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Scientists experiment today; tomorrow their findings are outmoded.
The world goes on overriding itself. That which science knows is microscopic compared to the immensity of that which is to be known.
Sathya Sai Baba


Welcome to Free Energy Principles

This website is dedicated to the popularization of free energy technology by

This site will be developed by continuously adding new material, and organizing them into a logical structure. Therefore it is worthy to check the updates page time after time.

If you are new in this field, you can find a basic definition of free energy (FE) here.

We will lay emphasis on principles, since that is the key for the successful utilization of free energy. If someone understands the working principle of a free energy converter, then he has good chance to successfully develop a working model even if he has got no ready design. But if he has obtained a draft of a free energy machine and does not understands its working principle then with great probability he will not be able to build a working model. If such a machine does not yield any excess of energy as it have been promised, then without knowing the basic principle he has no chance to find the cause for the failure, and even less to further improve the device.

Therefore we will concentrate only on select few ideas, where we can contribute to the clarification of their working principles. The disproved, erroneous theories will be also treated as valuable information, since they will help to guide the future research away from dead ends that has been already examined. By indicating the wrong direction of the research, they may also give a clue where to search for the right principle.

The main structure of the site will follow the natural flow of developing free energy ideas. When an idea emerges we can classify it as a proposal. The next step is to prove or disprove it, either theoretically (using the known scientific methods) or by practical measurements. So the free energy principles can be classified into the following categories:

  1. Proposal

  2. Confirmed by scientific analysis

  3. Confirmed by measurements

  4. Confirmed by scientific analysis and measurements

  5. Disproved

The development sometimes takes the opposite direction, namely it starts with a strange measurement result that prompts further theoretical and practical investigation. Nevertheless the above classification will serve the purpose even for such cases.

The starting package of information (free energy from wave-fields) is a good example for such a process, since this research has been initiated by weird measurement results which contradicted the law of energy conservation. The measured deviations could not be explained away by a scrupulous and open-minded professional, thus he started to search for possible theoretical explanations and practical applications of the phenomena.


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