a structure overhead to connect the rope to, must be centered between the two motors.  The Tyrant's body having been inserted through the metal ring, and the metal braces, each having been connected at their respective ends of the Tyrant's body, must be then connected to the two motors. When everyone is ready to begin, start the two motors turning, very slowly, in opposite directions. After the motors begin to sound like they are beginning to bind down just a little bit, reverse their directions.  Continually reverse the motors upon their slightest binding, and gradually apply more and more power as you continually reverse the directions of the two motors.  If the legs should break off first, then attach the lower metal brace upon the remaining leg stubs of the lower remaining torso, or body.  If there is nothing to attach to, a specially designed metal brace will need to be constructed before-hand and standing by for this purpose.   Eventually the Tyrant's body, from the back and forth twisting effect, will offer NO resistance whatsoever, and will twist into two parts.
TORTURE TO DEATH # 43:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING PULLED APART:   To accomplish this procedure, the participants may use either two automobiles or else two teams of horses, oxen, or whatever.  Using two cables, each one attached to one of the vehicles of choice, secure the other end of each cable as follows:  Secure one cable strapped tightly just below the Tyrant's rib cage, encircled around the upper part of the waist, while securing the other cable strapped tightly just above the hips, encircled around the lower part of the waist.  Position the Tyrant equally between the two “vehicles.”  When the participants operating the vehicles are ready, and the People are gathered to watch the festivities, signal each vehicle operator to slowly begin applying the forward pressure and pull of his/her respective vehicle.  Caution must be used however not to apply too much forward force or else the Tyrant will be pulled apart too fast and will spoil the People's entertainment, and perhaps force the People to go and look for other Tyrants to take care of in like manner.  Hmmm. On the other hand, pull away.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 44:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY DRILLING FROM THE GROIN UPWARD, ULTIMATELY BEING SPITTED:  Insert a sharp pointed wooden stake of about 3/4" in diameter and at least six feet long, the non-pointed end first, into a powerful, portable drill. Carefully insert the pointed end of the wooden stake into the Tyrant's groin area.  Whether male or female, this procedure can be accomplished without too much trouble.  Continue the trek of the wooden stake or spit until it reaches out the top of the Tyrant's spine, just below the neck.  A person with some rudimentary biological knowledge and some surgical skills can help the spit to avoid the more lethal organs and areas, until the spit has reached through the Tyrant's body, and completed its journey accordingly.  With at least six inches protruding from above the Tyrant's spine, fasten the spit's end to one end of a spit motor, designed to turn at different speeds.  Start the motor.  Turn the Tyrant over and over, slow, then fast, then, fast, then slow, for at least ten to fifteen minutes.  Withdraw the spit from the Tyrant's body, then re-insert all the way back in, not being as careful this time with how the spit is being inserted.  Fasten again to the spit motor, and turn another ten to fifteen minutes.  Continuously repeat this procedure until the Tyrant is dead, which will occur, eventually at least, from internal bleeding alone.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 45:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BLISTER GAS:  Obtain some blister gas from military officials who hate Tyrants as much as the People.  Before administering blister gas on the Tyrant, place an oxygen mask, with accompanying oxygen tank, around the respiratory system (nose & mouth), so that it cannot be removed by the Tyrant, so as to prevent the initial breathing of the blisterous gases by the Tyrant and expedite the execution before the time.  Placing the Tyrant into the center of a tightly closed room which has equipment installed capable of emitting the blister gas, begin to emit the blister gas in short hard spurts.  After the Tyrant's flesh begins to bubble visibly, and the Tyrant is screaming and sobbing from the pain, then hold up further bursts of blister gas so as to give the Tyrant adequate time to suffer, and the People the adequate time to enjoy the Tyrant's suffering.  Then begin the Tyrant's torture again by re-continuing the blasts of blister gas into the room where the Tyrant is still suffering.  Sooner or later with this procedure, the Tyrant is bound to pass out from the pain.  While the Tyrant is out, send in a couple of the participants wearing protective clothing and equipment, and now have them remove the oxygen tank and mask which has prevented the Tyrant from enjoying an early demise.   If it is possible, have someone with medical skill go in and revive the Tyrant as much as possible.  After the participants have done what they can to revive the Tyrant, finish the Tyrant off with some bursts of blister gas designed to allow the Tyrant to breathe the same, making it impossible for the Tyrant to continue breathing, causing sure and certain and very painful death.

TORTURE TO DEATH # 46:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING BURIED ALIVE BY ENTOMBMENT:  Build a tomb from bricks or blocks.  Leave one side open so that the Tyrant can be located therein prior to the tomb's final closure.  The tomb should be built in a vertical fashion, and should be constructed in dimensions not to exceed three feet by three feet by seven feet high. At the top of the tomb, a thin narrow thin pipe must be installed sufficient to allow air to be breathed into he tomb from the outside.  No provisions, however, are to be provided for such other functions as bowel and urinary movements.  Also the dimensions of the tomb should be such as to prevent the Tyrant from sitting or even stooping down.  Not being allowed to sit or stoop, and to give no consideration for urinary or bowel movements will add to the Tyrant's suffering after the first 48 hours or so.  After thirty to forty days, the Tyrant's body should be removed for burial.  Be sure to be prepared to clean out the rotten inside of the tomb, rotted therein from the Tyrant's decaying body, and the bodily movements which had no place to be disposed of otherwise.

TORTURE TO DEATH # 47:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING BURIED ALIVE BY IN-GROUND BURIAL:  Place the Tyrant in a coffin.  Do not select for the Tyrant a coffin which has any plush arrangements inside.  Make sure that the coffin is built very strongly so as to retain the Tyrant with the assurance that the Tyrant will have no ability to escape.  Dig a grave not less than six feet deep, of sufficient width to install the coffin therein.  Place the Tyrant into the coffin. Lower the coffin down to the bottom of the grave.  Cover the coffin with the dirt removed from the grave.  This form of execution takes the faith to realize that the Tyrant will begin to suffer within a short matter of time, as the oxygen supply begins to run out.  It is okay to dig the coffin up after fifteen day, to certify the Tyrant's death.  Or the Tyrant can be left buried where he/she is.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 48:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING TUMBLED (CLOTHES DRYER MACHINE):  For this procedure, a commercial, large sized clothes dryer machine is needed, one with a front-loading door and a very powerful motor to turn it, with a high speed option.  If no such option exists, a good electrical technician can quickly design one.  Insert the Tyrant into the clothes dryer machine.  Shut the door and lock it.  If no lock exists, then have one welded on or otherwise installed on the outside of the door so that it can be locked.  Put the necessary change in the slot to get the process started, bearing in mind that sometimes the best forms of justice costs.  If the motor is strong enough, or if the Tyrant is not too heavy, then the clothes dryer tub will begin to turn over and over, and the Tyrant along with it.  The Tyrant's head and other body parts will begin to strike against the clothes dryer bin's metal petitions inside, causing injuries, which if continued for a sufficient length of time, will become fatal.  Continue to fee the machine with change as needed from time to time.  If you should detect a thumping sound coming from the dryer as the Tyrant's body continuously hits the metal petitions inside, and if there should be any sort of rhythm to it, you can use the rhythm to make up tunes or sing songs by. Perhaps it might even be possible to set up a band to play music in harmony to the rhythm of the Tyrant's bumping and banging body inside the clothes dryer machine.   To change the rhythm, increase the speed of the machine to the maximum.  This will allow for a livelier tempo of music to be played.  This could turn into a real festive occasion.   It may be necessary to keep this procedure going for as much as twenty-four hours.  Party.  Party.  Party.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 49:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING SPIRALED, THEN HEAD SMASHED:  This procedure requires some real ingenuity in designing the equipment to bring it all about.  The spiraling machine must be designed so as to lock a brace around and just above the ankles on each of the Tyrant's legs.  Upon being activated, the Tyrant's whole body is swung, by the ankles, in a circular and vertical motion, over and over, on a kind of metal spiral track, which starts out rather large, but gets smaller and smaller with each succeeding spiral, also causing the spin of the Tyrant's body to escalate faster and faster accordingly.  When the Tyrant's body reaches the last and smallest metal track-spiral, a large steel anvil must have been positioned just in the right location so that the forehead of the Tyrant will strike it exactly dead center, splattering the Tyrant's brains everywhere.  This requirement would suggest that a certain amount of Tyrant to anvil pre-testing occur before engaging the final procedure.  It goes without saying that the entire spiral assembly must be positioned high enough off of the ground so as to allow for the under-spin.  A cleanup crew should be standing by with the cleaning equipment to clean splattered brains off of everything around the area.  This procedure is especially appropriate to Tyrants who doubled their roles as spin-doctors, to spin the corrupt  propaganda by which the People have continuously been subdued, wrongfully.

TORTURE TO DEATH # 50:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING SLOW SQUASHED:  To proceed with this process, requires only a few things.  A portable small room consisting of four walls and no ceiling, measuring about six feet wide by six feet long by fourteen feet high should be constructed or obtained.  Inside of the room, a 3/8 inch steel plate cut in the dimensions of the floor must be placed or laid.  When the People are ready, place the Tyrant underneath the steel plate inside of the six by six room.  Using a ladder to reach the top, begin to drop pieces of heavy materials (preferably heavy steel or iron pieces, ranging from two to twenty pounds) onto the steel plate below.  The heavier the pieces, the more effective the squashing process will be.  Allow the People, one by one, to climb the ladder and drop their piece of heavy material over the side.  If the pieces have been carefully selected and dropped, the weight on top of the steel plate should average at least one hundred pounds per foot, or about 900 to 1,100 pounds of weight crushing down and squashing the Tyrant to the death.  As the pieces of heavy materials are slowly dropped, piece by piece, the Tyrant will be squashed, slowly, to death.   Compliment - The People's Press.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 51:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING MADE TO EAT GLASS: Have a pitcher of water and an empty 8 oz. drinking glass standing by.  Break into very small pieces a number of useless clear glass bottles, jars, and other devices such as can yield small sharp glass objects or pieces.  Do not break the 8 oz. drinking glass.  A stuffing stick will be required to accommodate this procedure.   The stuffing stick should be about a half an inch thick in diameter, and up to twenty four inches long.  Fill the drinking glass with water from the pitcher.   Start out with small spoonfuls of finely broken glass dust.  Pry the Tyrant's mouth open, then insert the first spoon of glass dust and small particle inside, and give the Tyrant a swig of water to wash it down. Hold the Tyrant's mouth closed to assure swallowing.  Continue to feed the Tyrant in this manner for a few more minutes.  Then gradually graduate up to larger and larger granules of pieces of glass.  It may become hard for the Tyrant to swallow the larger pieces of glass.  Help the Tyrant out.  Using the tamping stick, quickly and deftly tamp the spoonful of delicious glass down the Tyrant's throat, trying to assure that there will be a passageway for more glass bits when that mouthful has been successfully swallowed.  Explain to the Tyrant while you are doing this that since his or her acts as a Tyrant were of such great evil, and were therefore done in the dark, that since the clear glass being fed can be seen through, enough glass in the Tyrant's system will allow everyone to finally see through him or her.  And when the Tyrant can be finally seen through all of the way, he or she will be filled with great light.  And when the Tyrant is filled with great light, the nature of his/her soul will be changed, and his/her soul will be set free (hopefully) so he/she won't have to go through hell - like all of the people that the Tyrant's have sent there.   Use this method during "Be Kind To Tyrants Week."

