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The USA is a failed democracy - a duopoly of Republicrat corporatist plutocrats. Support direct elections, runoff elections, instant runoff voting, proportional representation, and free candidate airtime.

With less than 5% of the world's population the USA has over 2.2 million of the world's 9 million prisoners!
The U.S. police state continues via the institutional racism of both the drug war and cannabis/drug reformers.
Abu Ghraib = racist Phoenix Program terror.
World sanctions against racist, U.S.-aided, Israeli occupation terror will end the world war. No justice, no peace!

Most were civilians:
Most were civilian deaths. Add this to your site. Click for banner code, stat sources, charts, links, and casualty counters. Casualty counters. 
U.S. deaths in Iraq.

Over 350 cities since 1999! Million Marijuana March. Cannabis Liberation Day. First Saturday in May. Click!
360+ cities so far!
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"Nearly half a million people are now behind bars [in USA] for non-violent drug law violations
-- that's more than all of Western Europe, with a larger population, incarcerates for everything!" - Drug Policy Alliance. Sept. 2003 mail.

Texas leads the world with 4.6% of Texas adults in prison or jail, or on probation or parole!

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." - Benito Mussolini. (from Encyclopedia Italiana, Giovanni Gentile, editor). Quote is also at bottom of full-page Washington Post ad, May 16 2003, page A25.

Thomas Jefferson to George Logan, 1816: "I hope we shall... crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Corporatism quotes.

Stop corporatist Republicrat EVIL! The Texas Big Oil, Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical Complex!

Just Ask Texas! Corporatist Control in action. Click!

This site is pro-capitalist; anti-Corporatist; pro taxation of the rich; anti middle-class taxes; pro independent media; anti EVIL ONDCP, DEA, hate radio, and Fox News morons. This site is anti big Republicrat government; pro lower taxes overall; pro cheaper organic universal healthcare; anti small business and small property taxation; pro graduated wealth tax for the rich; anti sales taxation; pro organic farming; anti cancer costs; pro free energy; anti oil pollution costs; pro-environment; pro green space; pro population reduction; and therefore anti-immigration; pro cheaper 'unschooling'; pro home schooling; anti-curriculum; pro voting age of 17; pro instant runoff voting; pro proportional representation; pro shorter workweek; and therefore pro automation; anti mandatory overtime; pro higher minimum wage.

Click! Rachel Corrie; American crushed to death by U.S.-made, Israeli Army bulldozer March 16, 2003 in Rafah, Gaza strip, in occupied Palestine.
Rachel Corrie.

Put Palestine occupation under temporary UN and NATO control until independence! Stop the U.S.-aided, modern-day 'Phoenix-Program' of Israeli death squads, bombing, village destruction, and land theft.

Israelis refuse military service in occupied territories of Gaza and West Bank. Click for latest info and banner.

Axis of EVIL: USA, Israel, and Iran are competing theocracies and terror states. U.S. drug-war ads, DEA museums, etc. say that drugs fund terrorism. U.S. terrorism begins and ends with crazed EVIL Texan, Armageddonist, U.S. House Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay's support, funding, and arming of EVIL fundamentalist Israeli settler expansion, terrorism, land theft, and murder of people like American Rachel Corrie (photo above) in Gaza and the West Bank in occupied Palestine. It is the EVIL Bush-DeLay, fundamentalist, U.S. Southern Death Cult of Texas and Big Oil! Working with hate radio, hate TV, and the disinfo of EVIL moron pundits at Fox News, MSNBC, Clear Channel, and much of corporatist Big Media.

Click for more info.

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The majority of U.S. prisoners are there due to the drug war!

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MMM 2001 city list. [TopLink]

119 cities worldwide for the third international Million Marijuana March!

