KULR-8 History

The station was signed on the air as KGHL-TV, an NBC Affiliate, March 15, 1958 by Midland Broadcasting Company, from its offices located at 214 N. 30th Street. The offices were moved to Indian Caves Road and the call letters changed to KULR in 1963 with the sale of the station to Crain-Snyder TV. KULR was then purchased by Harriscope Broadcasting Corporation in 1967, who changed the network affiliation to ABC in 1968 and moved the studios to our current facility at 2045 Overland Avenue in the Homestead Park, in 1984. KULR is was owned by MDM Broadcasting Corporation, being purchased from Harriscope in 1986, and "came home to NBC" in 1987. In June of 2004 Max Media brought the acquisition of News powerhouse KULR–8 the NBC affiliate in Billings, and with it, the sales agreement for KWBM, the WB affiliate in Billings.