Vol. 2, no. 2, April, 2001

The Library
An Important Component of A
Muslim Home or Institution

Safa Alshiraida
MAS Tarbiya Department

People engaged in an Islamic activity come to a very astonishing realization- that the human personality is a very complex entity. No single approach can reform the personality, and no same set of approaches can be effective for all personalities.
The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used different approaches while performing his noble duty of calling to Allah, the Almighty. He treated each individual differently. He may stress on one person what he does not on another.
The Islamic movement follows the steps of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and adopts the slogan: “The Messenger is Our Role Model.” That slogan requires that the personality molding (Tarbiya) should be approached in a comprehensive way that covers all human activities. Personal contact, lectures, trips, camps, seminars, conferences, conventions, regular meetings, and I’tikaf are only a few examples of some of these activities.
One of the activities that helps in molding oneself to fit the Islamic model is book reading. It supplements the other methods of tarbiya and enforces them. Thus, it is very important that a muslim family or institution have a library consisting of essential books that help in the understanding of Islam in a comprehensive way.
In order to help in selecting the most important and appropriate literature for a muslim library, a list of books and video tapes is given below. They are classified into three levels, with level one being the introductory level; each level needs to be covered before proceeding to the next one. Covering this material in that order will give, in time, a comprehensive understanding of Islam.
Now, we present the list of books and video tapes:

Level One
The Holy Qur’an
• In the Shades of the Qur’an, by Sayyid Qutb
• The Meaning of the Qur’an, by Imam Maududi.
• Easy Tajweed, by Al-Muqri’ Husaini.
• Al-Tibyan Fi Adab Hamalat Al-Qur’an (The etiquette of the carriers of Al-Qur’an), by Imam Al-Nawawi.
• Way to the Qur’an, by Khurram Murad.
The Hadith
• Al-Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths with explanation.
Al-‘Aqeedah al-Islamiyah (The Islamic Creed)
• General Introduction to Islam, by Ali Tantawi
• Towards Understanding Islam, by Imam Maududi.
• Risalaat Al-‘aqa’ed, by Imam Hassan Al-Banna
• Four Basic Terms, by Imam Maududi.
• The Faith, by Muhammad Na‘im Yasin.
AL-Seerah al-Nabawiyah and Seerat al-Sahabah wa-l-Tabi‘een (The Life of The Prophet (pbuh) and the Lives of the Companions and Followers)
• Light of Certitude (Nur al-Yaqeen), by Al-Khudri.
• Portraits of the Companions of the Prophet, by Al-Basha
• Companions of the Prophet, by Abdel Wahid Hamid
• The Life of the Companions (Hayat al-Sahaba), by Kandahlawi
• Men Around the Messenger, by Khalid M. Khalid
Al-Fiqh al-Islami (Islamic Jurisprudence and Laws)
• Fiqh us-Sunnah, by Sheikh Syed Sabeq
• Everyday Fiqh, by Yusuf Islahi.
Tazkiah (Purification), Morals and the Muslim Character
• Zaad ‘Ala-t-Tariq (Nourishment along the Path), by Sheikh Mustafa Mashhour
• How to Attain True Piety and Righteousness in Islam, by Amin Islahi.
• Al-Raqa’eq (The Softeners of the Heart), by Muhamed Ahmed Al-Rashed
• The Committment, by Shamim Siddiqui.
• Al-Ma’thurat (Memorial Supplications), by Imam Hassan Al-Banna.
• Muslim’s Character, (Khulqul Muslim), by Sheikh M. Al-Ghazali.
• Kimya’ As-Sa‘ada, by Imam Al-Ghazaly
• To Be A Muslim, by Sheikh Fathi Yakun. (Both Parts A&B)
• The Tracts of the Imam Hassan Al-Banna, by Imam Hasan Al-Banna:
• To the Youth
• To What do we Summon Mankind
• Between Yesterday and Today
• Under the Banner of the Qur’an.
• Milestones, (Ma‘alem Fi-t-Tariq), by Sayyid Qutb.
• This Religion of Islam, by Sayyid Qutb.
• The Religion of the Future, by Sayyid Qutb.
• The Passages of Truth, (Mamarraat Al-Haq) (selected translations), by Ra’ed Abdel-Hadi:
• Propriatory
• Abidance
• Courage
• Advice
• Work for Islam
• Importance of Collective Work
• High Aiming Ambition
• Humility
• Confidence in Allah
• Educational Groups
• Comprehensiveness
• Importance of Tarbiya
• Strong Foundation
• Duties of Today’s Muslim Da‘iya

