Bloodite Interview: Mic

Real name : Michael
Gender : Male
Date of Birth : 01/22/80
Location : City USA, Wisconsin, LaCrosse
Connection : 28.8, and 500k cable modem (What's the 28.8 used for? A placemat? - Infern0)
Hardware : custom, celron533 128ram, Diamond Viper 770 Ultra
In-Game Character and Color : I like to play as red as often as I can
Control Method : key pad and mouse
Date and time interviewed :

01 What's your gaming nickname and is there any particular reason why you chose it?

Mic for along time and I thought that would be a lot better then DeadMeat.
02 How important do you think the follwing player attributes are?
O' come on now this is a secret ... But one thing I can tell you is a slow player is a dead player, keep the speed UP!

Strength : N/A
Resistance : N/A
Speed : N/A
Focus : N/A

03 Which three weapons couldn't you live without and why?
M16, Napalm & Tesla Gun, It's all ranges. The M16 is good at all ranges, and the other 2 are good for reaching to touch someone using 2nd Fire option!
04 Do you prefer bloodbath, standard teamplay or CTF?
I really like a good game of CTF, but we all have to love BloodBath.
05 What maps are you best on?
I do well in most maps ... Big & small, but it seems I come out with more kills on the smaller maps.
06 What is the funniest kill you've performed or received?
*Not Answered*
07 What's your standard way of carrying out a humiliation death?
Knife, or remote bomb.
08 What games do you play online apart from Blood 2?
Nascar3, Midtown madness, descent2 & 3, Freespace2, Blood1, UnrealTournament, & Motorhead.
09 What is your all-time favourite weapon from any game?
Well as any weapon goes, I love to use my car as a weapon in Midtown, but I would have to a real cool gun is from UnrealTournament, Redeemer!
10 What is your all-time favourite map from any game?
My favorite map is from Arjan, called Damaster.
11 11. It's been some time since Blood 2 was released. Do you think the game was underrated or got exactly what it deserved?
This is a great game with a few bugs, but just like when we shop for a car, there are 2 cars for sale, same price, but the bloodmobile has some scratches on it. When the Half-life racer is all shiny. What would you get?
12 What tips do you have to share with your fellow bloodbathers?
go get all the add-on maps you can get, and If you or a friend work at a place where T1, or faster is there connection to the Internet, ask to run a Blood2 server over night while no one is there!
13 How can people contact you so they may try and damage your bloodbathing prowess?, as the great Duke said, "Come get some"
14 What do you think about PlanetBlood and is there anything else you would like to see on it? (this is also the place where you can plug your sites)
I would like to see more of an Index of things, you want a level, or a certain Rez file. They should be all here, EZ to find so people would not get discourage from playing blood2. Note- I'm working on starting an Index :) (Excellent, less work for me...oh wait, that's the wrong attitude - Infern0)
15 The Battle Grounds quickly became a popular hosted site here at PlanetBlood. Why did you decide to start the site up?
I was just starting to Build blood2 maps, and I was just going to build a site for my levels, but the only 'Index' of levels were at the fileplanet. So I set out to have the best Blood2 levels add-on site, BAR-NONE!
16 What was the inspiration for the brilliant Battle Grounds Radio Show?
I got the Idea from a Descent online show, but death came to there show not too long ago. But what they didn't do is add other games to there list ... We will soon have 2 other FPS to chat about on BGRS... Stay tuned!
17 Do you have any big plans for the future?
IliveAgain and I work working out this little Idea for a multi-add-on project. And as for my self, you could see a skin pack from me and-or a solo single player add-on nothing big but with a high coolness factor! & More Maps. With the new Kiss game out I will be doing more maps for it and adding a feature just like the Battle Grounds for Kiss. One cool thing about the Kiss game, I can make one map work for both Blood2 and Kiss!!!!
Closing Comment : Many thanks to Mic for starting up the old Bloodite of the Week hilarites once again. Stay tuned for next week's bloodite. could be you!

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