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 52:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING SHOT WITH FLARE GUNS:  Emergency Flare Guns with the barrels that are about two inches in diameter send out a ball of fire that if fired close enough to either animal or human will burn a hole straight through the creature of target.  Its path is not always as straight as that of a bullet, so absolute accuracy from greater distances is not assured.  Tie the Tyrant's wrists and ankles with cables and string their limbs out in an X shape between trees or posts sufficient in height and closeness to do so.  Make sure that all clothing has been removed from the Tyrant's arms all the way to the shoulders, thus providing the Tyrant with bare arms.  This must be done because the Tyrant has a Constitutional Right to bear . . . . .   Ooops.  Forgot. The Constitution doesn't count in this case any more, does it?  Oh well, what the hay, make 'em bare anyway.  Then have about two or three participants who would like to get in a little badly needed target practice select a Flare Gun which fits their hand comfortably, have them stand back, say twenty to thirty feet from the Tyrant has been positioned.  Hang a little sign around the Tyrant's torso which reads "will."  Make sure that each participant has plenty of Flare Gun ammo on hand for practice.  When any of the participants feel comfortable and ready, let the practice begin.  Fire at will (not short for William unless that happens to be the Tyrant's name).  The distance away from the Tyrant will make scores thereon uncertain and chancy.  Five points if only the limbs are singed. 100 points for a direct hit to the groan (oops, groin) area. 1 point for the head or neck (don't want to make it happen too fast).  30 points for the Tyrant's left lung.  45 points for the stomach.  1 point for the heart area (heartburn is too common a way to go).   If target practice is applied from behind the Tyrant, all of the same general areas are to carry the same related points.  Happy target practice, and let the light shine on.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 53:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY VAMPIRE, OR HAVING ALL OF THE BLOOD DRAINED, S L O W L Y, FROM THE BODY:  This procedure is relatively simple, but can be very invigorating.  Using the aid of a newly trained nurse or medic, insert a needle designed to transfer blood through a blood tube into a major vein in one of the Tyrant's arms.  If the vein should prematurely close, search around and find another vein, then pierce the vein and start the draining process again.  Allow the open end of the drain tubes to dangle free over different parts of the Tyrant's body, at times over the head, at times over the chest, and at times just let it all flow on the ground, or let it drain on a table in front of the Tyrant so that the Tyrant can watch his or her own life ebb away.  As the blood supply begins to become depleted from the Tyrant's body, the pulse will begin to race, then the heart will begin to pound as it tries to pump needed blood to different parts of the body, blood that is beginning to not be there anymore, and it will pound faster and faster and faster, until . . . .  heart attack . . .   heart locks up . . .  body begins to contort and writhe from the excruciating pain, then finally, between the blood loss and the heart attack, the Tyrant has met his or her just fate.  As for all of the blood all around, don't put out the wreaths of garlic.  “Vampires” don't like garlic with their pizza.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 54:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY RABIES:  Commence this selection of Torture to Death by locating and carefully capturing two or three rabid dogs who have not yet reached their final stages of infection.  Make sure that the Tyrant has been locked securely in a room which will serve as quarters until the Tyrant's death, but which has an observation window so that the People can view the desired demise comfortably.  Bring them to where the Tyrant is being held, and carefully manipulate them into biting the Tyrant, at least once on the leg and once on the arm, in order to inject the rabies toxin into the Tyrant's body.  Then remove the rabid dogs and have them killed in order to spare them the greater pain of suffering unto death (they are not Tyrants and so do not deserve the same treatment).  After being sure that the Tyrant has been truthfully infected by the rabies virus, the only thing to do is to wait out the process for the final results - death.  The overall process can be anywhere from a matter of several hours, up to about eleven days.  Similar in some respects to the legends of vampirism, the rabid human, when the effects of the disease are in its final stages, will bite another human, thus passing on the toxin and disease to the newly bitten human, causing the bitten human to progress toward the same stages as the biting human obtained. Therefore, when the Tyrant begins to froth at the mouth, throw in another Tyrant to be bitten, and when that one starts to froth, throw in another Tyrant, and so on, until there are no more Tyrants left.  As to suffering, some of the symptoms of a rabid victim are fevers, sore throat, convulsions and paralysis.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 55:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING BOILED IN OIL(S):  This is an old Arabian technique, but it is still an effective and fun one.  Do not use car oil for this one as it cannot be gotten hot enough (without a great deal of trouble), and it may spoil the overall resulting flavor of the Tyrant in the even that the People should want to feed the lions or tigers or something.  Fill a large 55 gallon barrel or drum  with ordinary vegetable cooking oil.   Also fill a large 55 gallon barrel or drum with safflower oil.  Finally fill a 55 gallon barrel or drum with French fried oil.  Heat the ordinary vegetable oil to a hundred and sixty degrees.  Heat the safflower oil to one hundred and ninety degrees.  Heat the French fried oil to two hundred and fifty degrees.  Have a large electric fan standing by and turned on, but not in the direction of the heated barrels or drums.  With chains and cuffs fastened to each of the Tyrant's wrists, lower Tyrant slowly, all the way, into the ordinary cooking oil.  Leave for about 15 seconds, then remove and hang in front of the fan to be cooled of for about two to three minutes.  Then take the Tyrant and slowly lower him/her all the way down into the barrel or drum with the safflower oil for about ten seconds, then remove and hang in front of the fan again, for cooling purposes, for about five minutes.  Next, lower the Tyrant all the way in to the French fried oil for seven seconds, remove and hang in front of the fan for from ten to fifteen minutes.  Between each change of cooking oil, try to determine if the aroma given off by the simmering Tyrant has improved with each new dipping.  From this point on, it is up to the participants as to which oil that they would like to dip the Tyrant into, however it should be kept in mind that a short time in each dipping preserves the texture of the Tyrant to the last.  Also, don't forget to cool the Tyrant off between dips in front of the fan.  Continue to dip the Tyrant in the various cooking oils until well done.  Never waste Tyrant food.  Some starving critter is just waiting to be fed.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 56:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY TARRING  (OPEN MOUTH):  For this procedure, the participants will need about three fifty-five gallon barrels of hot tar.  The tar may be cookable right in the barrels themselves, but in any case this approximate amount will be needed in order to assure the complete effectiveness of the procedures.  Now, I know that this is a lot of money for the cost of that much hot tar to be wasting on a sorry Tyrant, however keep in mind that the People at least ARE worth it.  To begin this procedure, remove all excessive clothing possible without creating any obscene conditions of actual nudity.  Strapping the Tyrant down to the ground (cleaning tar of a floor afterwards would be too much of a problem), be sure that the straps are secure and are positioned to where the Tyrant cannot move around, but do not cover the Tyrant's body with straps in the sensitive places that will be needed to be exposed as a part of the torture process that this procedure has been designed for.  Open and prop the Tyrant's mouth open with dental open-mouth props on each side of the mouth, and when everyone is ready, you are ready to begin.  Begin the process by pouring just a trickle of a small stream of the hot tar down the very center of the Tyrant's exposed body.  Be artistic.  Give the People the show that they came to watch. Pour little streamers of hot tar in different directions and from different directions, a little here and a little there, some in and around an ear, around an eye or two, but do try not to blind the Tyrant just yet. The Tyrant spent a lot of time, with great passion, tormenting the People, so now heat things up, with a passion.  Using a stick with a little hook at the end, reach down and pull open the clothing covering the Tyrant's groan (oops, that’s groin, isn't it?) area, and pour a hefty little amount of hot tar down there.  If the crowd of People start to cheer and applaud, pour a little bit more.  Do not stop pouring and being artistic with the hot tar.  Continue to pour the hot tar in artistic designs until the Tyrant has been thoroughly covered, but continue to avoid the open mouth area as much as possible.  Speeding up the process will be no fun, and the People will certainly be disappointed if the procedure does not take, overall, at least an hour or so.  To make the event more entertaining, take suggestions from the crowd as to where and how to pour the hot tar next.  When it is obvious that there is no other places left to pour the hot tar, pour a stream or two into the Tyrant's open mouth, then continue to cover the Tyrant's body in all the other places as before.  Continue to pour the tar on and over the Tyrant until all of the hot tar has been used up, and the Tyrant is finally dead, burned and suffocated from the hot tar.  No feathers please.  Tar and feathers are only for driving Tyrants out of town.  This procedure is designed for driving Tyrants out of life.  Exactly!

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 57:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING BOILED, BROILED  OR  BRAISED  IN  WATER  AND  FED  TO  CANNIBALS (SEASONINGS & SPICES PROVIDED):  Transport the Tyrant to a remote part of Africa where a tribe of vicious hungry cannibals are know to live.  Take with you a recipe book with various recipes for cooking Tyrants, from Tyrant Soup, to Tyrant Broth, to Broiled Tyrant, and maybe even Braised Tyrant.  Also take along as a free gift an assortment of the finest seasonings and spices to excite the cannibals into a frenzy over the anticipated Tyrant Feast to follow.  Be sure to make it understood that only the Tyrant is available for this meal.  You may want to take along a hefty supply of vegetables just in case the cannibals would like to try their hand at first time braising.  Approach the cannibals village from the air in a helicopter, but do not land.  Drop down the recipe book first, and give them a few minutes to look it over.  You may have to have it translated in a local language or else illustrate the different recipes with pictures.  Next, throw down the packages of seasonings and spices, and let them take a few minutes to look them over and acknowledge their purposes for use.  Drop some sort of mattress down on the ground so that the meat will not bruise too badly when it falls.  Finally, drop the Tyrant carefully and gently down on the mattress.  While the cannibals are examining the Tyrant for quality and licking their lips, Take Off!  > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 58:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING TRACTORED:  Place the Tyrant, face up, secured down, in an empty field.  Bury the Tyrant down into the ground so that only the Tyrant's face and front body surface are exposed above the ground.  Fire up the old John Deere or other tractor brand that you may have.  Attach to the back of the tractor a cultivator blades assembly (kind of round, deep saucer shaped blades for tearing up the ground).  Running down the field with the tractor, run the cultivator blades assembly lightly over the area where the Tyrant lies secured, lengthwise, just enough to make a few little shallow row-lets in the Tyrant's body.  Next, run the cultivator blades over the Tyrant's body, lightly, in a crosswise direction.  Continue running over the Tyrant's body area, lengthwise, then crosswise, lightly, but gradually deeper, until the Tyrant has been cultivated into the field itself.  Be careful in this process not to run over the Tyrant with the wheels of the tractor itself.  Make sure that the cultivator blades assembly extends out several feet to the side of the line of travel of the tractor.  This can truly be called "The Killing Field."