Adelaide, Australia.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.
Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Anchorage, Alaska, USA.
Asheville, North Carolina, USA.
Athens, Ohio, USA.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Auckland, New Zealand.
Austin, Texas, USA.
Bakersfield, California, USA.
Batesville, Mississippi, USA.
Battle Creek, Michigan, USA.
Berlin, Germany.
Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Boulder, Colorado, USA.
Brno, Czech Republic.
Buffalo, New York, USA.
Burlington, Vermont, USA.
Capetown, South Africa.
Carbondale, Illinois, USA.
Charleston, West Virginia, USA.
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Chico, California, USA.
Christchurch, New Zealand.
Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.
Columbus, Ohio, USA.
Denver, Colorado, USA.
Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Duesseldorf, Germany.
Dunedin, New Zealand.
Durban, South Africa.
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
Eugene, Oregon, USA.
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA.
Frankenthal, Germany.
Garberville, California, USA.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Hamburg, Germany.
Helsinki, Finland.
Hilo, Hawaii, USA.
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Homer, Alaska, USA.
Houston, Texas, USA.
Hull, England, UK.
Huntsville, Alabama, USA.
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.
Innsbruck, Austria.
Ithaca, New York, USA.
Jefferson City, Missouri, USA.
Jerusalem, Israel.
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Juneau, Alaska, USA.
Kansas City, Kansas, USA.
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.
Kent, Ohio, USA.
Krakow, Poland.
Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada.
Lansing, Michigan, USA.
Liverpool, England, UK.
London, England, UK.
Los Angeles, California, USA.
Macon, Georgia, USA.
Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
Miami, Florida, USA.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Missoula, Montana, USA.
Mobile, Alabama, USA.
Montpelier, Vermont, USA.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
New York City, New York, USA.
Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia.
Nuernberg, Germany.
Oberlin, Ohio, USA.
Oberwart, Austria.
Olympia, Washington, USA.
Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
Orlando, Florida, USA.
Oslo, Norway.
Paducah, Kentucky, USA.
Palm Springs, California, USA.
Paris, France.
PEI (Prince Edward Island), Canada.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
Pomona, California, USA.
Portland, Oregon, USA.
Prague, Czech Republic.
Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, USA.
Redding, California, USA.
Regina & Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Richmond, Virginia, USA.
San Francisco, California, USA.
San Marcos, Texas, USA.
Santa Cruz, California, USA.
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Seattle, Washington, USA.
Springfield, Illinois, USA.
St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.
Tampa, Florida, USA.
Tel Aviv, Israel.
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.
Tokyo, Japan.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Tucson, Arizona, USA.
Turku, Finland.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Washington, D.C., USA.
Wellington, New Zealand.
Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Woodstock, New York.
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Zagreb, Croatia.


Detailed city list. [TopLink]


To avoid being mistakenly deleted as spam please put MMM in the subject-title of any MMM email sent to the addresses below. Also, please substitute @ for "at" in the email addresses below. "at" stops spambots from harvesting addresses.

Adelaide: Contact: Jamnes "at" HEMP SA, PO Box 11019, Kent Town South Australia, 5071 /Email: hempsa"at" Phone: +61 (08) 8297 9442 

Albuquerque: "Richard E. Haley, Jr." writch"at" Home phone: 505-268-5694 Main NORML Phone: 505-281-6277 

Amsterdam: Has© has.cornelissen"at" or alliance"at" Phone: 0031-616314682 or 020-6107807 [Note: this event is June 2 (small event on May 5)]

Anchorage: Free Hemp In Alaska, Contact: Lincoln Swan freedomfighter49"at" or freehempinak"at" Address: 2603 Spenard Road, Anchorage, AK 99503. Phone: 907 278-4367 TOLL FREE 1-866-242-HEMP (4367) 

Asheville: Contact: Jason Klein aragorn"at" /Community of Compassion/ Phone: 828-277-6876 

Atlanta: Paul Cornwell info"at" Phone: 404-522-2267 Address: CAMP, PO Box 5718, Atlanta, GA. 31107-5718 / Website:

Athens (OHIO): John Spofforth af542"at" Phone: 740-592-3649 

Auckland: Chris Fowlie norml"at" Phone: 09 302-5255 Website:

Austin: Contact: Tracey Hayes / "M5 coalition" texasm5"at" Phone: 512-493-7357 Website:

Bakersfield: Chris Colazzo ccolazzo"at" Phone: 661-321-1336 

Batesville: Email to: nfn"at" nfn"at" / Gary or Kira / Phone: 662-578-8343 

Battle Creek: Harry Goddard / Phone: 616-731-2807 

Berlin: martin"at" Phone: 0049-30-24720233 

Boston: Bill Downing / MASSCAN Phone: 781-944-2266 

Boulder: Fred / Phone: 303-449-2390 

Brno, (Czech Republic): "Vaclav Linkov" linkov"at" Phone: +420-737-811107 URL:

