Bloodite Interview: Dave53 [Eleven]

Real name : Dave Bell
Gender : Male
Date of Birth : 06/09/83
Location : Jacksonville, Florida [U.S.A.]
Connection : Cable Modem
Hardware : Celeron 300A @ 464Mhz, 64MB RAM, Dual 12MB Voodoo2 SLI
In-Game Character and Color : Red Caleb
Control Method : Mouse + Keyboard
Date and time interviewed : May 18th, 1999, 3:30pm EST

01 What's your gaming nickname and is there any particular reason why you chose it?

I've had a few in the past, none have stuck forever. Originally I was known as "Beavis53" which originated on Mplayer. The "53" comes from my dad's old motorcycle racing number, so he digs it. :) Now I'm known as Dave53 [Eleven] when playing games online, and on ICQ. Eleven comes from one of TOOL's songs, "Jimmy". Only bad thing is that I hade Beavis53 for so long, my dad now calls me Beavis on the computer and in real life. :)
02 Do you use a custom character config and, if so, how is it setup?
Strength : 4
Resistance : 2
Speed : 3
Focus : 3
03 What weapons do you include in your arsenal?
01 : Sub-Machine Gun
02 : Shotgun
03 : Howitzer
04 : Telsa Cannon
05 : Sniper Rifle
06 : Minigun
07 : Napalm Launcher
08 : Assualt Rifle
09 : Life Leech
10 : Flare Gun
04 Do you prefer bloodbath, standard teamplay or CTF?
Teamplay can be tempting cause it add's more strategy to the game, but overall Bloodbath rulez. I classic 1on1 match can decide who is to be Fe4r3d and shouldn't have talked the trash they did before the match. :) (Trash talking is all part of the fun, you crazy fool ;) - Infern0)
05 What maps are you best on?
Why don't we fire up a LAN game and I'll show you in a painful way, eh? :) E1M1 all the way d00d. Once you've played it a million times from Blood, your as good on it as Norm McDonald on a lesbain/midget joke is. The Cyrpt and Bodies rock too.
06 Which weapon do you think induces the most lag?
Lag? What is this you speak of? Cable Modem'ers don't know the meaning. :) (Bastard... - Infern0) If I had to say though, the Napalm Launcher, I'd be fraggin' so fast the internet can't keep up with me.
07 What is the funniest kill you've performed or received?
This took place on a Mplayer 2on2 match in Quake. Me and a buddy were beating these guys big time on E1M1 (Slipgate). We enter the room below the rocket launcher, the other two guys are moving towards us, side by side. Me and my buddy fired our rocket launchers (we were side by side also) simultaneously, each fragging our own enemy, at the exact same time. ROCKED! :)
08 What's your standard way of carrying out a humiliation death?
Typing out something in Spanish right before they die so they are dizzy AND confused!
09 What games do you play online apart from Blood 2?
Anything that can get my addrenalin going! Quake 2, Quake 3 Arena, Starcraft, Sports Car GT, Shogo, etc...
10 What is your all-time favourite weapon from any game?
Easy, the Bullgut from Shogo. No better way to slaughter a friend than 4 house size rockets. ;)
11 What is your all-time favourite map from any game?
Quake 2 DM1 and Q3Test2 "The Longest Yard". Q3Test2 has to be the most action packed I have ever played on a LAN, just what I like.
12 What do you think the future holds for Blood 2?
It all depends on if the MOD community can stick with it. Loki of Monolith is helping out all he can to those in need via the mailing list. It'll never take off though if people quit the project's like I've already seen done. STICK WITH IT PEEPS!
13 What tips do you have to share with your fellow bloodbathers?
All the basic rules apply when playing any FPS. Jump jump jump, move move move, and think think think. Once you play for a year or so you get to where you can anticipate your opponents next move, it's like having virtual ESP. :) If you can do all of these things at once you'll be unstoppable.
14 How can people contact you so they may try and damage your bloodbathing prowess?
Most of the time I'm playing on my own LAN at home, or a private server run at my dad's work. Other than that, just email me at and we'll find somewhere to play. :) 15. What do you think
15 What do you think about PlanetBlood and is there anything else you would like to see on it? (this is also the place where you can plug your sites)
Nothing! It's absolutley perfect! Weeeeellll, a link to the most awesome Blood Maps site, Tha Blood Archives at {SHAMELESS PLUG!} {SHAMELESS PLUG!} couldn't hurt. :) (That hurt more than you can possibly imagine - Infern0)
16 How and why was Tha Bloodshack launched?
Tha BloodShack was originally designed by Mike-EEE, owner of Tha DoomShack and Shack network. I wasn't directly involed with BloodShack until someone had to take over due to Mike's lack of time. I had been doing a Blood Map's site and some of the first Blood 2 websites, so I helped him get things started. BloodShack had one thing in mind, just like the other sites on Tha Shack Network: To provide the best news, strategies, and originality as possible. Unfortunately, some of the sections never developed as I was the only one running the site. I have a few friends now that would like to still do the strategies, so hopefully we'll see that one day. Individual strat's for the different MODs would be a great addition.
17 When was the site at the peak of its popularity?
BloodShack started getting a lot of exposure when Monolith started presenting the website at, and from there on it all sky-rocketed. We won a few "site of the week" type awards, and was published in PCGames magazine for a few months. Around then was a awesome time, and it was VERY hard to have to close it down for the time being. Hopefully though, some MOD's will get rolling in full steam and I'll be opening it up. Pretty much everything is complete to go back up, just a couple of design changes might occur to "fit" the MOD scene. And finally a new design will come in a couple months. Tha Shacks will be da bomb, with our main hub at
18 Do you think Blood II will ever be popular enough to completely revive Tha BloodShack?
Plain old Blood 2? No... But I have hope in the MOD authors. From what I've seen and heard so far, there's some REALLY creative ideas out there, as long as they STICK WITH IT! :)
Closing Comment : Thanks for that interview, Dave. All the best with tha shack.

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