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 59:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING PLACED IN A PIT WITH ELEPHANTS - RELEASE THE MICE:  Establish a pit filled with five or more elephants in which there will only be a few feet of extra room.  Place the Tyrant in the pit, but up against the wall, with the elephants.   Throw in a live mouse or two.  Let the fun and games begin.  You've heard of dodge ball?  This version includes game called dodge elephants.  Continue to toss in mice as needed. Scream at the elephants from a safe distance so as to further disturb and agitate them.  Don't worry. It will all work, and the elephants will be the winners of the game.  Hooray for the elllleeephants!

TORTURE TO DEATH # 60:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING ROCKETED BY ROCKETSHIP, INTO THE SUN (GROUP OF TYRANTS):  Gather up a group of Tyrant's.  Put them on a rocket ship equipped with the capability to sustain human life for a period of time long enough to cover a one way trip to the sun, and the ability to launch and travel to the sun.  Without further adieu, cry "lift off" and send the rocketship filled with Tyrants straight into the sun.  And just think, with all of this new matter and energy given unto the sun, it will undoubtedly be a brighter day tomorrow.  And with each successive rocketship filled with Tyrants, sent straight into the sun, our days will continually grow brighter and brighter.  Here's to a new and brighter future.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 61:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING DROPPED FROM THE WORLD TRADE CENTER - TARGET PAINTED BELOW:  Have a large "bull's eye" target painted on the street below the World Trade Center which is the emptiest from traffic.  Of course this might mean that one has to wait until 4:00 in the morning, but, oh well; one must do what one must do.  On different levels of the building, secure tape players with prerecorded tapes on the side of the building, or World Trade Center, which can be activated by remote control.  The different tapes in the different tape players at different building levels will be recorded to say different things. Now, with the Tyrant brought to the very top of the World Trade Center, secured or bound tightly so as to not be able to escape, explain to the Tyrant that if he/she hits the bulls eye dead center, he can choose the prize of his/her choice, and if he/she hits in one of the rings outside, the prize will be a lesser one.  Now, without any further adieu, throw the Tyrant off, over the top.  Have someone across the street who can see where the Tyrant is at during the fall, who has the remote for the different tape players, so that they can turn the applicable tape players on at the right moment.  For example, one player would say, "Help!  I've fallen and I can't get back up."  Or "Stock prices have fallen today, and so has the Tyrant."  Or the old, old country tune . . . "Please held me I'm falling," and whatever other falling sayings and/or tunes that one might conjure up.  Don't be surprised if the People don't bet on where the Tyrant will hit.  In fact, the event will probably draw more bets than the super bowl.  The operations participants should be standing by with cleaning equipment and a scraper to scrape the mess up, after it finally hits the ground.  The operations participants need to be sure to get plenty of rest in advance for the execution of this procedure.  Wouldn't want anyone falling down on the job.  Fun pun intended.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 62:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY PLACEMENT IN SUB ZERO FREEZER WITH VERY LIGHT CLOTHES:  Place the Tyrant in a walk-in freezer.   Strip all of the Tyrant's clothing off except for just enough to cover his/her genitals, and allow for a pair of shoes so that the Tyrant's feet will not stick to the floor, making it impossible to move around and stay alive longer, so that the Tyrant can be made to suffer longer.  Make sure that there are no boxes or other items to provide insulation or potential warmth for the Tyrant.  Make sure that the controls for the freezer are not inside of the freezer unit itself, but are outside of the freezer where they can secured or changed as necessary and desired.  Let the Tyrant go free to run around in the Freezer Unit for the duration of the procedure.  Turn the freezer down to 10 below Zero (Fahrenheit) for one hour and fifteen minutes.  Then turn the freezer back up to 10 above Zero for one hour, then on up to 38 above Zero for three hours, then down to 29 above Zero for five hours, then down to 9 above Zero for 45 minutes, then down to 40 below Zero for 12 hours, then up to 50 above Zero for 10 minutes, then down again to 40 below Zero and hold there.  While the Tyrant is freezing inside, update him/her with a P.A. & speaker system which should be installed inside the freezer about the hot times going on in the outside world; about how the People are still enjoying hot dogs, hot chocolate, hot cars, hot dates, about how beautiful and warm and hot the sunshine is, and anything else that comes to mind which one might consider to be, well, really hot.  However, even with all of the hot talk, you must remember that a Tyrant is someone who is generally cold hearted, or cold, so it will probably take quite a number of hours before the Tyrant has finally succumbed to the grim reaper.  But the grim reaper will definitely come, and there will be one less Tyrant in the world to  mess the world up. While you are waiting for the Tyrant's end to come, throw a party, and have a hot time in the old town tonight.

              Did I say  t h a t ?

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 63:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING PLACED IN WATER UP TO THE CHIN - MOVEMENT FIRMLY PREVENTED - WATER FROZEN AT MODERATE SPEED:  As stated in the heading, place the Tyrant in a pool of water, within a large walk-in freezer unit, up to his/her chin, being sure to bind the Tyrant to where he/she cannot move around.  All temperature ratings herein are in Fahrenheit.  Next, turn the freezer down to about 28 degrees for about three hours.  This should not be enough time to freeze the pool of water, but should begin to make it very cold and uncomfortable.  Turn the freezer back up to 40 degrees, then turn it back down to 5 degrees below zero for about an hour and a half.  Turn the freezer back up to 50 degrees, then turn it back down to 5 degrees below zero for the duration.  After 24 hours put out a sign on the outside the freezer, "Tyrantsickle for sale."