Buffalo: Rebecca Powell / Phone: 716-353-4807 or central Buffalo/ Phil Beavers Phone: 716-353-4807 or 716-895-1987 Email: LOCMAN420"at" Details: Start 3:00pm Sat. May 5th, Delaware Park Demo/ 420pm 

Burlington: "Robert J. Melamede" rmelamed"at" Ph: 802-658-2059 Website:

Capetown: "Henn" godfreehenn"at" 

Carbondale: "Dave Thayer" stinkygreens"at" 110 kellogg, Carbondale, Ill. 62901 Phone: 618-536-7419 

Charleston: Jim Payne StalkForrest"at" 

Charlotte: Mike CAMPNC"at" Phone: 704-321-1421 

Chicago: IMI Phone: 773-381-9330 Email: "Caren Thomas" windycityhemp420"at" 

Chico: MP Jimmy Ogle mpogle"at" Phone: 530-876-1012 or "Adrian Aguilar" ode2thewalls"at" Phone: 530-898-2150 or voicemail pgr. 530-571-2071 

Christchurch (NZ): "Blair Anderson" blair"at" / Phone: 03 389-4065 

Cleveland: John NCNorml"at" Phone: 216-521-9333 

Columbus: Kenneth Schweickart forabetterohio"at" Phone: 614-265-VOTE 

Colorado Springs: Joey Herrmann rainbowproductions1"at" 

Denver: Jack Woehr / Phone: 303-277-9574 

Des Moines: iowanorml"at" , , Phone: Carl Olsen, 515-288-5798 or Terry Mitchell, 515-789-4442; also Becky Terrill, 515-268-3105 Address: PO Box 4091, Des Moines, Iowa 50333. 

Detroit: "jude joseph" acididea"at" Phone: 313-438-1668 or Adrienne C. "at" E-mail: daisymae421"at" Phone: 517-872-8005. 

Duesseldorf: Marlon Werkhausen, Email: marlon"at" Mobile Phone: 049-172-7591795

Dunedin: Duncan Eddy duncaneddy"at" Otago University NORML Phone: 025-719-139 Website:

Durban: or ezpz"at" PHONE AND FAX: +27 31 2016 359 / Post net Suite 136, Private Bag X 04, DALBRIDGE, 4014, SOUTH AFRICA 

Edinburgh: "Linda Hendry" linda"at" 

Eugene: Kris Millegan Hempsters"at" Phone: 541-935-6276 

Fairbanks, Alaska: Contact Chuck Rollins Jr. at chuck"at" 

Frankenthal: "Helmut Holtzheimer" movemus"at" 

Garberville : "Paul Encimer" encimer"at" 

Halifax: Danielle D'Aoust, e-mail: daoust_girl"at" 3923 Kencrest Ave. app. 307, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3K3L4 Tel: 902-454-9317; or 902-865-8606 Also Jimmy Dorey jdorey"at" 

Hamburg: Martina Katzsch Hanf-tv"at" 

Hilo: Roger Christie pakaloha"at" Phone: 808-961-0488 / also Rev. Jonathan Adler bigislex"at" Phone: 808-982-7640 

Helsinki: Finnish Cannabis Association, Details: Demo begins at 2pm. Email: sky"at" 

Ho Chi Minh City: "Bartlett Ridge" bridgeviet"at"

Homer, Alaska - Contact: Julie Cesarini, P.O. Box 812, Homer AK 99603, Phone: 907-235-6040. 

Houston: Dean Farrell fdb"at" Phone: 281-752-9198

Hull: "Carl Wagner" Upyoursjackstraw"at" Phone: +44 01482 494789 5 Victoria Square, Ella Street, Hull HU5 3AL, England 

Huntsville: "Bill Gallagher" luxefaire"at" Phone: 256-536-9967 

Indianapolis: Skywolf"at" Neal / Phone: 317-882-1904 

Innsbruck, Austria: Contact: Matthias, Email: "Egger" florian.egger"at" 

Ithaca: Adam Hirsch ah222"at" Address: 522 Stewart Ave. (Apt # 2), Ithaca, NY 14850 

Jefferson City: Al Minta / Phone: 417-866-399 Address:1653 N. Patterson (Apt A), Springfield, MO 65803 