Level Two
The Holy Qur’an
• The Meaning of the Qur’an, by Imam Maududi
The Hadith
• Sahih Muslim
• Riyadh-us-Saliheen, by An-nawawi
• Four Basic Terms in the Holy Qur’an, by Imam Maududi
• Islamic Belief Made Simple, by Hasan Ayyub
• Almustakhlas Fi Tazkiyati-l-Anfus (in Arabic)
• How to Attain Piety and Righteousness in Islam, by Amin Islahi
• At-Targheeb wa-t-Tarheeb
The Seerah
• Summarizing the Seerah of Ibn Hisham, translated by Silaima Mihammed
• Fiqh us-Seerah, by M. Al-Ghazali
• Seerat un-Nabi, by Shibli Numani
Biographies of the Companions
• Companions of the Prophet, vol. 1-3, by Abdul Wahid Hamid
• Tabaqat Ibn Sa’d
• Hayat us-Sahaba, by Kandahalwi
• Fiqh us-Sunnah, by Sayyid Sabiq
• Al-Fiqh ‘Ala-l-Madhahib al-Arba‘a
Islamic System
• The Individual and the State, by Dr. Abdulkarim Zaidan
• Political System of Islam, by Imam Maududi
• On Political System of Islam, by El ‘Awwa
• Manual of Da‘wah to Individuals, by MAS
• Individual Da‘wah, by Seikh. Mustafa Mashhoor
• Manual of Acquaintance with MAS, by MAS Tarbiya Department
• Manual of Acquaintance with ICNA, by ICNA
• Passages of the Truth:
• Confidence
• Sacrifice
• Mujahada
• Distinctiveness
• Necessity of leadership
• Obedience,singleness of purpose
• Loyalty, steadfastness
• Shura
• Discharge of Khalid
• Usool ad-Da‘wah, (in Arabic) by A. Zaidan
• Witnesses Unto Mankind, by Imam Maududi
• The Tracts of the Imam Hassan Al-Banna, by Imam Hasan Al-Banna:
• Our Mission
• The Fifth Conference
• Our Da’wah in a New Stage
• Towards the Light
• Our Problems in the Light of the Islamic System
• The Jihad
• The Message of the Teachings
• Usrah System
• Qawa‘id ad-Da‘wah Ila Allah (in Arabic)
• The Path of Da‘wah, by Sheikh Mustafa Mashhoor
• Methodology of Da‘wah, by Shamim Siddiqui

Level Three
The Holy Qur’an
• The Meaning of the Qur’an, by Imam Maududi
• ‘Ulum al-Qur’an, by A. Von Denfer
• A Course in the Sciences of the Qur’an, by Ibrahim Surty
• Towards Understanding the Qur’an, by Imam Maududi
• Way to the Qur’an, by Khurram Murad
The Hadith
• Riyadh-us-Saliheen, by An-nawawi
• Studies of Hadith Methodology and Literature, by M Azmi
• As-Sunnah wa Makanatuha fi-t-Tashree‘ (in Arabic), by M. As-Siba‘i
• The Sunnah: Source of Civilization, by Sh. Al-Qaradawi
• Al-‘Aqida At-Tahawiyya/Islamic Belief Made Simple, by H. Ayyub
• Al-‘Uboodiyya, by Ibn Taymiya
Fiqh and Usool al-Fiqh
• Fiqh us-Sunnah, by Sayyid Sabiq: from ayman to end of book
• Al-Fiqh ‘Ala-l-Madhahib Al-Arba‘a
• Al-Wajeez fi Usool Al-Fiqh (in Arabic), by A. Zaidan
• Manual of Da‘wah to the Masses, by MAS
• How to Tell Others About Islam, by Y. Emerick
• ICNA Bylaws and Regulations
• MAS Bylaws and Regulations
• Manual of Acquaintance with the USA, by MAS
• Usool Ad-Da‘wah (in Arabic), by A. Zaidan
• Fiqh ud-Da‘wah, by M. Nassir
• Fiqh-ul-Awlawiyyat (in Arabic), by Sheikh Al-Qaradawi
• Methodology of Education, by Dr. Ali Abdulhaleem
• Saviors of Islamic Spirit, by A. Nadwi
• A Short History of Revivalist Movements, by Imam Maududi
• Islam and Communism, by Imam Maududi
• Islam and Capitalism, by Imam Maududi
• Islam and Secularism, by Imam Maududi
• Al-Mawsoo‘a Al-Muyassara fil-Adyan wal-Madahib Al-Mu‘asira (in Arabic), by WAMY
• Ad-Da‘wah: Qawa‘id wa Usool (in Arabic), by J. Amin
• The Islamic Movement: Dynamics of Values, Power and Change, by Imam Maududi
• Islam and the World, by A. Nadwi
• Problems Facing Da‘wah and Da‘iya, by Fathi Yakun
• Allah’s Universal Laws, by Dr. Abdulkarim Zaidan
• Call to Islam, by A. Islahi
• The Muslims of America, edited by E. Haddad
• Memoirs, by Imam Hasan Al-Banna