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 64:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY DRILLING A HOLE IN  THE FRONT OF THE TYRANT'S HEAD, THEN SUCKING OUT THE BRAINS THEREOF WITH A VACUUM CLEANER:  Using a hole cutting bone saw, cut about a one and one-half inch hole in the frontal forehead bond of the Tyrant's head.  Using a reversible vacuum cleaner with at least a one half horsepower motor (this will be plenty strong enough to do the job), put the open end of the vacuum cleaner hose about two inches away from the hole in the Tyrant's head, then turn the vacuum cleaner on and begin to allow the vacuum to suck at the brain tissue of the Tyrant's brain. After about a minute, reverse the suction of the vacuum to blowing,  for about a minute also.  Then reverse the blowing of the vacuum back to suction again, and begin to move the vacuum hose slightly close, centimeter by centimeter.  When the vacuum hose is about one inch from the Tyrant's head, reverse the vacuum direction, then reverse the direction again, then reverse the direction again, then reverse the direction again.  You should be back at suction.  Quickly move the vacuum to within about one half an inch of the opening in the Tyrant's head, hold for three to five seconds then move away.  Move back again, then away.  Move back again, then away.  Then move the vacuum hose squarely on the opening in the Tyrant's head, hold for about one and one-half seconds, then move away.  Reverse the vacuum to blowing, and place the vacuum hose squarely on the opening in the Tyrant's head for about five to ten seconds.  Finally, reverse the vacuum one last time to suction, and, holding the vacuum hose tightly to the opening in the Tyrant's head, suck the remainder of the Tyrant's brains out.  With all of the Tyrant's brains cleaned out, fill the Tyrant's empty head up with dirt, then plant some weeds therein.  Flowers never grow in a Tyrant's head.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 65:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BINDING TIGHTLY THE TYRANT, THEN TOSSING THE TYRANT(S) INTO THE STREET, AND CLEANING UP WITH A HUGE POWER STREET SWEEPER:  Bind the Tyrant up tightly.  After locating a large, heavily powered commercial street sweeper, throw the Tyrant in the gutter in front of it.  As the street sweeper nears the garbage or Tyrant in the gutter, lower the rotating sweeper brushes.  Be careful not to run over the Tyrant with the street sweeper's transportational wheels.  The sweeper brushes will move the Tyrant along, twisting, turning and tumbling, but be sure to lift the sweeper brushes after about 30 seconds of Tyrant sweeping.  Bring the street sweeper all the way back around and start sweeping the Tyrant down the gutter again, sweeping the Tyrant along for about another 30 to 45 seconds, then lift the sweeper brushes again.  Continue the rounds of the commercial street sweeper, lowering and raising and sweeping the Tyrant along until the Tyrant, like the garbage that it is, has been broken down into little pieces and may be dumped conveniently into any nearby garbage can.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 66:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY TORTURING TO DEATH FIRST, FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE TYRANT WHO CLEARLY KNEW OF THE TYRANT'S ACTIVITIES, BUT REMAINED SUPPORTIVE NONETHELESS, BY ANY OF THE APPLICABLE TORTURES TO DEATH PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED, FOLLOWED FINALLY WITH A SUITABLE TORTURE TO THE DEATH OF THE TYRANT HIMSELF/HERSELF (REMEMBER, THE NON-EXISTENT CONSTITUTION CANNOT PROTECT THE TYRANT'S FAMILY ANYMORE):  Seize the family members of the Tyrant and get them ready for torturous death.  This sounds terrible, because one might presume them to be innocent, and guilty by association would be a violation of the Fifth Amendment relating to due process, but then there is no longer a Fifth Amendment because the Tyrant has said that "there is no more a Constitution," and "not to talk about a Constitution in his/her presence."  Upon seizing the Tyrant's other family members along with the Tyrant as well, start out by taking the one that would appear to be the most innocent and select any potentially applicable death torture that could be used thereon, and apply the chosen procedure accordingly.  Make sure that the Tyrant is present and sees the entire procedure with his/her own eyes.  Then go on to the next one and the next one until all of the Tyrant's other family members have been done away with.  Before you start doing away with the Tyrant's family members, however, take pictures, or else obtain pictures when they are well and happy.  Then during the torture and execution procedure, take more pictures of the family members as they are being tortured and executed.  Then turn the finger toward the Tyrant himself/herself.  Selecting an appropriate torture to the death from this book, make sure that it is one that will cause the Tyrant to suffer and linger the longest.  While the Tyrant is thus suffering, show him/her the pictures of his/her family members before and during the torture and execution process.  Remind him/her that it is because of him/her that his/her family member had to suffer this way.  Spare the Tyrant no extent of suffering, for there is no Constitution anymore, even the natural constitution which applies to every nation upon the earth.  And therefore there is no limit to the amount of torture and suffering that the People can evoke upon the said Tyrant.  It's too bad that the Tyrant did not understand this principle ere it was too late.  But that is the way the Tyrant wanted it, and chose it, so that is the way that it has to be in return.  Weep no tears for the Tyrant.  How very sad.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 67:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING BOUND AND THROWN INTO A CATTLE CAR FILLED WITH CATTLE, THEN HAVE THE CATTLE THEREIN SPOOKED AND MILLING AROUND:  This procedure is quite self explanatory.  Go find a cattle car on a train somewhere, open up the feeding door above, drop the Tyrant in and yell, GOTCHA!! GOTCHA!!     The startled cattle therein will take care of the rest.  If it doesn't, then firing a gun in the air (not at the Tyrant) should do the trick.  If that doesn't do it, find another cattle car where the cattle are more feisty.  Sooner or later the People will score the victory long overdue, and they'll have just plain, ordinary cattle to thank for the whole event.   Good cattle.  Good cattle.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 68:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY THE RACK PLUS RED HOT IRON ROD:  This ancient medieval torture remedy now comes with a new twist (or burn).  After obtaining or building an old fashioned rack such as was used in old Europe, fasten the Tyrant to the rack and begin to twist and turn the lever to make it stretccccch the Tyrant around it.  Then, having a hot fire standing by on the side plus an iron rod of about three feet long, having a heat resistant handle thereon, remove the clothing off of the Tyrant's stomach area.  Next, get the iron rod red hot.  Then take the red hot iron and lower it crosswise across the stomach area until it begins to burn part way through, then pull it away  Crank the rack another notch.  Get the iron rod red hot again, and lower it crosswise across the stomach area until it begins to burn part way through still further, then pull it away.  Crank the rack another notch.  Get the iron rod red hot again, and lower it cross-wise across the stomach area until it begins to burn part way through still further, then pull it away. Repeat this procedure until the Tyrant has been burnt-pulled into two parts.  Done.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 69:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY HOT BOX AND CASTOR OIL: An old prison favorite that I learned about and got the idea from, in part, by reading the book called "Scottsboro Boys."   In areas where the sun isn't too strong or hot, the People will have to use external heat lamps.  After all of the necessary equipment has been built and gathered, prepare the Tyrant for the treatment ahead.  This is to be done by forcing about two bottles of castor oil down the Tyrant's throat.  Do whatever it takes to bring this about.  Also, there must be no toilet facilities whatsoever in the hot box.  With the heat turned up, or evident from the sun itself, place the Tyrant in the hot box.  At night, when using heat lamps, the lamps are to be turned off so that the Tyrant can get cold again before being made hot again.  Leave the Tyrant in the hot box for about four days, then check. Warning.  Execution participants should wear some kind of a mask to protect themselves from the terrible stench that will likely exist from the Tyrant's having developed a case of the runs, with no toilet to go to.  Take the Tyrant out just long enough to feed him/her some more castor oil, along with a few crusts of bread and a dribble or two of water (not trying to starve the Tyrant in this procedure as that has already been covered in another procedure, so the Tyrant must be given, by being pushed into the hot box through the feeding hole, a crust of bread and an ounce of water daily), then put the Tyrant back into the hot box for another four days, and continue the procedure in this cyclic manner until the Tyrant is finally dead.   The Tyrant's body, when checked from time to time, will likely be wrenching and convulsing from the effects of the castor oil and the heat and cold conditions, but this is to be expected.   If the Tyrant has trouble eating the daily crust of bread or the ounce of water because of the castor oil or the alternating heat and cold, just leave it where it can be gotten when or if possible by the Tyrant.  Participants have no other responsibility to the Tyrant than this.   Any claims that the Tyrant has about feeling sick must be ignored, since the Tyrant is likely responsible for more sickness among the People that the Tyrant can account for. Depending on the Tyrant, for all Tyrants have different tolerances to this type of death, death may occur between about a week up to as much as thirty days, but the process must be continued until death in any case.  Tyrants who wantonly, maliciously and flagrantly deny the Constitution must not be allowed to live.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 70:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING BASEBALL GAMED TO DEATH (FAVORITE AMERICAN SPORT) "IT'S A HIGH FLY BALL!"  "IT'S ANOTHER HIGH FLY BALL!"  Take the Tyrant out in an open field, any field will do, and pretend that its one of those country baseball fields of yesterday, when baseball, apple pie and mom were important parts of life, and when Tyrants were not seen and seldom heard from, at least as far as so many of knew.  The technical title for the Tyrant during this game is "ball-head."  The first thing that will be needed is a pitcher's mound to pitch the ball-head from and someone to take the job as the famous fast ball-head pitcher.   The next thing that will be needed is a home plate to swing the bat across, when the ball-head comes flying across.  Secure the Tyrant's hands behind his/her back, and attach a long pole to the Tyrant's backside.  Now its time for the game to begin.  Batter up.  Pitcher ready. "The pitcher is winding up, lets go of a real fast zinger, the pitcher is really pushing that ball toward the plate, the batter has his bat cocked, ready to swing, he swings, awww, he swung low and got a low ball.  Now the pitcher is ready again, he winds up tight, he pitches a hard one; it comes hurtling down the middle, the batter swings; it’s a high fly ball!  Wow!  The batter almost took the ball cover off with that one!  Wait, the ball didn't fly in the right direction.  It's a foul ball.  Got to try it again. The pitcher is winding up again.  There's a determined look on his face.  He's gonna make this one really count.  He lets go with a power zing.  The head ball comes hurtling down toward home plate, it looks like the ball-head is trying to curve itself away, but the pitcher is determined to make it stick, the head-ball is back on track.  It goes straight across home plate.  The batter swings.  It's  a high fly ball!!!   And a home run.  Good job!   Next batter up please."   And this is the way it should go, for those Tyrants who believed that justice was just a game.  Of course not all of the batters will be able to hit the ball-head square on center every time, and will probably miss it entirely and hit other places instead.  The game should be continued through a full nine innings if possible, and allow all of the batters of the team a chance at bat.  That is, if the ball-head survives that long.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 71:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING FOOTBALL GAMED TO DEATH (ANOTHER FAVORITE AMERICAN PASTIME) - TYRANT(S) PARTLY BURIED - FACE UP - ABOUT EVEN WITH THE SURFACE - POINTS GIVEN TO PLAYERS FOR "HARD CLEATS DOWN ACTION":  Dig a hole out on a football field, in the center of the fifty yard line, about six inches or so down (later it can be transformed into six feet somewhere else) in the shape of the Tyrant.  Secure the Tyrant snugly down in the hole by the use of bands staked down into the ground, banding around the waist, throat, forehead, wrists, ankles, knee caps and elbows.  With the Tyrant secured thusly and unable to move, "Play Ball!"  Be sure that you have two full teams, with all of the sideline substitutes common in any game, and that all players are wearing cleats.  There are only two rules in this game different from traditional games.  All plays must begin on the fifty yard line, and any player who can show that he/she has run across the Tyrant with cleats full-stomping thereon, wins a free date with a cheerleader.  The player that stomps the Tyrant's head down about another six inches below ground, wins a free date with the entire cheerleaders team.  "Nuff said. Let nature, and the football players, take its course.  Go for the "stupor" bowl.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 72:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY VICE:  This procedure should be used specifically on Tyrants who refused to believe that the Constitution was designed to protect the people from vices, such as, not limited to, prostitution, pornography, public profanity, gambling, displayed monsterish violence,  sexual perversions, and so forth.  This technique comes almost from medieval times.  Placing the Tyrant's different body parts into an equal number of different vices, the procedure to terminate the life of the Tyrant by great suffering will be forthcoming.  The Tyrant's left hand should be placed in one vice, the right hand should be placed in once vice, the left foot should be placed in once vice, the right foot should be placed in one vice, the stomach area should be placed in one vice, and the head should be placed in once vice, for a total of six vices. With the different vices placed upon the different applicable body parts of the Tyrant, begin with one vice at time, by tightening the same just a few turns.  Take turns tightening each vice a few turns until all six vices have been turned and tightened.  Continue this pattern until the Tyrant's vices has been tightened in every area so completely that the Tyrant dies from their very combined pressures, which will, of course be a definite possibility when considering the vice applied in the head area.  Special Variation Note:  For the areas of the head and stomach, a variation that can be used if desired is to place the face area and back of the head into the vice, instead of the old side to side of head version, and as to the stomach area, instead place the vice upon the heart area, front and back, and apply vice pressure there so as to ultimately cause the Tyrant's heart to burst from the continuously applied pressure from the vice.  Boy!   The author must have sure been under a lot of pressure to think of this one!

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 73:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING STUCK UP:  This particular version is especially appropriate for those Tyrants who feel that they are above everyone else, as is typical of Tyrants.  Begin this procedure by binding the Tyrant's various body parts together with super glue.  Continue to use super glue until the Tyrant's body parts have been effectively glued to each other, with the exception of the mouth area, in every conceivable area.  If fact, the nostrils of the nose should be glued shut, forcing the Tyrant to have to breathe through the mouth.  Introduce different kinds of glues across the different body parts of the Tyrant.  Glue and super glue the Tyrant's body parts into every tighter, closer bound, bonds to other adjacent body parts, until the Tyrant becomes a ball of stuck up body parts.  Continue on by beginning to extending the gluing process down into the internal organs of the Tyrant's body.  This can be done by inserting steams of glue up into the anal opening and down into the mouth and throat.  Through the anal opening it might be a fun idea to insert hot glue from a hot glue gun.  In addition to hot glue, there are many other fine glues with which the Tyrant's internal lower organs may be seized with.  Down through the mouth and throat, the glue used to stick vinyl tops onto cars is a good choice of glue to be used. Ladle a pint or two of this glue down the throat and into the Tyrant's stomach.  Continue this procedure until the Tyrant's body has been seized all over, inside and outside, and the Tyrant's very life has been seized upon by the great abundance of glues plied therewith, and is ultimately dead.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 74:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY ELECTRICAL STREAMING:  This is a very interesting procedure.  It combines the use of the principle of a strobe "light" with plain water.  First, the Tyrant must be secured into a position to where he or she cannot move around. Then, to accomplish this procedure, the ground end (or negative end) of the output of an ordinary 110 volt electrical AC wire must be connected or secured to either of the Tyrant's ankles.  The other end (the positive or hot wire of the circuit), having the end thereof peeled and exposing the bare wire inside, should be placed in the air just above the Tyrant's head, but fastened or suspended there in such a way as to allow for the hot wire to be moved around  to different areas above the Tyrant's head.  Next, there needs to be suspended over the hot wire, a container containing a considerable amount of water, or else a hose that will pour the water out, not shoot it out, in gentle steams.  Have a 220 volt electrical AC circuit standing by in the event that it should be needed.  Strip the Tyrant down to bare skin and necessary underwear so as to expose a maximum amount of the Tyrant's body.  Make sure that the person executing this operation is properly insulated and secured from any contact with either the water or the electrical circuit being used.  Being sure that the water will conduct electricity adequately, begin by pouring a thin stream of water across the exposed or bare hot leg of the wire carrying the 110 AC power, directing the water as it pours across the exposed electrical tip, down on the Tyrant's exposed body.  Artfully pour different charged streams of water down onto different parts of the Tyrant's body.  This will begin to "fry" the Tyrant in a most unique and artful way.  As the Tyrant's body begins to become wetter and wetter, such Tyrant's body will begin to have its bodily resistance to electrical charges reduced more and more.  Continue to pour the electrically charged water streams down, artistically of course, down onto the Tyrant's exposed body.  If it should be determined as necessary, switch the circuit system over to the 220 volt system, and continue the procedure until the Tyrant is finally, forever, dead.   ZAPP!