Jerusalem: Joseph (011-972) Phone: 050-494-447 

Johannesburg: Gordon Maene Gordon"at" Work phone: 011-805- 6763 Cell phone: 082-552-6393 

Juneau, Alaska - Contact: "Brad Parfitt" latebrad"at" 

Kansas City: Global Peace Cafeneh globalpeas"at" globalpeas, 1518 s. 18th st., KC KS 66101 or mohemp"at" Phone: 816-931-6169 Website:

Kelowna, B.C.: Teresa Taylor, CCC luna"at" Phone: 250-442-2741 or 250-442-5166 / Fax 250-442-5167 

Kent, (Ohio): Contact: Derrick Heichelbech, Community Cannabis Collective, Kent State University, 22 Cunningham Dr. #1029, Kent, Ohio 44243 / Website: Email: mjmarch"at" Phone: 330-672-4263 

Krakow: Marek Warmuz / "quepassa" quepassa"at" Phone: (+48) 501-468-018 

Ladysmith: Terry & Wendy tandwp1"at" Phone: 250)-245-3595 

Lansing: Kathy Kennedy / Phone: 517-628-3915 or e-mail: Prohibition X "at" or

Liverpool: "Will Graham" willg"at" Phone: (inc. international code): 0044 151 727 1458 

London: International Cannabis Coalition (UK), PO Box 2243, London, W1A 1YF, UK. Chris: 020 7637 7467. Fax: 0870 0548646. E Mail: may2001"at"

Los Angeles: Sister Somayah / Phone: 323-232-0935 Email: hempishep"at" 

Macon: Email: BunnieGurl420"at" Phone: 912-755 9660 

Madison: "Ben Masel" bmasel"at" 

Miami: Temporary contact: Steve Jacobsen chefjake01"at" Phone: 561-706-1670 

Minneapolis: Grassroots Party, Temp Phone: 952-884-5009, or Chris Wright TCW"at" Ph. (612) 522-5374. / March "at" High Noon from Loring Park to Washburn Fair-Oaks Park. 

Milwaulkee: Dominic Salmaan, 1525 E., Royall Pl. #14, Milwaulkee, Wi. 53202 Ph. 414-289-9501 / 414-339-9377 Email: 420bonghitter"at" 

Missoula: Contact: Angela, Phone: (406) 549-8389 

Mobile: Ravetripper19"at" Phone: 334-649- 0193 

Montpelier: Rama Schneider 2001"at" Phone: 802-433-5441 Address: 1614 Gilbert Road, Williamstown, VT 05679

Montreal: Marc-Boris St-Maurice blocpot"at" Phone: 514-528-1768 

Nashville: "Howie & Marivuana Leinoff" torml"at" Phone: 615-ACT-HIGH 

New Orleans: "Ashley The Fearless" fearless_420"at" Phone: 818-762-1368 / 504-957-HERB Website:

New York City: "Dana Beal" dana"at" Phone: 212-677-7180 

Nimbin: "rebelart" rebelart"at" Contact ph: 61-266890413

Nuernberg; Contact: Emanuel Kotzian (member of the "Green Party") Email: emanuel"at" Phone: 0049-911-535433 Details: A pro-hemp-event is planned at the clubhouse K4 in Nuernberg. 

Oberlin: Jesse Kanson-Benanav Jesse.Kanson-Benanav"at" Address: Oberlin Million Marijuana March, c/o Stitch by Stitch and Curiosities, 31 South Main Street, Oberlin, OH 44074 / Phone: (440)774-4544 / Email: OberlinMMM"at" 

Oberwart (Austria): DJ ANSA will take part in the CANNABIS COALITION 2001 "at" X-CHAT in Oberwart / AUSTRIA in form of a GOATRANCE - PARTY on MAY 4th - 6th (48h NONSTOP) Email: ansa"at" ansa"at" Website:

Olympia: "Miriam White" miriamwhite420"at" Pager/voice mail: 360-415-2011 

Omaha: Paul Tripp paultrip"at" Phone: 402-330-8736 

Orlando: Rudi703"at" Phone: 407-415-2091 

Oslo: Contact: Stein Hoftvedt, NORMAL Norway / Email: post"at" /or Torkel Bjørnson/ mmm2001"at" Website:

