Bloodite Interview: ShiftK

Real name : Shifty "ShiftK" Key
Gender : Male
Date of Birth : May 09, 19nn*cough, cough*
Location : USA, SF Bay Area
Connection : 2Mbps Cable
Hardware : Pentium II 400MHz, 256MB SDRAM, 32MB TNT2, 24MB Dual Voodoo2-SLI (in a few weeks)
In-Game Character and Color : Caleb ; green OR Ophelia ; Red
Control Method : Mouse + Keyboard
Date and time interviewed : Sunday April 16, 1999 - 4:16am : Finished at 5:09am (hehe)

01 What's your gaming nickname and is there any particular reason why you chose it?

The whole Shift Key thing started about two years ago when I was starting to get more into multiplayer gaming, and essentially graduating from "Lame Newbie" into "Experienced Buckaroo". Basically I got the idea from (what else) my keyboard. I picked the coolest function key (Shift), and the coolest letter (K : X is cool, but all-too common) from it, and just popped 'em together. Liked it ever since :)
02 Do you use a custom character config and, if so, how is it setup?
I usually change my setup each time I start a game. I will either focus on Focus (hehe) or I will go for wicked Resistance / Speed. Strength is important, but I have learned much from playing hours and hours of Jedi Knight through a LAN. Always stay on the defensive unless you are going wicked kamikaze-postal on people. The one thing I seldom change in my setup is my arsenal (see below, but then again, I guess you knew that...)
03 What weapons do you include in your arsenal?
01 : The Chosen Knife
02 : Mac-10 Sub-machine gun
03 : Sawed-Off double-barrel shotgun
04 : Car-15 Assault Rifle
05 : Flare Pistol
06 : BMG .50 cal Sniper Rifle
07 : TW-X59 Tesla Cannon
08 : The Orb
09 : Bug Buster
10 : CabalCo Death Ray
04 Do you prefer bloodbath, standard teamplay or CTF?
Honestly I have to say that I don't get out to Blood 2 MP much, and I really wish that people still played classics like Blood and Duke3D online still, because quite unfortunately I missed that era where you could still get decent ping without owning something they use on Navy subs :(

However, I do play Half-Life a lot (generally because there are simply more servers) and I must say that a lot of the time I like standard teamplay, but once in awhile I'll get up to playing a bit of good ol' fashioned deathmatch. In my opinion, CTF for Half-Life (a.k.a. Team Fortress Classic) sucked horribly.
05 What maps are you best on?
In Blood 2 I don't think it really matters because multiplayer is so balanced out anyway that it really makes no difference for me. The only levels I have problems with are the ones which have a lot of ladders to climb and such. I feel the ladders in Blood 2 / Shogo should have been fixed. Walking up them is a pain, and quite laborious, which, in a good game of Bloodbath, usually means instant death.

In Half-Life, I excel at sniping maps, and maps with a lot of close combat. Mixing the two (Ex. "Bounce" and "Snark Pit") usually doesn't go well for me.
06 Which weapon do you think induces the most lag?
Blood 2: Makes no difference to me. Speedy connection handles just about everything fine. Half-Life: The Hivehand, definitely.
07 What is the funniest kill you've performed or received?
I have to admit that I am one sick bastard, and killing anyone in multiplayer usually gives me great pleasure. Some of the better kills I have had have included the Crossbow, the .357, and the RPG (Half-Life), and the Sniper Rifle, Sawed-Off, and The Orb (Blood 2).
08 What's your standard way of carrying out a humiliation death?
I don't really pay much attention to it in Blood 2, but in Blood my favorite way of wasting someone who was on his knees was to jump on top of his head to do away with him (hehe). As for Half-Life, people usually die too qiuckly for it to be humiliating unless it's with a crossbow bolt or a .357 round.
09 What games do you play online apart from Blood 2?
Can't ya tell? :) Also played much Quake, Jedi Knight, Blood and Duke3D over my friend's LAN.
10 What is your all-time favourite weapon from any game?
It's really tough to pick just one. All I can say is that my favorites include the Crossbow from Half-Life, the .357 from Half-Life, the Lightsaber from Jedi Knight, and just about anything from Shogo. :)
11 What is your all-time favourite map from any game?
Single-Player: The entire game of Blood, and "Surface Tension", the 5th episode of Half-Life. Multi-Player: All of the BloodBath levels from Blood, and TOO MANY TO LIST from Half-Life.
12 What do you think the future holds for Blood 2?
From a developer's standpoint I think it's pretty much dead. Looking through the eyes of TC and MOD authors, I see that it will never be very great, but it will always at least hold a special place in the hearts of Bloodites (though I considered it to be rather enjoyable when I first played through it).
13 What tips do you have to share with your fellow bloodbathers?
Play Half-Life more often so I can get some decent opponents!! :)
14 How can people contact you so they may try and damage your bloodbathing prowess?
I am invited to a BloodBath quite often, but I have been busy working on other stuff, either for Half-Life (usually) for Resurrections, or Illusions Software, or Caleb's Blood, though I must admit that I would like to play some Quake 2 online if I could ever figure it out, or get a decent mirror from which I could download the patches / AQ2 / other.
15 What do you think about PlanetBlood and is there anything else you would like to see on it? (this is also the place where you can plug your sites)
In the past, Infern0, you've been incredibly kind to me, advertising my .wavs and my web sites, and now this. Overall you've just been a swell guy, and this site is very cool indeed :)
16 How long have you been constructing websites?
If memory serves correctly, about four years now. My first website was actually rather neat (if I do say so myself). It had a cool all-images menu, some info on Diablo (my current favorite game at that time) and it actually comprised of 3 frames! Back then my handle was "The Fonz" and I was pretty much identical to a hippie :P
17 Which sites that you've constucted are you pleased with the most?
It's tough to say because I've never really put up many sites, just created a few base designs. Soon I hope to have a website up, which I can hopefully get hosted either on PlanetBlood, or, if I do a Half-Life site, then it would be on PlanetHalfLife. The only site I've really put up that I maintain (and I don't even really have to maintain it) is the Illusions Software site. Honestly the most important thing to me when building a site is that I like it, and I can proudly say that all the sites I've created (that still exist) are ones which I am pleased with.
18 What tools do you use or are you a hardcore notepad editor like myself? :)
Tools!! Hahahaha! That's a good one! Lemme write that down..! *scribble, scribble* Hahaha, oh man! That was hilarious! *sniff* Hee hee, eh heh... *wipes tears from eyes* :)
18 Are we allowed to add our own questions?
Well,....actually, really..I guess...No, I suppose not... :P
Closing Comment : Reader: Hey what the hell was Q19 all about?
Infern0: Hey look, it had nothing to do with me, ok?
Reader: Well couldn't you have just edited it out?
Infern0: What?

Oh I think hitting myself in the head with that golf club affected me more than I ever suspected (ask me about it, it's a funny story). Thanks Shift for that excellent interview - Infern0

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