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 75:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BODILY FIREWORKS:  (SEND THE TYRANT OFF WITH A BANG)  Tape several packs of firecrackers and cherry bombs and other such fireworks items to the Tyrant's body in various places.  Be sure that there are plenty of long fuses to go to the fireworks so that the fireworks can be set off from a distance.  Set off the first round.  Then attach a new set of variety fireworks on the Tyrant's body, and repeat the same process of setting them off.  Toward the last, be sure to place some of the fireworks around the head area.  Continue this procedure until the Tyrant has clearly given up the ghost, and is dead.  The very last operation should be to place fireworks all over the body and set them all off at the same time.  The final result of this procedure should be  B A N G ! ! ! !

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 76:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY HUMAN CHARIOT: [IN ALL THE GRAND SPLENDOR OF BEN HUR, NOW COMES (THE PEOPLE) BEEN SLURRED]: This procedure is most appropriate, inasmuch as that the People have for so long been despised and looked down upon by the Tyrants who serve the money masters, it is clearly due and over due. Placing the Tyrant on a set of wheels that attach to the bottoms of the feet, secure two (2) lead ropes or reins to the Tyrant's wrists with the other ends thereof secured to a strong, fast horse who will pull this human chariot to his/her death.  In addition to the two wheels, fasten two metal rods, one to each foot wheel, which will then run up the back of the legs and back, meeting just behind the head, and there securely fastened, so as to make the Tyrant travel or be pulled in an upright position.  On a track with walls on each side as high as the Tyrant, establish different types of protrusions, blades, nails, wooden posts, metal posts, and such other things as may be thought of as being artistically brutal and ultimately fatal.  Make sure that no protrusion is so long as to be able to deliver untimely death to the Tyrant, thereby letting the said Tyrant out of his/her misery before the time.  Have the horse begin to pull the Tyrant around the track.  The Tyrant will try to guide his/her human chariot in such a way as to keep off of the walls, but ultimately because of time and a depletion of strength, will be unable to maintain himself/herself off of the walls, and will begin to tear himself/herself on the protrusions on the walls.  Do not overburden or hurt the horse; change horses every so often in order to keep the horse ever fresh, but be sure that the horse is trained to run only down the center of the track and not off to either side.  Continue the Tyrant's pull around the track until the procedure has been completed as it was intended.  If after six hours the Tyrant is still holding on, increase the length of the protrusions on the walls several inches to finish the job more expediently.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 77:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY LIQUID OXYGEN:  Quick and simple.  Liquid oxygen is so cold that when coming in contact with human flesh, it will freeze the body area so touched that it will freeze it instantly to a state of brittleness.  This brittleness, by the use of a small hammer or other device which may be used to impact other objects, may then be shattered into little pieces, which will later thaw out.  Begin this procedure by pouring small streams and drops on the less critical parts of the Tyrant's body, carefully brittlizing, then impacting and shattering those areas into little pieces, then brushing them aside.  Continue to "chip away" at the Tyrant's body, brittlizing, then impacting, brittlizing, then impacting again and again, until the Tyrant begins to lose body matter in the more vital areas, or until the massive loss in non vital areas begins to be recognized by the Tyrant's own body as being the equivalent to the loss of vital body parts and matter.  Make sure that the Tyrant is awake during the entire process, unless exhaustion should ultimately over take the same.  Continue this procedure until the Tyrant has lost enough vital parts that the Tyrant is made clearly and certifiably dead.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 78:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY GUN POWDER BURNS: (DROPPED ON HEAD, BODY PARTS, ETC.)   The foregoing statement is self explanatory.  Positioning the Tyrant in a secured position, fully clothed.  Do not worry about this situation because after the gun powder begins to be dropped on the Tyrant and begins to burn in different places, the clothing will begin to be burned away, and will no longer present a hindrance to the rest of the procedure.  Now, from any number of feet above, and from different sides, begin to throw and drop, pre-ignited gun powder balls and loose gun powder streams on the Tyrant's person.   Any gun powder balls or streams that do not stay sufficiently ignited long enough to reach the Tyrant's body, may be accommodated by the use of any sort of fashioned blow torch or else a small flame thrower, being careful to ignite the gun powder from a distance, not the Tyrant.  Let the gun powder do its job.  Continue to drop and throw the ignited gun powder balls and streams on to the Tyrant's ever-increasingly vulnerable body until the Tyrant's body has been thoroughly burned into any number of pieces, and is sufficiently charred to assure everyone that death has occurred.  Not using the gun powder as explosives, this allows the Tyrant to be taken out by the People with more of a fizzle than a big bang.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 79:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY  BEING "BOAR"ED TO DEATH:  This procedure calls for the use of a very hungry and extra mean wild boar (pig) or two so that the Tyrant will be "boar"ed but not bored.  Exciting time are ahead with this one.  Turn about is fair play, or so they say, and that will most definitely apply in this particular process where it becomes the Tyrant's turn, being the fat pig that he/she really is for being gorged and feasting upon the misery of the People, to be served up, fettered down tightly, on a platter, all trimmed with pineapple and spices and other garnishments, with an apple in his/her mouth.  And to whom will this scrumptious feast be served up to?  Why the wild boar of course!  Place the Tyrant all secured down on a large platter (one may have to be specially designed to fit the Tyrant's specific size, especially if the Tyrant is a big one), then place the Tyrant holding platter down on the ground inside of a pen where one or more wild boars will be unleashed when the time comes to do so.  The wild boar(s) should be selected for viciousness and for having large flesh-rending tusks, and sharp hooves.  Attach four small, but strong pieces of cable onto the four sides of the platter, long enough to be able to be controlled from outside of the pen.  Have four participants to assist in this procedure, and hand one cable end to each of the four participants who should be posted just outside of the pen walls on opposite sides, or on the four sides.  Release the wild boar from the chute designed for the admission of same into the pen from the one side, and wait for the fun to begin.   The four participants need to be sure to cooperate with each other in the maneuvering of the platter containing the Tyrant around the pen in an effort to elude the charging will boar(s) for as long as possible.  Think of the whole thing as one of these games that are often seen on television. You know, loads of fun and all of that sort of thing.  When the wild boar comes charging at the Tyrant, at the last possible moment, pull the platter aside to elude the boar.  This of course will be impossible since these creatures are amazingly fast and agile, but it will possibly prevent the boar from not getting as much of a chunk out of the Tyrant's body initially as might be otherwise expected.  Pretend this is an operation akin to a Mexican bull fight, and by jiggling the Tyrant back and forth in front of the wild boar, "wave" the Tyrant like a red cloth in front of the vicious creature. Continue this process until the boar has won its battle and its right to feat on "roast" "pig," then release the cables altogether and let the boar finish the job entirely.  If the wild boar contracted with should for any reason lose its appetite for Tyrant, serve up the leftovers to another hungry wild boar that has been kept waiting in the wings for just such an opportunity as this.  Bet you didn’t know something so boaring could be so exciting!  Huh!  Chow baby.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 80:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY THE WEIGHT OF GREAT HEAVY BOOKS ( SO THAT THE TYRANT IS NOW LEARNING) CRUSHING:  This method is to be used on the Tyrant who has (falsely) professed a love for the People, and who proclaims that he/she welcomes the adulation of the People, so that the People might develop a crush upon the same accordingly.    For this occasion, many, many books are to be sought, and all of the books should be as heavy as possible, literally.  Small  paperback books should not be used.  Stake the Tyrant down firmly to the ground.  Place on top of the Tyrant a simple 4' x 8' piece of ½" thick plywood.  Make sure that the plywood will not touch the ground at any of the corners by placing a very weak, but for purposes of suspending the plywood, sufficiently strong, spring, one at each corner.  Then pile on the books, being careful to place the books toward the center of the plywood, and maintaining the balancing of the books (won't require an accountant to balance these books), until the stack has covered the 4' x 8' plywood sheet and is at least twenty feet high.  Let the weight of all of that knowledge contained in all of those heavy books impress (press) the Tyrant.  Some Tyrants are harder headed than other Tyrants.  To be sure that the Tyrant gets the message, leave the whole books-assembly in position for, oh say, perhaps a week or two, making sure that no one comes around to give the Tyrant, under all of that heavy knowledge, any other counter support. Obviously, the public, or the People, will not be able to stay around the whole time, so guards or watchers will have to be assigned to make sure that the whole procedure is carried out appropriately. This method of expunging the Tyrant gives credence to the saying, "A lot of knowledge is a dangerous thing."  When the Tyrant is certified finally as dead, the body should be shown to the People.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 81:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY JET STREAM DANGLING:  In this approach to torturous death, the Tyrant must be secured by a cable around the waist with the other end secured firmly and centered to the fuselage of a central turbine jet, with the Tyrant positioned about twenty to thirty feet from the back of the jet exhaust port, made to stand and be fastened by the feet, on a kind of a low-from-the-ground, wheeled platform that the Tyrant will not fall of once the jet is in motion for take off, but a platform that can be jettisoned off of the Tyrant's feet once the jet and Tyrant are in the air together.  After being assured that the jet is in good flying order and that it will be able to carry the load behind it being pulled, have the jet take off dragging the Tyrant along with it.  Take off should be done at the most moderate, safest, speed possible.  Once sufficiently in the air, jettison the feet-platform.  The Tyrant is now in position to be finished off with this method, with as many on-lookers (the People) on the ground as witnesses and spectators as desire to be there for the grand occasion.  The jet should do no fancy tricks at this point.  A couple of low flying passes so that the People can get a good look at the suffering Tyrant may be in order.  Finally, thrown the jet engine on afterburner, and take off.  Finito.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 82:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY SEVEN DRILLS FOR THE "HOLY" TYRANT TO BE MADE SO COMPLETELY HOLEY:  Take it slow and easy.  No hurry.  Poising seven drills with pencil thick drill bits, at different points around the head, but at angles where they will not intersect, commence drilling, driving the drills up through the head until each drill bit is full immersed in the head. After withdrawing the drill bits, readjust the point locations of the seven drills and bits, and continue this action until the Tyrant is completely dead.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 83:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY PLACING THE TYRANT DOWN INTO A CEMENT MIXER TRUCK, FILLED WITH CEMENT, THEN DRIVE AROUND TOWN, RUNNING THE MIXER, POURING OUT THE CEMENT MIX AND THE TYRANT  INTO A CEMENT MOLD AND ALLOWED TO HARDEN:  This "form" should only be used for the most hardened Tyrant.  Pun intended.  Place the Tyrant in a cement truck at the beginning of the day when there is a lot of running around and getting-work-done to do.  Be sure that there is an adequate amount of cement mix available in the turning drum or barrel of the cement mixer truck, along with the required amount of water.  Make sure that any tubing or vent which the Tyrant might be able to escape prematurely is sealed closed.  Start the truck engine, the cement mixer, and take to the road, with the Tyrant in the belly or barrel of  the cement mixer itself.  Run around town for three or four hours at least, continually adding, from time to time, cement mix and water, until the cement mixer is quite heavy and full.  Finally, with a prepared form to pour all of the cement mix into, pour out the Tyrant along with the cement mix and be sure to tamp the Tyrant's body down into the bottom of the awaiting form.  Watch over the newly poured area until the cement has thoroughly hardened.  Finally, call for workers with concrete cutting saws to cut out the block of concrete from the area in which the Tyrant's body is contained.  Sculpt the concrete around the Tyrant's body until the desired design is obtained.  The concrete-covered Tyrant can then be displayed in public as a work of art.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 84:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY TABLE SAW:  This procedure should prove to be one which will truly terrify the Tyrant, but hopefully will not cause death prematurely by heart attack.  Any ordinary table saw will do the job.  The saw blade should be a standard rip saw blade such as is used for cutting plywood.  The Tyrant  must be secured at the end of several long poles, with a person at the other end of each such pole, controlling the movement of the particular body part to which their respective pole is  attached.  Two poles should be attached to the waist on each side - from the back side of the Tyrant, one pole to the wrist of each of the Tyrant's hands, one pole to the ankles of each of the Tyrant's feet, one pole to the back of the head of the Tyrant, one to each of the knees (behind the knees) of the Tyrant, one to each of the Tyrant's forearms (attached to the elbows), and one to the buttocks, on the higher side thereof.  Turn on the table saw, and with the blade turning at full speed, begin with pushing the Tyrant's left hand onto and across the turning blade, cutting a terrible gash into the Tyrant's hand.  With all of the operations participants helping to keep the Tyrant properly balanced, next push the Tyrant's right foot across the saw blade.  Rotate the different limbs across the saw blade until all four limbs have been sufficiently cut.  Continue to push the Tyrant's different limb parts across the turning saw blade, the forearm, the lower leg, and so forth, being careful not to cut the securing bands that hold the management poles in place.  Next, with the help of the entire team of operations participants, lift the Tyrant's body up so that the participant having control of the buttocks pole can push the Tyrant's genitals across the blood hungry saw blade.  Be careful to only apply the saw blade to the genitals area and not to the stomach or lower intestines area.  Ignore the Tyrant's pleas for mercy and forgiveness; the Tyrant ignored everyone else's screams and pleas for mercy when he / she was in unjust power over the People, and had effectively proclaimed, "What is the Constitution?  There is no Constitution."  Now, push the Tyrant's belly across the cutting, ripping blade, allowing the Tyrant's innards to begin to be drawn out.   Then push the Tyrant's face and head across the blade, then the Tyrant's heart area, then the Tyrant's face and head area again.  Continue to push different Tyrant-body areas across the inviting, ripping saw blade until you have severed enough vital areas that the Tyrant's death becomes inevitable.  Continue until the Tyrant is finally dead, screams and all.  During this entire process, have a good tape recording system on hand to record the Tyrant's screams and pleas for mercy.  When the whole procedure is finally over, be sure to publish the tape as a major hit release, titled "The Screams Of A Tyrant."  It'll become a number one best seller overnight.
TORTURE TO DEATH # 85:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING CATAPULTED OR THROWN THROUGH A CHAIN LINK FENCE (MINCED MEAT PIE ANYONE?):  Taking the Tyrant by the arms and legs, throw, with  all humanly strength possible, the Tyrant into, and potentially through, a chain link fence.  The Tyrant probably will not go all the way through on the first try, so continuous tries will have to be made in order for this procedure to be successful.  In order to facilitate this procedure further, place the Tyrant in the sling portion of a good strong catapult system.  If the participants do not already have a catapult system handy, one will have to be built.  There are a number of books around that show catapults, or examples may be found on some of the old movies that show ancient soldiers waging battle against an enemy fortress.  Once the Tyrant has been placed into the sling, cock the catapult fully back, then launch the Tyrant straight into the chain link fence.  Continue this process until the Tyrant passes or strains through the chain link fence.  If the chain link fence should wear out or be torn apart by this process, find another area of chain link fence to be used.  Keep up the good work.