Paducah: Contact: Paula / Phone: 270-362-9849 or Cher Ford-McCullough bitchcrafts"at" /also Brian McCullough Phone: 270-362-8186 

Palm Springs: Contact: Lanny Swerdlow or Scott Logan of The Hemp Company in Desert Hot Springs at 760-329-3358 or page Lanny Swerdlow at 760-836-8166 /760-799-2055 Email: marijuanamarch"at" 

Paris: farid"at" FARId GHEHIOUECHE Home phone: 01 42 51 50 85; Mobile: 06 14 81 56 79 or "Dalila AKROUR" dalilaa"at" 

Philadelphia: Bob Hemp (beep) 215-422-6055 / or Emily Petry / Email: "susie q" phillyweed420"at" Phone: 215-563-3030 

Pomona, Ca: "Mark Hornaday/Hemp Shak" hempshak"at" Phone: (909)JAH-HEMP. Address: 119 West 2nd St., Pomona, CA 91766. 

Portland: Phone: 503-777-9088 pdxnorml"at" Address: MMM 2001 Committee c/o Pdx NORML, P.O. Box 11694, Portland, OR 97211. Assemble at Pioneer Square, 10am - March at High Noon; Rally at 2pm, music & speakers til 5pm (Ends by 7pm) 

Prague: Michael Polak xchaos"at" Tel: +420-603-872631, +420-2-33355668, +420-602-178012

PEI (Prince Edward Island): Deanne Kimball cdkimball"at" Phone: 902-628-9012 

Providence: "Ann McCormick" amccormick"at" Phone: 401-724-8628 

Raleigh/Durham: Brian T. Moore btm42"at" Tel: 919-835-9889 Website:

Redding: "Byron Stephens" neuromancer420"at" 

Regina & Saskatoon, Canada: Contact: "Daniel Johnson" amduscias"at" 

Richmond: "Roy B. Scherer" rscherer"at" , or campus libs at Huclberie1"at" Phone: 804-355-7612 

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Contact: Jeramiah Whipp, Marijuana Party of Saskatchewan, Phone: (306)230-0951 

San Francisco: or "Adrian Mim" age420"at" Phone: 510-444-3207 

San Marcos: Bryan Anderson: Email: earthfirstswt"at" Phone: 512.396.3223 

Santa Cruz: DdC dendecannabist"at" or Jason Brodsky theherbalist"at" 

Springfield, Illinois: "Mike Roader" heavymettle"at" 

St. Louis: Rev Jeff Aimhigh6"at" also The Cannabis Commandos or St. Louis Area NORML , PO Box 220243,St. Louis, MO 63122, Phone: 314-995-1395 Email: StL_norml"at"

St. Petersburg: Kevin Aplin - FL CAN Ph: 321-255-9790. Jodi James - Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana Ph: 321-253-3673 Brian Palmer - Golden Boy Productions Ph: 407-493-2346 

Seattle to Olympia Journey for Justice: Jess "Fat Freddy" Williams realfatfreddyjay"at" Ph: 253-573-9862 

Tampa: Phone: 813-779-2551. Michael Palmieri forml420"at" or forml_2000"at" ; Address: FORML, P.O. Box 2061, Zephyrhills, Florida 33539. ; or Bob Quail bquail420"at" Phone: 727-347-6245 

Tel Aviv: Boaz Wachtel wachtel"at" Tel: 972-54-573679 

Thunder Bay: Contact: Doug Thompson, Email: docclone"at" Ph. 807-475-7436 

Tokyo: Contact: Cannabist, Phone = +81-3-3706-6885 EMail: info"at" Website:

Toronto: "Terry Parker Jr." terryparkerjr"at" Phone: 416-533-7756 / also The Marijuana Party of Canada Website: also Traverse City: Melody Karr fiddlefoot420"at" Phone: 231-885-2993 

Tucson: "mary mackenzie (formerly crow)" mmackenzie"at" Phone: 520-323-2947 

Turku: Contact: Vihreet Pantterit, Email: smuuthc11"at" Details: Demo begins at 2pm/ 

Vancouver: David Malmo-Levine, BC Marijuana Party Bookstore, 307 West Hastings,Vancouver, BC dagreenmachine"at" Phone: 604-682-1172 

