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Meeting the Challenges of the New Millenium Through Quality Education and Responsible Leadership

Cover Story

The dawn of the new millenium is at hand and all of us are facing the challenges it brings forth. We must prepare for these challenges today. How? Our education must fit the future needs of our country and the world as well. A well-equipped student must not only have a sound mind but also the capacity to direct other people around him. Another way is through effective and responsible leadership of our officials. The different educational institution administrators and the government officials generate a deep impact on the minds of today's youth. They are responsible in shaping the minds of the youth and harnessing their potentials towards global competitiveness. With a well-equipped mind and a responsible leader to look up to, we can outstrip the challenges of the new millenium. (FC)


Life in the New Millenium

As the new millenium dawns, different challenges crowd our way. These challenges are brought about by our search for a better life. We are no longer contented with simple living. Our needs and demands are getting higher and more complicated in these present times. For sure, it will continue to accelerate in the next few years. We have no choice but to find ways to meet these demands needed for our survival, otherwise, we will face the verge of extinction.

Much have been said about life in the future. Some describe it as an environment dominated by technology and scientifically organized systems. Others say it will be bleak and barren of human warmth. Still others say, life will continue to go on normally.

With the evident breakthrough and innovation in science and technology, there is no doubt that the life ahead for humanity will be a "high tech" one. Our technology will become even more sophisticated as it adapts to the challenges posed by human discoveries. One example is a move from a macro to micro economy. Instead of generic products, people will become more insistent on getting specific needs met. We are already seeing evidences of it today. Some people don't order "generic" Coke, they order diet coke, decaffeinated coffee instead of mere coffee, or any other varieties. The development of pest -resistant and genetically engineered plants, transcontinental jets, Internet data transmission via satellite, on-line learning process or cyberschools is now commonplace. We have automobiles capable of driving themselves through self-guided tracking systems. Virtual reality helmets exist which allow people to play basketball against the 1992 New York Yankees while standing in their living room. These are some of the great things we enjoy today, which we never thought would come to existence. And the future is bound to offer us even more astounding realities.

However, can we cope with the formidable and demanding challenges of the new millenium? Along with these comforts and pleasures the new millenium brings come dreadful uncertainties and dangers. The possible misuse of technology can lead to the destruction of our environment, the world, and human race. The massive use of illegal drugs will come to an alarming rate and leaders of the nations with leading technology will become greedy of power and domination. All will compete in the race to determine who will be the most powerful nation and the greatest leader. The warmth of human relations will fade.

Therefore, we must ensure that a proper balance is maintained. Full freedom and harmony, a right relationship between man and his environment should be safeguarded. Technological and scientific advancement should serve man's needs better and maintain peace and unity in the world. Life should be lived with a sense of brotherhood despite all advancement. We must prepare now so we'll have nothing to fear in the future.

Is the future something to fear?

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