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 86:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING FED TO A GIANT ANACONDA BOA CONSTRICTOR:   First of all, be sure to include a miniature radio-transmitted microphone to transmit the sounds the Tyrant will make once on the inside of the belly of the Giant Snake to the listeners outside, as it would reduce the People's fun if you did not allow them to hear and relish all that the Tyrant must now suffer, as they have suffered.  Either obtain a giant Anaconda from the farthest depths of Africa and bring it to where the Tyrant is being held, or else take an expedition to where the Anaconda is at.  These giant snakes have been known to swallow children whole but so far, never a fully grown adult person.  We can make an exception on this occasion however, because the Tyrant will not be allowed to struggle free or run. Only slowly digested inside the giant snake. . . . .  yum!
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 87: TORTUROUS DEATH BY - ALIEN:  Begin this procedure by first obtain a sizeable fully adult rattle snake.  Just prior to the execution of the final procedure, put the snake to sleep with a mild sedative, one which will not cause the snake to sleep for more than about fifteen minutes.  Using the skills of a skilled surgeon, or else a rudimentary surgeon if a skilled one is unavailable, cut the Tyrant's abdomen area open, being sure to inhibit all bleeding as much as possible.  Gently try to position the Tyrant's internal body parts and structure to the sides so that they do not interfere with the positioning of the snake therein.  Make sure that there is a sufficient amount of space between the two lungs of the Tyrant so that the snake can work its way up to that location.  Place the semi-sleeping snake carefully into the open abdomen of the Tyrant, with its head turned upward toward the top part of the Tyrant's body.  Next, sew the Tyrant up, leaving a slight opening not securely sewed, just about between the two lungs.  Next, wait for the sleeping snake to awaken.  When it does so, it will begin to move to get out.  When it protrudes its head out of the partially sewn opening above and forward of it, at the moment its head appears, the Tyrant, who will not have been sedated, will see the snake's head appear, and will, in all likelihood, scream.  The Tyrant's scream will enrage the now awakened and irritated snake, and the snake will begin to bite the Tyrant about the face.  Death will be forthcoming.  Be sure to have a camera on hand to capture the moment.   Perhaps a movie can be made from it all.  Perhaps it could be titled as "Alien."  Be sure to see the sequel to this one, to be called appropriately, "Aliens."
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 88:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY - ALIENS:  Repeat the preliminary procedures of the foregoing procedures above, except that where one snake was procured in order to be inserted into the Tyrant's open body, three snakes of smaller, but still deadly size, should be obtained.  Place the snakes, one in the middle, between the lungs, and the other two, one on each side.  Make sure that there are openings above, toward the Tyrant's head, where the snakes can emerge.  Place the semi-sleeping snakes into their respective areas, sew the Tyrant up, almost, and then wait for the entertainment to begin.  Sooner or later the snakes will emerge.  Be sure to have the cameras ready to roll again.  Lights.  Camera.  Action!   Triple the fun!  Yeah!!
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 89:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY FISHING POLE AND BAIT: Obtain a extra heavy duty fishing pole, one that can hold several hundred pounds of weight, if necessary.  It may have to be specially made from a steel rod or some other similarly strong material, and the test line strength also needs to have a several hundred pound test strength.  Take the Tyrant out over a boat upon the ocean, or else bridge fishing will be okay as long it is over some part of a gulf that connects to an ocean.  If fishing by boat, locate an area in which sharks are known to thrive or inhabit.  If not known, take some pieces of raw blood meat and toss them into the ocean.  If one or more sharks have not shown up within about fifteen minutes or so, you may want to move to another area. Be careful not to put too much bloody pieces of meat in the water as this could spoil the shark's appetite for more delectable treats.  When the sharks have been located, proceed to hook the Tyrant on the end of the special Fishing Pole as live Bait.   Gracefully dangle the Tyrant out over the water, just a few inches above where the sharks are swimming.  When any of the sharks notice the live bait dangling there, try real hard to pull the bait back out of the shark's reach.  Continue to tease the sharks with the live bait.  The sharks will get very angry, and will try to dive at the live bait, no matter where it is being dangled.  Eventually a shark will find the opportunity to get a hold on the live bait with its mighty teeth.  Good.  Now you have hooked the shark and should begin to struggle to reel the shark in.  Give it all you've got.  Ignore the kicking and screaming of the live bait.  Reel the shark on in.  It will make a great trophy for the mantle.  After having gotten the shark reeled in and pried loose from the live Tyrant bait, swing the live bait out over the ocean water again to catch still another shark.  Keep on catching sharks until the live bait is all gone from being nibbled away.  Authority is hereby granted to modify this procedure to utilize, where sharks may not be available, such other creatures to fish for as alligators, crocodiles and even piranha fish.  Good luck with your fishing.  May the winds always fill your sails.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 90:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY ROACHES:  To prepare for this procedure, obtain several hundred pounds of live roaches of the large, biting species known to exist in such subtropical regions as Florida, where the roaches have been found to have grown as large as two to three inches in length to as wide as one-half inch to a full one inch wide.  Also be sure to include the large ones with the flexible backsides as these particular kinds have been known to bite.  Confining the Tyrant in a small square boxed area with the top side only being open, prepare the Tyrant by making sure that he/she cannot move around, but is forced (now there is a word that Tyrant's understand too well) to lay in the bottom of the box in a horizontal position, the limbs being restrained from movement.  When everything is ready, and with the Betrayed Citizens having the opportunity to look on, pour out about a one-half inch thick layer of the large biting roaches over the prone Tyrant's body and allow them to scurry over, around and through the Tyrant's body and clothing.  If the Tyrant should accidentally open his/her mouth and allow one or more of the large biting roaches inside, creating a threatening choking potential, be sure to take a long stick and clear the roaches out of the Tyrant's mouth, because an early death by choking on roaches at this point is not the desired action being sought.  Now, pour another half-inch layer of the large roaches over they Tyrant's body.  Allow the Betrayed Citizens to enjoy themselves by walking by the open container and peering inside to see the Tyrant in all of his/her misery.  Dump another load of large roaches over the Tyrant's body, this time about one to two inches.  At this point be sure to advise the Tyrant that if he/she should suddenly get hungry, he/she is not to eat the poor roaches, as this will be considered to be cheating.  But just to make sure that there are enough roaches to offset this possibility, fill the entire box container up with a suffocating number of the large roaches, and close the lid or opening.  Leave the Tyrant in the box for about seven to ten days.  During this time, the roaches will have bitten the Tyrant to death.   Bite.  Bite.
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 91:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY NAIL GRINDING:  This is a really interesting procedure that is varied from the bed of nails concept.  Starting out with a bed of nails for the Tyrant to laid to rest upon (pun intended), create a second bed of nails, except that this bed of nails, to be used as a covering, is to be mounted on an overhead motor driven assembly which can be rotated around and around, and lowered up and down.  Secure the Tyrant firmly, but not penetratingly, in the center of the bed of nails.  Start the motor on the bed of nails covering, engage the rotational function thereof, and begin to slowly lower the assembly down closer and closer to where the Tyrant's waiting body lies.  When the tip of the nails reaches the surface of the Tyrant's body, allow it to rip and tear just a little, then raise the assembly back up and review the damage. Lower again, this time going just a little deeper.  Raise back up again, review the damage, then lower away again.  Continue to lower away until the nails of the covering bed touch the nails of the lower bed itself.  Raise the nail bed covering back up.  If the Tyrant is still alive, let the Tyrant go.  NOT! Not Fair?  But there is no Constitution, and no Eighth Amendment therefore.   Remember?
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 92:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY TOOTHPICKS AND SPLINTERS:  This procedure should prove to be a real screamer.  Begin with driving a toothpick under each fingernail about a quarter of an inch.  When all ten fingers have had toothpicks driven underneath the fingernails, then transfer the procedure down to the toes and the toenails, driving a toothpick under each toenail as well.  Now, begin to spread the driving of toothpicks and large splinters into different other parts of the body of the Tyrant.  Toothpicks in the ears and eyes, splinters in the mouth and down the throat and up the nostrils of the nose, toothpicks driven into different parts of the scalp, toothpicks driven in and around the groin area, and into the genitals themselves, as well as under the arms, are just for starters.  After inserting roughly about a hundred toothpicks and splinters into various parts of the Tyrant's body, leave the Tyrant alone, bound securely, for several hours he / she may suffer in peace.  Then come back and drive another hundred or so splinters and toothpicks into various exposed areas of the Tyrant's body, and leave him / her to languish in his misery and suffering for another couple of hours or so.  Continue this procedure until every conceivable part of the Tyrant's body has been covered with toothpicks and splinters driven therein. To insure the Tyrant's death, remove all of the smaller toothpicks and splinters, and insert longer, larger ones in their place, driving them in deeper than the ones before inserted.  Without question, longer toothpicks and splinters inserted in the right vulnerable areas, such as the throat's jugular vein, will cause undeniable death, death that by this time will be greatly welcomed and appreciated by the Tyrant.  Now, isn't it nice to be appreciated by somebody???
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 93:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY IRON AND IRONING BOARD:  Strap the Tyrant down to an ironing board.  Have a number of irons standing by, including some steam irons.  Also have several bins of ice standing by so as to clean the bottoms of the irons periodically.  Strip the Tyrant bear down to minimal  underwear.  Participants should wear a gas mask to protect their sensitive noses from the terrible stench of burning flesh.  With the proper head gear in place, turn the iron on high, allow the iron to get hot, and with a Participant on each end, begin ironing the Tyrant's body.  A well pressed Tyrant is the desired outcome of this procedure, along with certain death of course.  If the iron has a tendency to stick to the Tyrant's flesh, or vice versa, give the iron a burst of steam in an attempt to break the iron loose.  From time to time it will likely be necessary to use ice from one of the bins to clean the bottoms of the hot irons, in order to get the meat which may stick to the bottom of the irons off.  Ice is good for this routine, and after the bottom of the iron has been cleaned off of any hampering meat deposits thereon, the Participant may continue with the work at hand.  Tyrant hair stick to the bottom of the irons may present a different problem, however with a copper pad, even sticking Tyrant hair should come off okay.  Probably the first area to really begin to cave in and cause the Tyrant any lethal problems will be the stomach area, so avoid that area until a more direct effect of death by torture is desired, then go for it.  A touch of the iron here and a touch of the iron there on the Tyrant's body should have the effect of creating some significant screams and pleadings for mercy, but mercy cannot be shown as there is no constitution to show it under.  Participants should try to be artistic as possible in their implementation of this method, for the sake of the People, and other potential Tyrants, if any, that may be looking on.  To complete the procedure, iron away at the Tyrant's stomach and heart areas until a considerable depth has been ironed into the Tyrant's body.  Nature will take care of the rest. The bill for the pressing should be deposited with the Tyrant in the Tyrant's coffin or urn, unless the Tyrant is to not be buried in either, then just with the Tyrant wherever he/she is buried directly.
TORTURE TO DEATH  # 94:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY MOLTEN IRON DROPS ON HEAD AND BODY:  For this method, it would be best to transport the Tyrant to a iron foundry.  Steel would be too hot, and would bring on death too quickly.  At the iron foundry, the foundry will have a giant pot which will contain molten iron.  With this procedure it will not matter if the Tyrant is fully clothed or not, for the hot molten iron will burn through any protective clothing that the Tyrant may be wearing.  The giant pot containing the molten iron must first be tipped over to one side, almost to where the molten iron would spill over the edge.  The Tyrant is to then be placed, bound securely, and secured in one place, just below the pot on the leaning or tilted side, and using a high heat resistant ladle with a sufficiently long handle, a few drops of the molten iron is to be pulled over the edge onto the waiting Tyrant below.  Ignore the screams of pain and suffering, and they will just get louder as the procedure continues.  Continue pulling the molten iron, in as small a drops as can be had, over the edge onto the still waiting Tyrant below.  Repeat this procedure until the Tyrant begins to be covered with bits of iron drops, like candle wax from a candle.  If the procedure is carried out with care and precision, one giant pot of molten iron should be sufficient to send the Tyrant to his/her deserving torturous demise.  If not, cook up another pot of molten iron and repeat until done.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 95:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY MICROWAVE OVEN - REMOVE GLASS IN DOOR - FIT HEAD THROUGH:  The microwave will need to be fastened securely down in order to prevent the Tyrant from moving or jerking it around while it is in operation.  Now, this particular procedure is simple enough.  A commercial microwave oven might be preferred for this procedure, but may not be absolutely necessary.  As indicated, remove the glass in the front door, and insert the Tyrant's head into the microwave, closing the door with the Tyrant's head through the same.  Around the Tyrant's head, where the head shall go through the door and leave any opening to the outside of the microwave oven, all open areas must be sealed off.  Silver duct tape may serve for this purpose, but if not, something else will have to be used, however it cannot be metal in nature, for metal exposed to the inside of a microwave oven will tear up the oven and make it inoperable.  Plastic sheeting may be necessary to close up, or seal off, any air flow from getting in from the outside to the inside of the oven.  Once the sealing procedure has been effectively accomplished, turn the microwave oven on for the maximum amount of time provided for by its own system.  Microwave cooks from the inside to the outside.  As is known, meat will often swell up and burst from the inside, exploding to the outside, so it is expectable that this may happen in the Tyrant's case.  Continue to operate the oven until evidence surfaces that the microwave process has done its work and the Tyrant is clearly, totally dead.  Be sure to clean out the microwave oven afterwards.  It might be usable on another Tyrant.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 96:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING IMMERSED IN BURNING SAWDUST AND FIRE COALS, AND ICE:  For this process, the Tyrant must be hung up by a chain around the body.  A specially-built Tyrant-sized blow dryer will need to be built for this occasion.  This can be accomplished by putting a large fan in front of a somewhat portable heater system  Building two large metal boxes, or equivalent structures, one for the sawdust and fire coals and one for the ice.  A specific balance of the mixture of fire coals, or ignited charcoals, combined with the sawdust will be necessary in order for this procedure to function to its maximum efficiency.  The sawdust might be soaked in a light oil in order to give it the potential to do a partial burn along with the hot coals.   These two main elements of fire coals and burnable sawdust must be contained in one of the two boxes, bins or equivalent structures.  The other metal box or equivalent structure is to contain ice, cubed or crushed, in order to lower the Tyrant into for cooling purposes from time to time.  The ice been might need to be insulated, possibly with styrofoam sheets, in order to prevent the ice therein from melting away too quick.  When the on looking People are ready, the process operators are to begin by lowering the Tyrant into the Fire Coals and Burning Sawdust, swishing the Tyrant around therein in order to expose an ample portion of the Tyrant's body to the burning sawdust and fire coals.  After scorching and burning the Tyrant soundly, pull the Tyrant out and quickly immerse the Tyrant's body directly down into the bin of ice.  This will undoubtedly raise huge blisters all over the Tyrant's body, in excess of what the fiery conditions alone would otherwise do.  This should begin to make the Tyrant's suffering excruciating.  Good. It is about time that Tyrants were made to suffer.  Next, dry the Tyrant off from the wetness of the ice by using the large, Tyrant-sized blow dryer especially built for this occasion.  This must be done first, before returning the Tyrant to the other box or structure in order to keep the wetness of the Tyrant, from the ice, from putting out the fire.  Now, lower the Tyrant away into the Fire Coals and Burning Sawdust again, swishing the Tyrant around therein as before.  Continue these different steps on a repeated basis until the Tyrant is finally and forever dead.