Washington, D.C.: John Pylka, fjhc"at"hotmail Phone: 202-887-5770 

Wellington: Ben Knight legalise"at" Phone: 04 801-6636 

Winnepeg: Chris Buors, Phone: 204-663-3485, Mail to: 430 Winterton ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2K 1K4 

Woodstock, NY: Contact: Ed zepplin edzepp"at" , WAMM, Woodstock Association for Medical Marijuana, T. Villodas 6 orchird lane, Woodstock, N.Y.12498 

Yarmouth: "Ryan Taylor" wi1dman"at" Phone: 902-742-6213 

Zagreb: "Sergio Stifanic" fine_time909"at" Address: Galoviceva 10, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia Phone: ++385 1 2330667 


Sources for city list. [TopLink]

*2001 MMM city list. CHART.

*2001 MMM city list. Listed in various places . Alphabetical order. 119 cities. and and and and

*2001 MMM city list. In several formats. Scroll down the page. Poster, too.


Rally reports, photos, etc.. [TopLink]

*2001 MMM. New Zealand.

*2001 MMM. world wrap-up.

*2001 MMM. Rally reports worldwide. Preston Peet compilation. and

*2001 MMM. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg reports. In German.

MMM rally reports. Many reports for all MMM years. and


Many MMM links for all years. [TopLink]

*MMM. Many LINKS. Million Marijuana March. Global March for Cannabis Liberation. Worldwide since 1999. Around 235 cities signed up for events in 2003. Weekend of the first Saturday in May.  Event navigators, city links, alphabetical city lists, contact lists, email lists and archives, flyers and posters, rally report compilations over the years, media coverage, MMM history, search shortcuts, FAQs, and more. Where to send your MMM city info, corrections, reports, etc.. Confirm your city yearly! MMM links: and


Drug War CHART. And links to more. [TopLink]


*Drug War Charts. Links to many charts. With short descriptions. New chart pages. Old chart pages. All chart pages on this website. Plus links to charts offsite. Chart formats and their uses explained. The latest chart versions are usually found by going to the "mirror" links listed with a chart. Quick links and descriptions: and
and and


2,218,946 total inmates. Yearend 2003.
USA, U.S. Territories, and U.S. Commonwealths.

Jail, prison, BICE, INS, juvenile, Indian jails, military, etc..
753 imprisoned per 100,000 population.

This is 0.753 percent of the population.


BICE is Bureau of Immigration and Custom
Enforcement. INS is Immigration and
Naturalization Service.
Main U.S. Territories and Commonwealths are
American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana
Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Their total population in 2003.______4,285,059
Midyear 2003 U.S. population.______290,342,554
USA and territories population.____294,627,613 mirror.
mirror page. mirror page. Population. All U.S. islands. Prisons. Table 1, Note a. Jails, etc.. Some dates.



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Spiritual Liberation from Religion. Spirituality for Dummies.

A Declaration of Independence. Here below are 2 Bible verses that release people from adherence to Bible verses, all religions, all religious texts, all names, and even names like "Jesus" or "Lucifer"! If people can think and feel for themselves, and if the spiritual world is real, and if free will is real, then no one can really force anyone to loosen up, and open themselves to the spiritual. And conversely, no one can forcibly close someone off from the spiritual. People are in prisons of their own making and choosing. Especially the prison of spiritless religion. Many of the world's problems, wars, hate campaigns, and drug wars come from the religious pseudo-spirituality of many fundamentalists, leaders (EVIL ones like Bush), preachers (like Pat Robertson), and hate media (like Fox News, Clear Channel, etc.). It is due to their simplistic intolerance, and their close-minded belief in the infallibility of religious texts and names. These true believers are closed-off simpletons and dumbstruck beginners who are tied to their religious textbooks. Texts that are often completely changed from the original texts, and/or were edited by many people over many years. Texts that are often chosen for political purposes centuries ago. There are many texts that are more accurate and truthful. But they usually attack the status quo, especially religion. So they are often burned and lost to history. Sometimes they are found. In any case almost no text can be proven to come unedited from the period or person claimed.

Matthew 12:32 (from New American Standard version):
"And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age, or in the age to come."

