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» Abington, MA

» Matt, Dan, Mike, Marc, and Steve

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We are currently writing 3 new songs and will be recording them with Matt Squire in College Park MD in early Jan. We'll keep you posted on the jump off .........word

Hello, We're A Loss For Words. We play catchy, intense rock.Thanx for comming by and checking us out. If you like what you hear then you can scroll down and check out our shows and maybe come by and rock out with us. Join the party. Thank you for all the support!

Well we are sad to inform you that... Adam will no longer be playing with us do to musical differences... Along with Evan our amazing friend and drummer of 3+ years. We are gonna miss our grandpa! but its for the best. We wish both of them the best of luck... thanks alot guys!

We now welcome Marc and Steve to the AL4W family... they have both been good friends fo yrs. So make sure you talk to them and make them feel welcome!

January 7th
the Living Room R.I.
A Second Chance
the Cadence
the Northwood
Stars Over Satelites
this is the sickest fucking line-up R.I. will ever see!

January 22nd
Norwood American legion
doors 5:30
the Cadence
A Loss For Words
As Tall As Lions(Triplecrown Records)
The Receiving End of Sirens(Triplecrown Records)

January 29th
Rocking for Rose benefit show!
the Northwood
the Cadence

Febuary 11th
Natick Art Space
the Cadence
the Northwood

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by our sides for the last 5 yrs. we are stepping it up and taking the band fulltime now and we need all the support we can get to help usthrough the times we are going to be experiencing!!! thank you guys so much!we love you!

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