TORTURE TO DEATH # 97:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING FED CITRIC, HYDROCHLORIC AND SULFURIC ACID INTRAVENOUSLY:  Have at least a couple of gallons of each type of acid standing by, although it is improbable that all of it will be needed.  In addition to the acids, have at least five gallons of water standing by.  Using an intravenous feeding bag, mix a fifty - fifty ratio of citric acid and water, and feed such mixture through the tube into the Tyrant's body, being securely strapped to a table and unable to move, preferably to begin with, inserted in the Tyrant's arm.  Feed this solution to the Tyrant for about ten minutes.  Ten minutes of hell.  Next, replace this solution with a solution of hydrochloric acid and water, with a ratio of about twenty - eighty percent, acid to water, for about ten minutes again.  Ten minutes of horrible hell.  Then replace this solution with a solution of sulfuric acid and water, with a ratio of about fifteen - eighty - five percent,   acid to water, for about ten minutes again.  Ten minutes of unimagined hell.   Repeat this entire procedure all over again, starting with the citric acid again, ending with the sulfuric acid, increasing the percentage ratio of acid by a margin of three percent each time, and extending the time of feeding by two minutes longer each time.  The hell grows worse and worse.  NOTE:  If the vein in which the intravenous feeding needle has been inserted should close up because of the harsh solutions being fed there-through, find another place to reinsert the feeding needle into, in any place and every place on the Tyrant's body usable until the job at hand has been finally accomplished and the Tyrant is fully and forever dead and demised.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 98:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY WILD DOGS.  To bring about the Tyrant's demise on this one, the Tyrant needs to be placed in a large caged area in a wildish setting area.  Care should be taken to insure that the Tyrant cannot escape the wilderness like area, or wild compound.  This would mean that high fences, perhaps barbed wire, and even some kind of mild electrical shock would be necessary to insure that the Tyrant did not escape death prematurely. Make sure that the Tyrant has no weapons.  Tape the Tyrant's hands with duct tape so that they cannot use them for weapons, nor use them to fashion weapons, however crude, from the materials inside the compound.   At one end of the wild dogs area, have a gate which can admit one or more wild dogs.  No.  Please. nooo. please. No wolves.  The best time to admit the wild d..., whatever they are, would be at night, the first one or two just around dusk.  Make sure they are little hungry. And in a bad temper.  Give them time; they'll find the Tyrant sooner or later.  And have some fun. During the daylight ours, do what you can do to attract the wild dogs out of the compound.  Not much challenge or fund during daylight hours.  Each night, however, be sure to admit newer, and hungrier and more vicious wild dogs into the wild compound, so that they can have their way with the Tyrant.   The screams of the Tyrant during the night should be recorded as music for the People's ears.  You will probably have to feed the Tyrant during the day time 'till the time of demise has finally occurred.   Bummer, but necessary.  Truly necessary.  Don't worry.  Wild dogs, like wrong, corrupt law enforcement, always get their man.  So, keep sending in the wild dogs, night after night, until it can be certified that the Tyrant is dead.  Make a movie about it.  Call it the “Call Of The Wild,” Or “By Night They Hunt,” or something like that.  Well, what do you think?  Wild???