A similar version is found in the Gnostic gospel of the apostle Thomas:
"44. Jesus said, 'Whoever blasphemes against the Father will be forgiven, and whoever blasphemes against the son will be forgiven, but whoever blasphemes against the holy spirit will not be forgiven, either on earth or in heaven.' " ___
-- "The Nag Hammadi Library, a collection of thirteen ancient codices containing over fifty texts, was discovered in upper Egypt in 1945. This immensely important discovery includes a large number of primary Gnostic scriptures -- texts once thought to have been entirely destroyed during the early Christian struggle to define 'orthodoxy' -- scriptures such as the Gospel of Thomas, ..." and


Bold Emperors and Evil Morons.

The false prophets of the fundamentalist and corporatist slave herds.

Morpheus: "It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." Neo: "What truth?" Morpheus: "That you are a slave, Neo. Like everyone else you were born into bondage. Born into a prison that you can not smell or taste or touch. A prison - for your mind. Unfortunately, no one can be told what the matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. This is your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends. You wake up in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember! All I am offering is the truth. Nothing more." -- From the 1999 movie, The Matrix. Emphasis added.

A history of hate radio and television.

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull*hit!"

*Adolph Hitler. Ex-Moron-in-Chief. Religion of Nazi hate. War criminal. DEAD.
*Joseph Goebbels. Hitler's Minister of Propaganda. The "Big Lie." DEAD.
*Rush Limbaugh. Corporatist Propagandist. Rush Windbag. Hillbilly heroin hypocrite.
*Bill O'Reilly. Propagandist. 5-minute Harassment "Interview" lectures.
*Pat Robertson. Fundamentalist. Male-based Christianity. Versus female.
*Osama Bin Laden. Islamic Male Fundamentalist. Old-time patriarchy.
*Jerry Falwell. Male Fundamentalist. Neither moral, nor in majority.
*Nancy Reagan. Propagandist. "Just Say No." Role-played subservient female.
*Henry Kissinger. War criminal. Death squads. 9/11 investigation mole.
*Ariel Sharon. War criminal. Jewish Male Fundamentalist supporter.
*ONDCP, DEA. "Big Lie" ads, consciousness control, astronomical U.S. incarceration rate.
*George W. Bush. MORON #1. Crusading Armageddonist. Drug-war criminal.


Ronald 6 Wilson 6 Reagan 6. Drug War Majority.

The majority of the over 2.2 million U.S. inmates are imprisoned because of the EVIL 666 Drug War!

Republicrats. Republican EVIL, 
Democrat complicity.
1968 to date. Creating the U.S.

Drug War Incarceration Nation
of arch-drug-warriors
Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Bush II.
Texas = state-sponsored
drug war terrorism!

Remember Tulia, Texas!

Majority comes from totaling drug crimes, plus drug-related crimes (such as robbing to get money for drugs that are expensive because of the drug war), plus drug trade crimes, plus drug-related parole violations, etc.. The U.S. incarceration rate is over 5 times higher than in 1971 when arch-criminal "law-and-order" President Richard Nixon declared an EVIL "war on drugs" as a substitute for the good "war on poverty." The USA has less than 5% of the world's population and around 25% of the world's 9 million prisoners. Since the year 2000 the USA again has had the world's highest incarceration rate! It is 5 to 20 times higher than all other Western (long democratic traditions) nations such as Australia, Canada, Western European nations, Iceland, etc.. The USA rate is over 3 times higher than it was during the first presidential election (1980) of far-right arch-drug-warriors President Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6), Vice-President George Bush the First, and the EVIL Beast-Master herself, Nancy ("Just Say No") Reagan. 6.5 million U.S. adults, or 3.1% of all U.S. adults, or 1 in 32 adults in the USA, were under correctional supervision (in jail, in prison, on probation, or on parole) at yearend 2000. That is when the true Millennium ended, and when the Supreme-Court-appointed President George W. Bush, the fundamentalist Armageddonist, as governor  of Texas (1994 to 2000), left a legacy of a full 1% of all Texans incarcerated! In 2003 Texas led all other U.S. states with 4.6 percent of the Texas adult population under correctional supervision: jail, prison, probation, parole. This puritanical, shape-shifting, 666 Drug-War Beast came slithering in wearing corporatist politicians' suits, and the pompous robes of judges and simpleton fundamentalist ministers and EVIL hate-filled hypocrites such as Bill Bennett, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and the Moral Majority. Government waste: It costs around $25,000 per prisoner per year. Statistics, references, links, and charts: and

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