Level One
The Holy Qur’an
• Al-Qur’an: The first source, by H. Ghazali & S. Fareh
• Journey through the Qur’an by A. Zaki
• Al-Qur’an, the Miracle of Miracles by A. Deedat
• Feeling the Beauty of the Qur’an by H. Ghazali
• Al-Qur’an and Modern Science by J. Badawi
The Hadith
• Al-Sunnah: The second source by H. Ghazali & S. Fareh
• Preservation of the Sunnah by J. Zarabozo
• Belief in Qadaa and Qadar by H. Ghazali
• Fundamentals of Islam by H. Ghazali
• Islam Among Other Revealed Religions by J. Zarabozo
• Why Islam by J. Badawi
• Misconceptions about Islam by J. Badawi
• Al-Aqeedah Al-Islamiyah by Tariq Swaidan
• Diseases of the Heart by A. Idris
• Women in Islam between Myth and Reality by J. Badawi
• Islam and My Life by Cat Stevens
• Men and Women Relations in Islam by J. Lang
• Social Justice in Islam by H. Ghazali & S. Fareh
• Living Islam in America: Social Aspects, by J. Badawi
• Living Islam in America: Economical Aspects, by J. Badawi
• Living Islam in America: Da‘wah Aspects, by J. Badawi
• Living Islam in America: Educational Aspects, by J. Badawi
• Living Islam in America: Ethical and Moral Behavior, by J. Badawi
• Human Embryology Between Islam and Science by K. Moore
• The Way to Islam in America by J. Lang

Level Two
The Holy Qur’an
• The Qur’an and My Life: a Guidance and a Light by J. Lang
The Hadith
• Understanding Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim by J. Zarabozo
• Preservation of Sunnah by J. Zarabozo
The Aqidah
• When a Muslim becomes Kafir by H. Ghazali
• Tawheed: its Basics and Merit by A. Hakim
• Towards a Better Understanding of Islam by J. Badawi
• Muhammad, the Messenger of God (Part 1) by H. Ghazali
• Muhammad, the Messenger of God (Part 2) by S. Fareh
• The Call of Islam in America and Perception to It by S. Wahhaj
• Islamization of America or Americanization of Islam by J. Badawi
• International Dawaa Training Course by A. Deedat
• What the Bible Says about Muhammad (PBUH) by A. Deedat
• Muslim Contribution to Science and Technology by D. Siddiqui
• Brotherhood and Unity in Islam by J. Lang
• Islam between East and West by J. Lang
• Balance and Moderation in the Practice of Islam by T. Swaidan
• Men and Women Relations in Islam by J. Lang
• Americans Becoming Muslims by J. Lang
• Americans Becoming Muslims by Amineh Assilmi
• The Muslim Family in N. America by J. Badawi
• Building a Solid Economic Base for Muslim Communities in N. America, by S. Staitieh, M. Ejazi & A. Abdus Sabur
Level Three
The Holy Qur’an
• Short Course on Islamic Science: Introducton to Tafseer by H. Ghazal
The Hadith
• The Contributions of Some Narrators of Hadith by M. Siddiqui and A. Zaki
• Short Course on Islamic Science: Introducton to Usol Al-Aqidah by J. Badawi
Usool Al-Fiqh
• Short Course on Islamic Science: Introducton to Usol Al-Fiqh by I. Bagby
Other Religions
• Is Jesus God? Was he Crucified? by Buckos vs. Douglas
• Introduction to Christianity by G. Miller
• Modern History of Christianity by G. Miller
• Christianity and Islam: Similarities and Differences by Badawi and Douglas
• Qadianis, Baha’is, Ahmadia and Others by A. Hakim
• Practical Examples of Da’wah by T. Wazir & S. Wahhaj
• Communicating Islam to Non-Muslims by J. Badawi
• Da‘wah for Us and Against Us
• Da‘wah: the Message and the Methods by J. Badawi
• Muslima in American Prisons: What to do about Them by W. Omar, M. Hamidullah & S. Khalifa
• Examples of Muslim Community
• Models in N. America by S. Wahhaj
• Challenges and Opportunities for Muslims in N. America by E. Haddad & S. Syed
• Malcolm X: Highlights of his Life by Malcolm X
• The Muslim Roots in America: Discovery & Contributions
• The Making of the American Policy in the Middle East by P. Findley
• Problem Resolution in Muslim Communities by J. Badawi, M. Siddiqui & S. Nyang

May Allah make us use our knowledge in the service of Islam.