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 99:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY BEING BURIED IN HUMAN FECES (DUNG), THEREBY SUFFOCATING THE TYRANT IN THE SAME:  This done in retribution for the People who have been done likewise by the Tyrant.  This procedure should be quite easy to accomplish.  A simple modification of the traditional outhouse and the People are in business to establish justice for themselves and their posterity against Tyrants.  A hole must be dug about two to three feet deep, and the approximate length of the height of the Tyrant.  The Tyrant must be placed, lying down, face upward, within the feces containment hole in a secured condition so that he / she cannot escape therefrom.  Above the containment hole, the outhouse should be equipped with several private stalls which should extend over the length of the hole.  Because the hole is shallow, it shouldn't take too long to fill the containment hole up sufficiently to do the job. Now, invite the public, the People, those who long to be free again, to rid themselves of their bloated feels about the corrupt society which has sought to destroy their very souls, those who are sickened, and ready to expel from their very system that waste material that the body is determined to reject and eject.   Those People who have taken laxatives or simply have contracted diarrhea, and need a worth while place to unload their problems.  This is the place to let it all go.  Do not worry about not being able to find contributors to the cause; when word gets around there will be applicants for the job lining the streets for blocks.  It may take a day or two to actually fill up the containment hole, but eventually the job will be done and the Tyrant will begin to be transformed into so much manure, good only for fertilizing the soil for the plants to grow from.  Well, at least the Tyrant will have finally been found to be good for something.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 100:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY DROWNING IN HUMAN PISS (URINE) {TO BE PARTICIPATED IN ONLY BY THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN PISSED ON BY THE APPLICABLE TYRANT(S)}, AND WHO ARE PISSED OFF ENOUGH ABOUT IT:  To apply this procedure, it is only necessary to duplicate in most detail the procedure set forth above, with a few minor modifications.  These modifications involve reducing or limiting the stalls in the outhouse overhead to nothing more than urinals, even for women, designed so that the urinals, even if used by a woman, will not permit anything but urine to be deposited there-through.  The time for accomplishing the job using this method should be considerably quicker than the one pertaining to feces depositing.  As above, the Tyrant must be secured, lying down, face upward, the length of the urine containment hole.  Invite the public, or the People, sick or well, rich or poor, the good, the bad and the ugly (and the beautiful too, of course), of all races, religions, creeds, tongues, nationalities and origins, in to use the outhouse urinals to their hearts' content.  It should be only a matter of hours to about a day at the most before the urine containment hole is filled and the job is done.  Because of the relative expediency with which this method can be made to work, it can be successfully used on a number of Tyrants in succession, even if the construction of more than one urine oriented outhouse is necessary.

TORTURE TO DEATH  # 101:  TORTUROUS DEATH BY TYRANTS’ STEAKS.  This particular procedure should be chosen by those who are simply fed up with the Tyrants of this world.  It is appropriate.  Equipment needed will be a butcher’s table, and butcher’s cutting tools.  This should include various knives, cleavers and saws.  The participants actively engaged in carrying out this procedure should be sure to wear aprons and gloves.  Oh, yes, and a hair net or hat, to keep their hair out of the “food.”  The butcher’s table will need to have some arresting gear to strap and hold down the first tyrants to be utilized for the great preparations.  The first tyrants to go will have it a little easier than the others, so compensate this by starving them for about two days.  Now, begin by (after securing the tyrant down firmly) begin cutting the tyrant up in to cuts, steaks, roasts, and so forth.  No, nothing was said about causing the tyrant’s premature demise first before doing so.  Proceed in spite of the tyrant’s hollering and pleas for mercy.  The time for such considerations has long since past.  Once you have obtained a sufficient quantity of steaks and other such choice cuts, bring on the other tyrants.  First, begin by preparing delicious tyrant steaks for the new tyrants.   When the steaks are done, serve them to the tyrants for their most ravenous feasting.  If they refuse to eat, starve them until they will.  If they die from starvation, oh well.  Either way they were taken care of.  After the tyrants have well feasted and gorged themselves on those well prepared tyrant steaks, it will then be their turn to be placed on the butcher’s table.  Do so immediately.  There are more hungry tyrants waiting.  Continue this cycle until you run out of tyrants (if you ever do).  If you should run short of tyrants so that there are no tyrants left to feed tyrants steaks to, thrown those tyrant steaks and other cuts to the sharks, or ‘gators, or other such creatures that will have them . . . without wrenching.

BONUS TORTURE TO DEATH :  TORTUROUS DEATH BY COOKING DRAWN INNER ORGANS WHILE TYRANT IS WATCHING VITAL INNER ORGANS BEING COOKED.  This procedure  I came across while discussing the matter with a person who was acquainted with some of the forms of torture devised over in Europe.  Or was it Asia.  In any case, the procedure is simple, but effective.  Bind the Tyrant to where he or she cannot move around.  Have a flat cooking plate standing by.  The cooking plate can be heated either by heating it up red hot over a hot fire, or it may be heated electrically.  Both ways have advantages, depending on how you would like to see the Tyrant go out of this world - either in a mad agonizing scream and frenzy all at once way, or a slow pleading and begging way.  The electric heating system allows for the latter way; the red hot pre-heated way provides for the immediate agonizing way.  Selecting the proper place, cut the Tyrant open and draw out the internal vital organs.  Place them on the heating plate and begin to cook them, either slow at first or else madly fast, depending on which method you have chosen for the tyrant.  Make sure that the Tyrant can look down upon his or her innards being cooked that way, realizing that the cooking process will literally cook the life out of him or her while he or she watches.  If you want to have some extra fun, make like its a cookout.  Pour on some barbecue sauce, throw some onions around the cooking innards, a little salt, pepper, hot sauce, whatever you can imagine.  Remember, whatever you choose is okay, because there isn't a Constitution anymore; it was successfully done away with by the Tyrants, one piece at a time, until there was nothing really left of it.  In fairly quick time the Tyrant should be well done, and dead, from this procedure.


# 1.  The Tyrant might petition you to let him or her go, and give you all kinds of good reasons as to why you should do this.  Let the Tyrant spend lengthy time in pouring out his or her heart to explain why his or her life must not be ended this way.  After you have considered all of the things that the Tyrant has said, explained, pleaded, and begged about, look down at the poor pitiful Tyrant, look ever so wisely and justly and say, "Your pleadings have been dismissed, because you failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.   And seeking a more definite statement is denied before you ask, so don't.  This matter has been decided ex parte as a part of a Star Chamber Trial that you have been afforded.  Case closed."

# 2.  The Tyrant might expect you to show compassion, at the very least, by granting one last blessing before his or her life gets ended by one of the above procedures.  A normal expected saying is "May God have mercy on your soul."  Ask the Tyrant if he or she would like to have that stated just prior to implemented the chosen procedure.  Whether or not the Tyrant says "yes," step back and withdraw the offer by saying, "We have reached a decision, and realize that we cannot submit that God have mercy on your soul.  Compassion denied.  The people don't have subject matter jurisdiction over the matter.  People also lack procedural jurisdiction.  Case closed.  Next case."

Just a little something to help the Tyrant understand how important the Constitution was (before the Tyrant destroyed it), and how badly the Tyrant betrayed the people and their Constitution by said Tyrant's tyrannical ways.  Hope the Tyrant can read this and repent before it is too late.



THE PURPOSE OF THIS DOCUMENT OR WORLD-WIDE PUBLICATION:  It is hoped that those persons who have taken the position that the Constitution of the United States is out dated and no longer applies today; that the way it was originally meant to be construed and its original purpose should not be considered today; or that all other laws are over it and it does not really take precedent over the lower laws; or for those who are bound to the Constitution by oath or affirmation who say, "Don't talk to me about the Constitution.  The Constitution doesn't apply here." . . . when called upon to do so as a matter of duty, or those who plot to do away with the Constitution altogether, or those who seek to replace the United States Constitution with a constitution of a different or foreign choosing, such as the proposed United Nations constitution, will come to understand that it is and was the Constitution of the United States of America that was first truly inspired (or authorized) by God, for it was and is this self-same Constitution that has protected, to such degree as it has been respected and revered, people both in the public and private domain, from punishments that long ago could be, and at times were, inflicted upon humans with no more regard for their suffering than one would be toward an inanimate objects, punishments so cruel, oftentimes unusual to the point of being twisted and cruel, and so very real, that the Founding Fathers of the Constitution were determined to put an end to such things so that we as a human race might one day live in peace.

The true enemy to this very inspired Constitution is also the enemy to the human race, and he is Lucifer, the evil one, whose image is found on every evil thing that seeks to invoke ruin, pain and suffering, disgrace and destruction on any and every soul, whether good or bad, guilty or innocent, for his hatred for humanity is so great that no degree of suffering, shame and disgrace quenches it, no feelings toward him of kindness, forgiveness, or understanding move him to compassion and repentance

I want to make it clear that, in the publication of this book, I do not hope to actually bring suffering upon the People of this world, but rather hope that this book will give then both excuse and reason to avoid it.  Above the Constitution of the United States of America stands ANOTHER Constitution, greater than even the greatest Constitution of the Earth, under which the Constitution was authorized to be inspired.  This Constitution IS and WAS known as the Celestial Constitution, and its nature of existence is eternal, for it was first established to set the foundations for life for the angels of heaven, which angels are and were we.  When other Constitutions fail, the Celestial Constitution will still prevail, and ALL are accountable to it, even if they weren’t aware of it before, for they all agreed to it, to uphold its requirements before they entered into this world.

I know that I am hated by Lucifer for saying all of this, for he has caused me as much suffering as he could in this life, as much as our Heavenly Father and His Son would allow him to cause me, in more ways than I can count.  At one time I wondered why.  A prophet of God once told me that Lucifer, as Satan, would do his UTMOST – to win me over and . . . . to destroy me . . . . if he could.

Just a couple of years thereafter, when I was in my early twenties, my wife and I were driving home from church one night, and just as we were crossing over a small bridge, a single thought was inspired into my mind, and I turned to her and said, “In the pre-mortal existence, I faced Lucifer personally in open confrontation."  This is all that I knew at the time.  I said nothing more about it, because nothing else came into my mind and heart at the time.  Since that time, I have come to understand many, many things, things that have helped me out in my battle against the forces of evil, those in my own life and those in the lives of others.  Unfortunately, it has made me the mortal enemy of Satan himself.

Of these things I do now attest, that He, the Lord and God of Heaven, did cause that the Constitution of the United States of America, even under the Celestial Constitution, be clearly and expressly established before and unto humanity, that in the last days humanity, His little children, which we are one and all, might be saved from the unlawful and wanton destruction caused by the adversary of us all. . . . . .  In the name of Christ,  I say this now Legally.  Amen.

   Humbly, your servant,
                                                    Dr.  Dale Livingston,  DLC
, JD, tms